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Propaganda Alert: Telegraph News From UK Reports That "Iran On Brink Of Nuclear Weapon, Warns Watchdog!"

Israel wants its long desired war against Iran desperately.  It has always been the Zionist state of Israel's dream of destroying all of its Arab neighbours and thus clearing the way for their sick dream of a Greater Israel.   For the longest time now, people were led to believe by the Zionist Jewish controlled media that Iran was building nuclear weapons.  The real truth is that Iran is building nuclear power stations under the watchful eye of the IAEA and is absolutely NOT building nukes, and has no desire to ever build nukes.

Well, the Zionist Jewish controlled media is not giving up on trying to convince an ever growing skeptical public that Iran is wanting to, or is on the brink of building a nuclear weapon.   I want to present the following article, courtesy of the Telegraph at www.telegraph.co.uk, as a prime example for my own readers to see how the media continues with the totally false rhetoric about Iran:

Iran on brink of nuclear weapon, warns watchdog

Iran has passed a crucial nuclear threshold, weapons inspectors have warned, and could now go on to arm an atomic missile with relative ease.

By Damien McElroy, Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Published: 7:22PM BST 06 Sep 2010

Iran on brink of nuclear weapon, warns watchdog
Fuel is unloaded at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran, August 21, 2010 Photo: GETTY IMAGES
A report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iranian nuclear scientists had made at least 22 kilograms of enriched uranium at least 20 per cent purity, a technical hurdle that is the hardest to overcome on the way to weapons-grade uranium.
Experts estimate that 20 kgs of uranium is the minimum required to arm a warhead. The uranium would still need to have its purity raised to 90 per cent, but that is a relatively easy process.
The agency's report comes in spite of the recent imposition at the United Nations of a fresh round of sanctions against Iran and will heighten fears of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear plants. The prospect of an attack had receded only recently with American assurances that Tehran was more than a year away from acquiring a bomb.

The Vienna-based nuclear watchdog said Tehran had maintained its absolute defiance of international pressure to curb its programme despite the imposition of harsh sanctions in May. The IAEA has grown increasingly alarmed at Iran's behaviour and the latest report, which will be presented to the agency's governors at a meeting next week, lambasted Tehran on a series of fronts.
The country's refusal to answer questions on its attempts to make a nuclear warhead that could be fitted on to its most advanced missiles was denounced as a violation of sanctions.
The agency also rebuked the regime for its repeated failure to co-operate with weapons inspections designed to ensure that material was held securely at Iranian plants.
Iran barred two weapons inspectors from the country in June after they reported undeclared nuclear activity by scientists. It has also systematically objected to other scientists on spurious grounds.
"The agency is ... concerned that the repeated objection to the designation of experienced inspectors hampers the inspection process and detracts from the agency's ability to implement safeguards in Iran," the report said.
The acquisition of uranium will cause the most alarm however. Until February the Iranians were enriching uranium to levels of no more than 5 per cent at its plant in Natanz.
The government-funded Verification Research, Training and Information Centre, an expert body with privileged access to the IAEA, has estimated that a weapons expert could make a nuclear device from 20 kgs of 20 per cent enriched material with relatively few further obstacles.
The IAEA under Yukiya Amano, its new Japanese director general, has taken a much tougher line with Iran's obstruction of international inspections. But the agency's reports demonstrate that while the Iranian economy has suffered from sanctions the nuclear programme has not been impeded. Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium, the feedstock of both civilian and military nuclear programmes, has risen by around 15 per cent since May to reach 2.8 tonnes. However the number of centrifuges that refine uranium to higher levels of purity has fallen to 3,772 from 3,936.

NTS Notes:  This article is so full of lies that I do not even know where to start.

First and foremost is the simple fact that Uranium purified to 20% is still YEARS away from getting to the 95% purity level needed for nuclear weapons.  This article conveniently leaves out this fact.

Second is the fact that the 20% purity level is for medicines only, and the 22 kilograms as states is too small for even a small weapon if it was to ever be purified to the 95% level.  That again would take years to develop.

Third is the lie of Iran's defiance of the IAEA.  They have constantly let in IAEA representatives and have only recently began to defy the IAEA because of its ever increasing pro-Israel stance.  You do not see that fact in this article.

Fourth is the pure lie about Iran achieving a "threshold" and the claim that the Iranians can now go on to arm a nuclear missile with ease.  This is total hogwash, because as stated, the Iranians are still years away from even reaching the purity level required for a bomb, and even if they were to attain that, to arm a missile with such a bomb still takes years of development.  Again, you do not see that in this article.

Bottom line is this Telegraph article is one of the biggest piece of pure garbage that I have seen in years.  It is so pro-Israel and wanting to see war that it is no wonder that even comments for this article are closed to readers.  Gee, I wonder why?

Lets get the real facts out to people that Iran is not the present danger in the Middle East.  The real danger to peace in that region is the criminal state of Israel itself with its HUNDREDS of nuclear weapons which are absolutely not open to IAEA inspection.  You do not see THAT fact in this pure propaganda Telegraph piece of work!

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