Friday, October 1, 2010

Atrocity Beyond Words.... Israeli Soldiers Shoot Palestinian Children While Eating Chocolate!

I have said for a very long time now that the Israelis are absolutely soulless and without any conscience, decency, or mercy.   The  long desired dream of the Zionist Jews is to have all of Palestine for themselves as a Jewish only state.   Right now, the Israeli army is continuing its atrocities against the Palestinian civilians living in both the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank regions with the goal of having these people either expelled from these areas or exterminated!

For this article, I want to present the following video that gives further proof of Israel's continuing crimes against humanity.   It seems that a BBC news crew, back in May of this year, found evidence that Israeli soldiers MURDERED two innocent Palestinian children in the northern part of Gaza while several others sat back, and ate chocolate while observing , and possibly participating in the murders.   This is absolutely disgusting and mortifying... Here is that video for my own readers to ponder:

NTS Notes:  So much for the Israeli army's own self proclaimed and laughable statement of being the "most moral army on Earth".   These criminals have absolutely no souls or conscience.

This video gives proof that they have been killing Palestinians indiscriminately, and without any justification.    Killing children while sitting back and eating chocolate is the most disgusting display of indignity and cold blooded murder that I have seen in quite a while...  And the Israeli army spokeswoman has the nerve to state that these civilians were "Hamas"?   That too is revolting!   I just hope these bastards rot in hell for killing innocent children....

Guaranteed you will not find this atrocity on any of the damned Zionist Jewish media outlets, so again it is up to you, readers, to spread this video far and wide and make people wake up to the truth about how criminal Israel truly is!

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Anonymous said...

Many of people around the world are amazed by the truth unleashed in your blog. im one of them. But I want to tell you this - : the regime of israel with her ally USA WILL NOT attack and destroy IRAN like they did to iraq. Majority of the Iranians are Shia who decare themself as Islam (in fact, this religion is so different from Islam belief). This religion was created by the jews to demonize Islam. Shias are called the children of the jews.They do some barbaric occult by cutting their forehead in Ashurah Day and many against Islam teachings. Hurting ownself is forbidden in Islam include committing suicide. They also believe that their religion leader called Imam is "masoom"(does no error - like god!). i dont wanna go further in detail but for short their existence is needed by the jews to attack Islam from the inside.

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Northerntruthseeker said...

Is that the best that a naysayer can say is "ignorant"?

Come on, supporters of Isra-Hell... Is that all you and your sayanim/hasbara can say?