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Definitive PROOF That The So Called Israeli Settlement "Moratorium" Over The Last 10 Months Was A Total LIE!

The so called Peace Process between the Palestinians and the criminal Israelis is officially dead.   There is absolutely no chance for peace in Palestine because Israel wants it all!   Their whole Zionist agenda has always called for a Palestine exclusively as a Jewish only state.   In that sick dream, there is absolutely no room for the Palestinians and absolutely no chance of any independent Palestinian state.

For the last few months, I have been calling the so called Israeli illegal settlement "freeze" in the West Bank region a farce, and a total lie.  I have claimed with some evidence that the Israelis have not frozen any of their settlement building during this phony "moratorium" and in fact in some cases actually accelerated their illegal settlement building.  Well, here comes some more proof courtesy of, that the Moratorium on settlement building was a total and complete LIE!   Here is that Uruknet article for my own readers to see for themselves:

Israeli settlement activity before and after the expiry of the 'Moratorium'

Middle East Monitor

MEMO, October 4, 2010
During the 'Moratorium'

During the first half of 2010, Israel continued to violate its obligations under international law and Phase 1 of the Road Map:
Housing starts: While there were only 5 settlement housing starts during the first half of 2010 in the rest of the West Bank according to official Israeli data, construction began on 108 units in East Jerusalem1 settlements.2
  • Furthermore, in early August, Peace Now reported that construction had begun on 603 new housing units in West Bank settlements (not counting those in East Jerusalem) in the first half of 2010. Included in this figure are 295 permanent housing units and 167 mobile homes, which violate the 'moratorium', as well as 141 units belonging to the group of 492 settlement units exempted from the 'moratorium'. In fact, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently confirmed that there were at least 900 violations of the 'moratorium'.
   Public    Private    Total  
East Jerusalem3345339
Rest of the West Bank340456796
Housing completions: Meanwhile, settlement housing completions continued apace throughout the West Bank (incl. East Jerusalem), with 1,135 units in the first half of the year:3
Active construction: As of the end of the first half of the year, some 3,009 housing units were under active construction in settlements throughout the West Bank (incl. East Jerusalem) (see Annex 2):4
In addition to being illegal under international law, such Israeli violations continue to undermine the very possibility of the two-state solution and international efforts led by the United States to create an environment conducive to the resumption of a credible and meaningful peace process.
   Public    Private    Total  
East Jerusalem7712581029
Rest of the West Bank 4561980

After the 'Moratorium'

Despite the on-going construction during the 'moratorium', there has been a flurry of planned and actual settlement activity since Sunday, September 26 by Israeli officials and settlers alike:
  • According to Peace Now, there are at least 2,000 settlement housing units that have received all necessary Israeli are ready for construction.
  • According to Ynet,5 Israel will resume building in at least 30 settlements as indicated in the attached list and map (Annex 1).
  • According to other media reports, building will resume in the following additional settlements: Kedumim, Shavei Shomron, Adam and Yakir.6


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NTS Notes:  Bottom line readers... Israel lied and used their puppets in the media and western governments to perpetuate this lie.   There was no "moratorium" and there never was a "freeze".   This moratorium was pushed out as propaganda for the general public around the world, and the people and their own governments were played as suckers!

Again, the "freeze" and "Moratorium" for the last 10 months in illegal settlement building was a sham and a lie.   The facts presented here clearly speak for themselves.    Remember the old saying:  "Once a liar, Always a liar!"   That saying is so true for the criminal state of Israel.

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