Tuesday, September 7, 2010

US Government To Spend BILLIONS To Help Big Pharma Produce Flu Vaccines Faster (!)

We know by now that the entire Swine Flu Pandemic scare of the last year was a massive hoax generated by the Pharmaceutical Industry in cahoots with the World Health Organization, Governments, and the compliant media, in an attempt to get people to line up and take poisonous vaccines into their bodies for the ultimate goal of making massive profits!  GREED definitely was the rule of the day, and the result was seeing many people getting very sick from the side effects of the so called vaccines that they obediently took into their bodies.

Well readers...Here we go again!  It is a new season, and the seasonal flu scare has reared its ugly head again, and according to the following article from www.naturalnews.com, it seems that the US Government itself is now going to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to help the criminals in Big Pharmaceutical to produce so called flu "vaccines" even faster.   I could not believe it when I first read this article, but here is that article for all of you to view:

US government to spend billions to help Big Pharma produce flu vaccines faster

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Federal health officials are pushing hard this year to convince everyone to get the flu shot, but according to reports, this will only be possible if drug companies are able to produce the vaccines quicker than they did last year. So in order to make this happen, the government is doling out roughly $2 billion in taxpayer funds to Big Pharma to spur faster vaccine roll-out.

The hysteria over last year's supposed swine flu pandemic led to the development of millions of vaccines that were never used. By the time 
drug companies finished producing the vaccines, flu season was virtually over, leaving millions of leftover doses to rot in warehouses.

So this year, officials are doing everything they can to speed up the production process so the
vaccines will be ready when the scare campaigns begin this fall. Except this time, officials are planning to target virtually everyone over the age of six months, including healthy, young adults.

This year's shot contains strains of last year's 
H1N1 virus, as well as strains of H3N2 and influenza B. Officials are aiming to have manufacturers produce up to 165 million doses of this combo vaccine, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says will be more than have ever been produced for a single flu season.

According to reports, the CDC is soon planing to launch a full ad campaign to promote the new shot, and is even encouraging people who already got the H1N1 vaccine last year to get it again this year.

flu vaccines, however, typically do not even contain the strains that ends up infecting the population at large that year. These same vaccines also contain harmful adjuvants, preservatives, and other toxic chemicals that are implicated in causing autoimmune disorders, reproductive problems and even cancer.

The best ways to prevent yourself from getting 
the flu includes getting plenty of vitamin D, drinking lots of clean water, getting plenty of rest and loading up on powerful superfoods every day.
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NTS Notes:  When will people wake up to the truth in this madness?   I and others have absolutely been dead against the idea of taking these mercury, adjuvant, and squaleen loaded vaccines into our bodies, because as I have already shown in other articles, they absolutely do not work as advertised, and in fact there have been crippling side effects.  Take a look at what has happened in Australia and Finland as examples!

Again, I can only ask that readers avoid taking these poisons into their bodies, and instead load up on natural chemicals, that do fight flu and other diseases, such as Vitamin D.    Lets make sure there is not a repeat of last year's Swine Flu Pandemic scare that turned out to be a criminal hoax!

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