Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summit (In Scotland) To Examine Possible Links Between Multiple Sclerosis (MS) And (Lack Of) Vitamin D!

I have been putting up articles for a very long time about how the lack of Vitamin D in our sedentary society is one of the primary causes of the increasing amounts of cases of Cancer and other diseases in our society.    It has always been one of my goals to get REAL health news out into the public eye for everyone to see.  The popular saying that a "healthy body means a healthy mind" is absolutely true, and very important for everyone to practice.

Now comes a new report that has just come out from www.news.stv.tv/scotland, where a major summit is taking place in Clydebank, Scotland that will focus on the links between Vitamin D deficiency, and rising cases of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other human health problems.   Here is that article here for my own readers to view:

Summit to examine possible links between MS and vitamin D

Schoolboy Ryan McLaughlin organised conference - which will welcome Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon as keynote speaker.

21 September 2010 09:32 GMT

Summit to examine possible links between MS and vitamin D

A special summit to examine the possible links between multiple sclerosis (MS) and vitamin D which a schoolboy helped to organise is being held on Tuesday.

Ryan McLaughlin, 15, will welcome Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon to the conference in Clydebank, where she is to give a keynote speech.

The event will bring together academics from across the world to consider the possible links between vitamin D deficiency and various health problems, including MS.

It is taking place after Ryan, who watched his mother Kirsten struggle with MS, launched his Shine on Scotland campaign. The teenager has already taken a petition on the issue to the Scottish Parliament.

He said: "It's fantastic that all of these very important and very busy people have taken the time to come to Glasgow and consider the issues raised by my campaign."

Vitamin D can be created naturally in the body by exposure to the sun but in Scotland there is only enough sunlight of the right UVB wavelength to create vitamin D in the required manner for about half the year.

Ryan said: "It will soon be winter and the sun in Scotland is not strong enough over winter to provide the levels of vitamin D that people need."

Ms Sturgeon announced at the weekend that a new leaflet is to be sent out to GPs and health professionals to try and raise awareness of the dangers of vitamin D deficiency. The conference is being held in conjunction with the MS Society Scotland.

Director David McNiven said hosting the event was a "great achievement" and added: "I'm looking forward to contributing to the discussion on vitamin D and MS.

"Turning research into policy on matters like this is central to the society's objectives and I'm delighted we have a chance to do that today."

NTS Notes:  So now we may soon be adding MS to the long list of diseases that can be reduced or possibly prevented by taking Vitamin D.   I have said it before and I will say it again:  Is there anything that Vitamin D won't do for better human health?   I have yet to find any articles that claim any harmful effects from this vitamin, and I am still waiting for one....

Vitamin D can be taken as supplements and with little (if any) or no side effects.  So why not start taking Vitamin D supplements daily for yourselves?

It seems that there are more and more facts coming up all the time about this wondrous chemical, and its importance in fighting diseases.   When these reports come out, I will post them in this site for everyone to see.   Again, to your better health everyone!

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