Monday, September 20, 2010

The Readers Have Spoken. In Spite Of What My Favourite "Fan Club" Says; Northerntruthseeker Is Not A "White Supremacist!"

I want to thank those readers that voted in my poll that asked the basic question as to whether or not the readers of this site thought of me as a "White Supremacist".    In spite of only 45 people voting in the poll, the final tally was 91% or 41/45 voters saying a clear  "NO WAY"!

Periodically I put up polls asking readers important questions, and I leave the voting wide open to everyone, including my critics and my favourite "Fan Club" which usually encompasses the Hasbara/Sayanim agents assigned to this site.    I refuse to vote in these polls myself and prefer to leave it up to readers to cast their vote.   I prefer to leave voting for my readers exclusively and respect their opinions.

It is obvious that my critics (my "favourite fan club"), including "mah29001" who has put up several articles attacking my credibility, have failed in their attempts to label myself as something that I am not.  The evidence from this poll speaks for itself, and for that, again I want to thank those who voted in the poll for their support.

Thanks again readers for giving me a vote of confidence and showing your support.

More to come


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