Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proof Positive, Readers, That Rocket Attacks Are Usually Launched By Israel's Mossad Operatives!

I have been saying it for years that the so called "rocket attacks" that we hear over the Zionist Jewish controlled media that are launched from Gaza back into Israel are being done by Mossad operatives as a way of stopping any so called "Peace Talks" and to give the criminal state of Israel its provocation to inflict brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip itself.   I pointed out that these rockets always never hit or kill Israeli civilians and are always aimed at open fields or unpopulated areas.    The silly notion that Hezbollah or Hamas possesses "thousands" of rockets has always been used in the Zionist Jewsih controlled media to brainwash people into the outright lie that Israel attacks the Palestinians as "self defense" or "retribution" for these bogus rocket attacks.

Now I have some proof positive that the rockets launched from Arab territories into Israel, or as explained in the following case, into its neighbouring countries, are used as a method of provocation for support for the Zionist Jewish state.   These attacks are ALWAYS launched by Mossad operatives operating clandestinely in those neighbouring territories.

Here is that proof, courtesy of an important article from, where the last "rocket" attack that was aimed at the Jordanian port of Aqaba has been found to have been launched by Mossad operatives operating in the Sinai Peninsula, which is Egyptian territory!  Here is that article:

Israeli admits responsibility for Aqaba rocket attack
[ 10/09/2010 - 07:31 AM ]

AMMAN, (PIC)-- Jordanian reliable government sources revealed that Israel has tacitly admitted responsibility for the rockets fired from the Sinai desert and hit targets in the Jordanian port of Aqaba killing one Jordanian citizen.

One other rocket fell on an open area of the occupied Palestinian city of Um al-Rashrash (Eilat).

The source said that a high ranking Israeli official was informed of that Jordan believes Israel was behind the firing of the rockets which took place twice in the past few months and that if such attacks are repeated Jordan will declare these accusation officially.

The source added that Israel aimed by these attack to put pressure on Jordan to agree to joint patrols on the borders between Palestine and Jordan especially in Aqaba and the Jordan valley, something which has been rejected by Jordan more than once.

The Israeli occupation, immediately after the attack, accused Hamas of firing the rockets at Aqaba from the Sinai desert to cause tension between Hamas and Jordan and to increase the tension between Hamas and Egypt.
Source: Baheth for Studies 

NTS Notes:  Lets hope people get the message by now.   ALL of these so called rocket attacks either into Israel proper or in this latest case, Jordan, are always done by Israeli Mossad operatives for the sole purpose of gaining support for Israel's interests.

The Israelis have a very long history of always using this type of false flag attack to make Israel look like the victim, when in fact they are the aggressors!  They have been using the constant excuse of phantom Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon as their justification for war with Lebanon.  They have been using the excuse of phantom Hamas rockets in the Gaza Strip as their excuse for brutalizing and destroying Gaza.  Now they used rockets against Jordan and tried to blame it on the Palestinians as a method to get the Jordanians to support them in subduing the Palestinians in the West Bank, with the ultimate Israeli goal of destruction of the Palestinians themselves.

Israel has a long history of false flag attacks and blaming others.   People must not forget the motto of their criminal Mossad:  "By Way Of Deception...Thou Shalt Do War!"

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Baroukh said...

You really want to be funny by posting this article, right?
Do you really think that "" is more credible than Israel?
Could you please provide with a proof which comes from a regular media?

I really hope you don't believe these stupid things...

Northerntruthseeker said...

The real funny thing is having very obvious Pro-Israeli shills come in here and try to not see the proof in front of their faces....Now thats funny!

Actually this goes in a long line of proofs that show that the Israelis have been planting their operatives in their neighbouring countries and hurling bottle rockets back into Israel.

Funny thing about those bottle rockets... They never hit anything or kill anyone.... Israeli propaganda says otherwise....

Using this type of deception falls in line with the motto of the Mossad.... "By way of deception..."

Therefore stupid is believing the propaganda that the Israelis and their operatives have been using for decades.... People are waking up and realizing they have been fooled.. but fooled no longer...

Anonymous said...

Lol... A regular media. Lol