Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jewish Ex Israeli Speaks About Israel's Paranoid And Psychotic Society Of Apartheid

I must make it perfectly clear to all of my readers that I am against criminals, and against those who do harm to our fellow human beings without cause or morals.   I am for human dignity and for the rights of people to have self determination and the right to have true freedoms.

Keeping in mind that I am against criminals, I constantly turn to the righteous Jews for their amazing articles, and videos, about the crimes committed by their own people.  Gilad Atzmon for example is a former Israeli soldier, and has done the world a great service in helping to expose the crimes committed by Israel.   I turn to his articles constantly for great reference material and I do recommend that readers take a look at his site: www.gilad.co.uk, for some interesting insights into the real state of Israel and Zionist Judaism.

For this article, I want to turn to a fabulous video that actually came out about 2 years ago, but I was only made aware of today through Mark Glenn's site at www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com.   In this video, a Jewish Ex-Israeli speaks her mind and tells the truth about the true state of Israel and its psychotic and paranoid society.  Here is that video for all of my readers to view:

NTS Notes:  This brave woman tells it exactly like it is.   It is amazing however that absolutely nothing has changed since she came forward with this speech.   Israel is still a sick society bent on destroying its neighbours and eliminating all of the Palestinians.   George Bush's regime gave way to Barry Soetoro's, and there has been no change in the US government towards Israel.  The US still bows down to Israel, and does exactly what its masters in Tel Aviv tells them to do.   And the US is still rushing towards another unwarranted war of aggression against Iran on behalf of their masters in Israel!

Please take this video and pass it around and show people that there are some people living in Israel that do see what is going on and are willing to come forward and tell the truth.

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