Wednesday, October 13, 2010

America Is Finished: Collapsing Empire Watch

Most of my American readers do not like it when I tell them that America is finished, and the American empire is on the verge of total collapse.   The truth may be painful, but it must be told.   The American economy is basically now on life support.   America no longer manufactures much of anything, because evil corporations off shored most of America's manufacturing capacity over the last few decades to third world nations, because they are in pursuit of pure Greed and profit.   The American people are falling into destitution, with unemployment now greater than 20%.   Even a recent article stated that there are now some 43 MILLION Americans living on food stamps!

Now comes another article through, that shows some disheartening evidence of the impending collapse of the American empire.  I want to present that article here for all of my readers to view in its entirety:

Collapsing empire watch

By Glenn Greenwald

October 12, 2010

It's easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse.  Every now and then, however, 
one encounters certain facts which compellingly and viscerally highlight how real that is.  Here's the latest such fact, from a new study inHealth Affairs by Columbia Health Policy Professors Peter A. Muennig and Sherry A. Glied (h/t):

In 1950, the United States was fifth among the leading industrialized nations with respect to female life expectancy at birth, surpassed only by Sweden, Norway, Australia, and the Netherlands.  The last available measure of female life expectancy had the United States ranked at forty-sixth in the world.  As of September 23, 2010, the United States ranked forty-ninth for both male and female life expectancy combined.
Just to underscore the rapidity of the decline, as recently as 1999, the U.S. was ranked by the World Health Organization as 24th in life expectancy.  It's now 49th.  There are other similarly potent indicators.  In 2009, the National Center for Health Statistics ranked the U.S. in 30th place in global infant mortality rates.  Out of 20 "rich countries" measured by UNICEF, the U.S.ranks 19th in "child well-being."  Out of 33 nations measured by the OECD,the U.S. ranks 27th for student math literacy and 22nd for student science literacy.  In 2009, the World Economic Forum ranked 133 nations in terms of "soundness" of their banks, and the U.S. was ranked in 108th place, just behind Tanzania and just ahead of Venezuela. 
There is, however, some good news:  the U.S. is now in fifth place in total number of executions, behind only China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and comfortably ahead of Yemen and Sudan, while there are two categories in which the U.S. has been and remains the undisputed champion of the world -- this one and this one.  And, of course, the U.S. is not just objectively the greatest country on the planet, but the greatest country ever to exist in all of human history -- as Dave Roberts put it in response to these life expectancy numbers:  "but we're No. 1 in bestness!" -- so we're every bit as exceptional as ever.

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NTS Notes:   Yes, there is so much coming out of the news and the blogosphere that talks doom and gloom.   I will state it right here that there are ways of fixing America and getting the people back to work in fixing that great nation.  Here are some of my own ideas to help fix the present situation in America:

1. End the DEBT!   The stated US Federal Debt now exceeds 14 TRILLION dollars.   But the fact is that this debt is owed to criminal private bankers.  By ending the debt immediately,  America automatically ends their debt enslavement to these criminals.

2. End the Federal Reserve System immediately!   The Federal Reserve System is owned exclusively by private bankers and is part of the debt through usury scheme.  Ending the Federal Reserve, and placing the printing of money, DEBT FREE, back into the control of the government exclusively would go a long way in fixing what ails the nation.

3. End the illegal Federal Income Tax system!   Considering that the entire Federal Income Tax system is criminal and illegal (the 16th amendment for the income tax system was never ratified), the money that people pay in their income tax has been used exclusively to service the debt owed to criminal bankers.  Ending the criminal Income Tax system would give the people the money necessary to re-energize the economy by creating consumer spending....

4.  End the wars for Israel and the Rothschilds!   America is pouring billions still into the war in Iraq, which was fought for Israel, and even more billions into Afghanistan which was fought for the Rothschild Opium drug empire.  Ending the American involvement immediately and bringing these troops home would put that money back into much needed social programs, and infrastructure repairs, in America.

5.  End the "aid" to the criminal state of Israel!  America pours billions of dollars into that criminal state so that they can go and kill their neighbours for their own selfish want of a "Greater Israel".   Need I say more....

6. Take all of the money saved by the above listed initiatives, and fix America's failing infrastructure!   By ending the Fed, ending the foreign aid to criminal nations, and ending the wars, the money can be injected into fixing the infrastructure that has been crumbling in America..... It would also go a long way into creating jobs and reopening American home based manufacturing incentives!

7.  Stop all illegal immigration!  (This is a real tough one that some of my readers may not agree with, but this is my own opinion)....  America has millions of illegals presently living within its borders, and the first need is to shut the borders.....  Second is to ship these illegal people back to their host nations that they came from.   If they want to apply to become Americans, then let them apply in their host nations first....  Many may cry "discrimination" and other phony lies,  but they are only a burden on the American social and health care systems, and therefore bleeding American taxpayers to death.....

There are 7 ideas that I have for helping in getting America going again....  You may not agree with these ideas, but to do absolutely nothing will spell the end of America very soon.   America, The choice is up to you!

More to come



Count Cherep said...

That is an excellent list of ideas to help save America, NTS. Please consider adding and expanding upon the following ideas as well:

- The jewish media monopoly must be broken up.

- The educational (read: brainwashing) system must be overhauled.

Anonymous said...

NTS, you are right. Informed Americans know this, too. However, the United States cannot be redeemed from its fall, because the majority of the people and the government have become too degenerate. Even the Christian Church is no longer the source of wisdom and strength for resisting the internal evil that has assumed control of the country. Instead, in its own ignorance and willful departure from moral truth, the Church has become a willing participant and supporter of the criminal forces that are leading America to its own destruction. No truth, no power. Only defeat and judgment.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Count Cherep... Considering that I wrote down some notes before posting this article on the fly.. the facts are very good...

I could have also added points 8, 9, 10 etc... concentrating in removing the Zionist Jews out of office, and of course the ending of poisoning our foods with the chemicals that these criminals have been adding for about 100 years....

I wanted to focus on some of the essentials and keep the article short....

Thanks for your input....

Ed Watts said...

The first thing we need to do is to get rid of anyone and everyone who wants to use some sort of tumorous hyphenated word before "American" in order to "properly" describe who he really is. Balkanization, anyone?

The second thing that will be required is to return the control of the media to those who do not have an agenda that is counter to that which is in America's favor.

Third, control of education, from kindergarten through post-doctoral fellowships, must be returned to the locals. No more Feds and States dictating curricula and course content.

Fourth, no more affirmative action. Anyone who can be honest with himself can see that these programs have led to much "lowering of the bar", hampering America's ability to compete in a global marketplace. Who is defeating America? Japan, Korea, and China, all extremely homogeneous societies.

Fifth, we must return to the philosophies of The Founders. No more "living constitution" and other such nonsense. The rights of the States trump those of D.C.

Sixth, we must allow those among us who are too weak or silly to abide by these rules ample time to relocate elsewhere in places which will make them feel more comfortable with their, dare I say, lunacy.

Seventh, we must clean house after "the great relocation" and provide that any remaining subversive malcontents will be managed appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to change. Every president since Ike has bowed before Israel and served as their gatekeeper! That's why the US is hated in the world. This stupid government has been wet nursing and spoon feeding Israel for years while it craps on it's own citizens. In return Israel spits in America's face steals our secrets and attacks us. Remember the USS Liberty, 34 sailors murderd and 140 wounded. What did the US do about it? Took it like a whore getting slapped in the face!