Monday, September 27, 2010

Israeli Settlers To "Resume" West Bank Construction (Did They Ever Stop?)

The so called "Peace Talks" to try to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians are mercifully over.  They ended just as I had predicted, with absolutely no peace agreement.    This seems to be the recurring result of all of these "peace talks", and people are finally realizing that they are, and always have been a farce.  The fact is that Israel does NOT want peace at all.... It wants territory, and the eventual expulsion of the entire Palestinian populace out of the West Bank.

Now comes a new article from, where Israeli settlers are now "rejoicing" over the end of the phony moratorium or settlement "freeze" that was supposed to be in place for the last 10 months, but has turned out to be in itself an absolute farce!  Here is that article for my own readers to view:

Israeli settlers to resume West Bank construction

September 27, 2010 by Alex

The Associated Press
JERUSALEM – Israeli settlers say they will slowly resume building new Jewish homes in West Bank settlements — just hours after a construction ban that helped jump-start Mideast peace talks expired.
Mayor Oded Revivi in the Efrat settlement said on Monday that banks and developers are reluctant to get into commitments, fearing construction will be stopped again.
Israeli Zionists Celebrate End of Settlement Freeze:

Tonight, we are returning this decree to the trash bin’

As the sun set on a dirt field at the edge of the Revava settlement in Samaria on Sunday, thousands of right-wing activists counted down the remaining seconds of the freeze that temporarily put a halt to the construction of 2,066 Jewish housing units across the West Bank.
“Three, two, one, the moratorium has ended on the 18th of Tishrei,” MK Danny Danon (Likud) yelled out as he stood on a large outdoor stage that had been set up for the event. Read Article

NTS Notes:  I have asked the question in the heading of this article, and the facts speak for themselves.   There never was a settlement "freeze" over the last 10 months, and in fact Israel went ahead under this phony "freeze" with their building of new settlements at an accelerated pace.    The entire "freeze" was done for publicity and for the gullible people around the world to swallow.   It was a sham and an outright lie by the Zionist criminals to begin with.

Now the Israelis will go right ahead with their accelerated settlement building,  with absolutely no chance of slowing down!  Very shortly their settlements will simply swallow up what is left of the West Bank, and the entire region will just simply be annexed into  Israel itself.   In doing so, the Zionist Jews will have fulfilled one of their principle objectives when they first founded their sick dreamland of Israel.    It will also mean the end of any chance for a true independent Palestinian state for the rightful heirs to the region, the Palestinians themselves.

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