Friday, October 22, 2010

Further Proof Of Who Actually Controls America: America Asked For Israel's Permission For Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia!

The United States of America is firmly under the control of Zionist Jewish interests, and its federal Government answers not to the American public, but to their Zionist Jewish masters in Tel Aviv.  It is so sickening to see how these clowns in the US Senate and Congress bow down to a foreign government first and foremost!

If you want proof that the last paragraph is factual, you need only to see the following video, where a reporter, Arash Zahedi  from Presstv is talking to James Morris on the new 60 billion dollar US-Saudi military hardware deal.  Here is that video here for my readers to view:

NTS Notes:  Again, readers, it is so blatantly obvious as to who controls the United States.  Again, I need to ask... Where the hell is the American public in all of this, and where is the American outrage that their own "elected" government asks a criminal foreign country, Israel, for its approval on a deal between the US and Saudi Arabia?  

There is also something sinister in the works with this entire US-Saudi arms deal.   Israel requires free passage over Saudi Arabian airspace for it to attack the peaceful nation of Iran.   It seems that this arms deal  is a means of "sealing the deal" to allow the Israelis to have safe passage over Saudi Arabia to get their war with Iran off and going!  If this is the reasons for this "arms deal", it is sickening indeed!

The American government has now been fully exposed as totally under the control of Israel.    It is no longer a question of if a war with Iran will be started, but when... And when the criminal state of Israel launches its war against Iran, and the Iranians retaliate, which they have the full rights to do, the puppets in the United States will do as good slaves do, and come to the protection of their cherished Israel, and attack Iran as well.   Israel will then have their long cherished wish in getting their American slaves to destroy Iran!!

We can only hope that the American public wakes the hell up to this impending madness and takes their government back from these criminals.

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