Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Deception Of Alex Jones: Alex Jones, The Sensationalist Opportunist Avoids Israeli Role In 9-11

Many people are totally unaware that 5 Mossad Agents were seen dancing and applauding while FILMING the planes hitting the World Trade Center towers during the actual attacks of 9-11.  These same agents were caught shortly after their filming by NYC  Port Authorities driving in white vans loaded with explosives for the purpose of blowing up tunnels and bridges linking Manhattan Island to the mainland.  Many people to this day are still not even aware, due to the power of the Zionist Jewish controlled mainstream media that has suppressed this information, that this incident really happened on 9-11!

We all know by now that the Israeli Mossad was able to pull off the mass murder of innocent American lives on 9-11, with the help of their criminal agents within the US Government itself.  To this day, we are still waiting for these, the true criminals of 9-11, to all be brought to justice.

For the longest time, I and others have been warning people to avoid the agents of deception in our so called "truth movement" due to the fact that many of them absolutely refuse to finger Israel and their criminal Mossad agents as the perpetrators behind the 9-11 attacks.   As I have stated many times; These agents of deception have inundated the Internet with BS sites that will steer people away from the real truths and it is up to readers to avoid them at every possible opportunity.

Probably the biggest agent of deception is none other than Alex Jones, who has a talk radio show that is listened to by thousands every night.   Alex Jones is an expert in the art of deception, as well as a master of disinformation.  He constantly leads his listeners down the wrong path, and absolutely refuses to finger any of the criminal Jews responsible for many of the crimes committed against the rest of humanity.  

Now, I want to present the following video, from another real truth seeker, who goes by the moniker: rys2sense.   This video, entitled: "Alex Jones, The Sensationalist Opportunist Avoids Israeli Role In 9-11"  gives some great details into the deceptive messages of Alex Jones, and backs up many of mine and others claims about how Israel is totally responsible for the attacks of 9-11 itself.  Here is that video for my own readers to view:

NTS Notes:  Rys2sense has a great website under: that I ask my own readers to take a look at for some great additional information about 9-11, and other interesting articles.

As I have stated, Alex Jones has been hired by the criminals to continue the art of deception so that people are never told who the true criminals are.   Seriously, how can any one actually believe him when he rants that the "Arabs control Hollywood", or "Its a Luciferian Death Cult" that controls the world?

One other note: We all know by now that Israel is a criminal state bent on destruction of its neighbours, and wanting to perpetuate war for its goal of Middle Eastern domination.    It has total control over the US Government and the media, but it does not have control over the truth.    Again it is up to us to spread this real truthful message around, and to get people to avoid the criminal Agents of Deception such as Alex Jones!

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I do not want to surrender ever to any religious doctrine, as I find some of the beliefs to be misleading and especially in the case of the Talmud: Outright racist, twisted, and supremacist!

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