Sunday, October 24, 2010

Absolute Insanity! Quadruple-Dose Seasonal Flu "Super" Vaccine Being Aggressively Pushed Onto Senior Citizens!

We have all learned by now that the Swine Flu pandemic that was pushed onto the general public last year by the use of fear tactics on the part of the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries was a massive fraud and swindle to bilk billions of dollars out of our governments.   GREED was the order of the day as people ignorantly lined up, rolled up their sleeves, and took the poisonous vaccines without any question.   With all of the crippling side effects and the eventual public outcry, the scam came to a quick end.  It seemed finally that people were aware of the fraud, and would know better next time.

Well, readers... It is now the next time!  And the pharmaceutical industry is at it again. It appears that the lessons learned from last year's attempted swindle were not learned by everyone.  According to the website: Natural News, at, the criminal vaccine industry is now saying that the "standard" seasonal flu vaccine (which does not work anyways) is not enough, and instead are now promoting a new seasonal shot with 400% of the potency of previous shots!  This is absolute madness, and I want everyone to read this important article that I am placing right here:

Quadruple-dose seasonal flu "super" vaccine now being aggressively pushed onto senior citizens

Sunday, October 24, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) The vaccine industry has now decided that injecting senior citizens with the "standard" vaccine dose just isn't working. (Gee, really?) So now they've decided the way to make it work better is to offer a quadruple viral potency vaccine that packs 400% more viral fragments into one toxic shot.

The target for this quadruple vaccine injection? Senior citizens, of course -- the very people most likely to suffer the most serious side effects from a vaccine overdose. The FDA reportedly approved the new vaccine in April even though no scientific tests have ever been done to show it reduces flu symptoms. Then again, since when did vaccines have anything to do with real science in the first place?

Why do people need a quadruple vaccine all of a sudden?

What's especially entertaining about all this is that the FDA's approval of this quadruple potency vaccine is a blatant admission that single-dose vaccines just don't work!Obviously, if the single-dose vaccine was working as advertised, then it would be 100% effective and there would be no need for a double, triple or quadruple-dose vaccine. But all of a sudden, now that the quadruple-dose vaccine is available, the regular single-dose vaccine "isn't good enough."

So all that propaganda about "get a flu shot and you won't get the flu" just turns out to be marketing quackery, because what you 
really need is a quadruple shot now! Forget the single dose. It's no longer strong enough for you.

So where does this end? When they realize the quadruple shot isn't working either (because seasonal flu vaccines just scientifically do not work on at least 99% of the people), are they going to recommend a 
ten times the potency flu shot? Seriously... at what point do these vaccine pushers ever stop to consider that maybe the vaccine approach just doesn't work?

More money with higher profit flu shots

Of course, flu shots have never been about what works in the first place. They're about what makes the most money. This new quadruple flu shot is being sold at about twice the priceof a regular flu shot.

Meanwhile, there have been absolutely no scientific studies demonstrating that the new quadruple vaccine is any more effective than the single-dose vaccine. Come to think of it, there aren't any scientific studies that prove this year's seasonal flu vaccine is effective in any way whatsoever at preventing the flu. The science has simply never been done. It's all just based on "wishful thinking" combined with massive flu shot propaganda. (

Taking a flu vaccine is a crap shoot, and taking the quadruple super vaccine is just a quadruple crap shoot. People who enjoy playing Russian Roulette with their health will no doubt line up to be injected.

Pseudoscientific quackery

Check out the derision of those pushing this vaccine. The LA Times reports that Dr Mobeen Rathore, a vaccinologist at the University of Florida, said, "If you're somebody who has a reaction from the low-dose vaccine, then I would stick with the low-dose. But if you've been taking the vaccine for years and have no reaction, get the high-dose vaccine. Or if there's nothing else available except the high-dose vaccine, get the high dose. The most important thing is: Get the vaccine. It doesn't matter which one."

And there you have it: They don't really care which flu shot you take as long as you're injecting yourself with 

Pay attention to what they're NOT telling you about the flu: Doctors, FDA officials and CDC quacks will never admit that 
the best way to prevent the flu is to take vitamin D3 supplements. It has been scientifically shown to be many times more effective than a vaccine shot (

So why isn't there a big push for quadruple-dose vitamin D supplementation for senior citizens? Because, gee whiz, that might reduce flu shot revenues, cancer clinic profits and hospital visits by seniors -- and they're the bread and butter of sick-care industry profits.

The very last thing our modern medical racket wants is for senior citizens to figure out how to protect their own health 
without relying on chemical interventions.
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NTS Notes:  It is absolutely sickening to see how these criminals always pick on some of the weakest parts of our society, which is primarily composed of our Senior Citizens.  As shown in this article, pure GREED is again driving this latest act of insanity!

Please get this article out to everyone you know.  It seems that big Pharma, and the vaccine industry are now trying to scare the public into taking this newest poison with 4X the potency, and therefore 4X the poisons of previous shots!   When will this madness end?

Never take their poisonous vaccines, and avoid these so called "seasonal" flu shots at all cost.   Again, if you are in fear of getting the Flu, just start increasing your daily supplements of both Vitamin D and Vitamin C.    These natural remedies are far superior to rolling up your sleeves and taking mercury and squaleen laced toxic chemicals into your body!   The choice is yours....

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Anonymous said...

Excuse my language but FUCKING DISGUSTING!

Throughout time it's the same old, same old - pick on the weak, the vulnerable and the elderly. Worse still, create a situation of trust promoting those within who say they are there to help you and BOOM, sodomize them when you get the first chance.
Let's think of three estabishments who say we're here to help you:

1. Governments
2. The Church
3. The Health system

It's now becoming a state of affairs in society that when someone says they're there to help, they most certainly have ulterior motives.

Having read as much as I do on much of late, it's now come the situation that you simply can't trust anyone. How sad is that when you live your life knowing that you pretty much can't trust anyone, for fear of them shafting you as best they can?

Sad, truly and utterly despicable.

Northerntruthseeker said...

You are excused... It is F***ing Disgusting!

This is why we have our jobs cut out for us, Harbinger... and time is not on our side!