Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Information To New (And Old) Viewers Of This Blog

It has been a while since I did a blog where I just gave my readers my views, ideas, who I am, what my goals are, and the purpose of this blog.  I figure that this would be the time to spill my guts so to speak....

I grew up always having some radical thinking.  I was the kid that teachers hated in classrooms that would always question the information presented, would always point out flaws in the so called education that I was receiving, and found out that some of what I was learning did not make any sense.  It dawned on me from an early age that our education system was being conducted to prevent rational, critical, and open thinking processes!   (People constantly say I possess a very high IQ, but I never took the time to check it out and confirm their suspicions!)

I finished High School and went to University taking Sciences and Engineering.  It was during that time that I found by doing real research into Project Apollo and by applying true critical thinking,  the realization that the entire NASA Man on the Moon space missions was totally bogus dawned on me.  But that was the late 70's-early 80's, and the hype of Project Apollo being absolutely "real" was embedded deep into peoples' minds.   Isn't propaganda a wonderful tool?   We would have to wait some 20+ years, with the advent of the Internet, before proper facts and findings could come forward that shows the absolute absurdity of the Apollo Moon Landings!

After further research and the realization that Governments and Organizations do LIE, I began to dig into other so called historical facts.   What I found was astounding.  Writers such as Eustace Mullins amazed me from early on with their research and findings.  I even began reading material deemed "taboo" by our controlled governments.  I found out by using my own critical thinking exactly who the real criminals on our planet were.  But explaining it to others at that time point was next to impossible.  Again, the advent of the Internet has proven to be an invaluable aid in understanding the truth!

Working for a living, and raising a family, cut down on any further research for the time being.  I was a "newbie" when the Internet came out, and my first access to the NET in the late 90's was for reading only.   Blogging was still a thing of the future.

On the morning of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, I was as shocked as everyone else.   My first inkling that something was amiss was when it was reported that cell phone calls had been made from the airborne aircraft to the ground before they hit the towers.   I quickly came to a shock... "Wait a minute!"   That would be impossible.... People who know me personally know my skills in Telecommunications Science and Technology.  I knew how analog and digital cellular service worked in 2001.   I do not want to go into great detail about the limitations to the technology, but lets just say: There was absolutely NO WAY that these cell phone calls, with the technology used in these aircraft in 2001, could have taken place from these airplanes as the media stated!  I smelled a rat....  Then there was all the hype of Osama Bin Laden being responsible that was quickly put into peoples' heads, and I again smelled a rat.... Something was terribly wrong, and someone was LYING!  But why?

Knowing by that time that Governments and media lie purposely to deceive and to control people, I turned to the "inside job" idea first as the real perpetrators of 9-11, but after reading and researching real facts, especially about the "5 dancing Israelis arrested on 9-11", I turned very early on to the fact that it was an Israeli assault on America!   But while my own mind was open to the truth, others were being subjected to the propaganda of the MSM and would not even listen to my suppositions..... I was scorned for my ideas back then.  Thankfully, People are listening now!

My growth in the real truth movement was slow and bumpy at first.   From 2001-2006, I poured over all types of websites and information blogs.    I would put up comments here and there in those articles and the few blogs at the time, but I never thought about blogging for myself.

It was in late 2007 that someone said I should start a blog for myself.   I wanted to have the blog as a way of telling my own views, and at first I did not want to comment at all on articles from other news sources .... I decided on "Northerntruthseeker" to reflect me being a Canadian, from "North" of the United States, and for trying to be a seeker of real truth.   The name has stuck to this day.....

Lets face it....My first articles on this blog were tedious, a bit boring, and far apart.  I did not know if anyone was actually reading my (crap?) articles..... I made it my personal issue to not sway from facts and to make sure information was always truthful and accurate.    After a bit of time, and after watching how news articles were coming out without stressing real facts and truth, I decided to get into the habit of tackling news and blog articles head on by placing them into my own articles and putting up additional information, and analysis, of the articles.  Again, it was a bumpy road at first, but after a while my thoughts and analysis would flow smoothly.....

So here we are today, and this blog has begun to grow by leaps and bounds... I have always asked readers to place comments into this blog, and to take any information for themselves to get the message out to others.  I have no interest for financial gain from this blog, because I knew from an early age that people desperately needed the real truth even in an uncertain world.   That is absolutely imperative and why I cannot be bought....Take that, Hasbarat agents!

Of course there are still those "taboo" subjects that cannot be touched due to the fact that I live in Canada  and Canada has subjected itself to absolutely ridiculous "Hate Laws".    I have always begged the questions:  If these "Historical Facts" are factual, then why is it that questioning these "facts" can get you jail time?  Is there something that criminals are hiding that they need "Hate Laws" to keep the truth from being revealed?

Some people still consider my articles as "antisemitic" but as shown in the video I have attached in the left hand column of this blog, the term "antisemitism" is an outright lie and a trick to keep people from researching and seeing the real truth and the real criminals.

Well, there you have it.... I have made it my purpose to tell it exactly like it is...    If people cannot stand what they see in my articles, thats their prerogative.   You can leave at any time.... If the agents of Israel who come in here can't stand it either, then they also have the choice to leave.  It is still a free country (for now!)...

If you have any questions or comments, then go ahead and leave them and I will try to answer your comments!

As usual....More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

It is 5 am and I am dizzy so I just had to say a few things more.

We bloggers don't set ourselves up here to play games or tease folks. We don't set ourselves up to be called names for fun or praise.

We do it because we are driven by love of humanity, hatred of the darkness that creeps over our world, and a deep desire that, if for all our work, only ONE person has their flame lit, it is worth the sleepless nights researching and working onto the web.

And I still think you are cute! Haha.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Noor....

It must also be said that anyone can blog.. But you have to be able to be both truthful and sincere in what you are trying to convey....

With that in mind, your own blog at 'Snippits and Snappits' is a absolutely great and your work is definitely truthful and sincere!

Thanks for the comment

whitewraithe said...

This humble blogger is enamored by you both. Thank you for sharing yourselves with the world.