Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Believe It Or Not... A Pro-Zionist Site Is Calling Me A "White Supremacist"! Don't Laugh Until After You Read This

I have been coming under increasing attacks by "Anonymous" commentators recently.  Many have called me an "antisemite" and a "Jewhater".  Both those points are absolutely ridiculous and absolutely laughable!  The idea that I am a "Jew Hater" has already been defeated due to the fact that I am not against any group, only criminals.  I am after the Zionist Jews who want world domination, and absolutely not the day to day hard working person of the Jewish faith who has nothing to do with these criminals and does not support these evil goals.   I also am a firm supporter of those Jews who have come on board with the real truth movement and are fighting against their fellow tribesmen in stopping their evil ambitions.  Gilad Atzmon is a prime example of such a person.   And of course, the cries of "antisemitism" have already been exposed as a trick that these criminals constantly use when they come under scrutiny for their crimes.  One only needs to look at the video that I have embedded in this blog on the left hand column exposing the truth about "antisemitism" to see the facts for themselves!

However, thanks to a friend that just emailed me some information, it seems that there is a Pro-Zionist website that has labeled me as a "White Supremacist" and endorsing(?) "Islamic Supremacists".  I kid you not, and I want to show the proof of the absolute insanity of such a slur from the following article appearing in this website:, for all of my own readers to see for themselves.  Here is that article:

Northerntruthseeker…A White Supremacist Founded Blog Endorsing Islamic Supremacists…

Posted by mah29001 on September 5, 2010
Isn’t this quite odd…it’s quite obvious that white supremacists and other Palestinian activists are engaged in pushing misinformation in cyber space.  Take a look at this blogspot blog known as Northerntruthseeker where among those on the links on the left side of the website includes the website of none other than David Duke’s. But even while this nutcase whom runs the blog even goes as far to depict Alex Jones to be a “Zionist agent”.
It would be quite the obvious that this blog is indeed pushing misinformation that would help aide Islamic supremacists.  Oh…here’s something else…Mike Rivero’s own website is also on the links section too.  Rivero is a close friend of Alex Jones…does this make Rivero part of the “Zionist conspiracy theory” too with his affiliations with Alex Jones?  Just how nutty are these imbeciles really have to be?
They say they don’t hate Jews…and they purposely reuse classic anti-Semitism under the term “anti-Zionism”…it’s only a sick ruse to make it more acceptable into the mainstream.  If Jews did run the USA…why would blogs like this hate site from the Northerntruthseeker even exist?

NTS Notes:  Wow, Me a "White Supremacist"!   I don't know whether to laugh... Or to laugh even louder!  This writer has the nerve to grab at straws claiming that I link in Mike Rivero's website saying that he is a "close friend" of Alex Jones.  HELLO....Has this clown not gotten the message yet that Rivero and Jones had a falling out due to Rivero finally seeing exactly what Jones' true nature is, and the fact that he is a true agent of disinformation?  Did this guy miss that or not get the memo?  That news has been all over the blogosphere for the last month and this clown has not seen that news yet?  Some research there, kiddo!

And several other quotes from this writer shows how he is are also grasping at straws..  He says that I use Mike Rivero's as a link in exposing Zionist criminality... Yes, and I also use David Duke's website which has some great articles exposing Zionism and its criminality as a source of information about criminal Zionism as well....

BUT this clown also misses the fact that I also use articles from NORMAN FINKELSTEIN,  GILAD ATZMON, and JACK BERNSTEIN, as links to anti-Zionist news and articles also!   AND lets not forget the exposure of the true facts behind the Zionist push for world domination, as quoted by HAROLD ROSENTHAL, that is also in my links....Gee.... I don't know about you, readers, but just the fact that I use the great articles presented from JEWISH writers who expose criminal Zionism automatically defeats this clown's absurd rhetoric and sends it into the sewer where it belongs.

The fact is that I use many links, and am constantly adding new ones, whenever they put up articles exposing Zionism and its criminality, and I am totally unbiased as to who the writers are.   If this writer himself put up material exposing the crimes of Zionism, then I would probably also add his site to that list as well!  I doubt if that will ever happen any time soon, though....

I love the term "Palestinian activist" as well.... So let me get this straight... This pro-Zionist site supports the detention and murder of Palestinians and the illegal seizure of their land, and the best that this guy can say is that I am an "activist"?   Gee... Where has this guy been for the last few years?  Try reading my articles about Zionist Israel wanting ALL of Palestine for themselves first before you go half cocked, "mah29001"!

Finally... I hope that everyone caught the heading of "Islamic Supremacists"(?)   Ok... He lost me right there, and probably all of the rest of the readers of this "fine" article... No where in the entire small article is that term used again!.... So how am I supporting "Islamic Supremacists"?    It is obvious that this fool grabbed that heading knowing that it still strikes some fear in the unknowing of the truth, but he forgot to encapsulate it in his article!    And what the heck is an "Islamic Supremacist" anyway?    If he figures being a Zionist himself that it would incite more hatred of Muslims, I got news for this guy.... People are finally waking up to the truth that there is no such person as an "Islamic Supremacist" and the only "Supremacists" are the Zionists themselves!   Remember WHO actually did the 9-11 attacks?   It was NOT Islamic "terrorists" or "supremacists" definitely!

I do love the "White Supremacist"and "Hate" site ideas though, but I do not recall in any of my 1,148  articles my ever using the words "white race" in any racial sense.  If this guy figures I am a white "racist" as stated, please back it up with the article, date, and time, etc that I wrote such a statement.   Guaranteed he will find none!

I find it very interesting that I am suddenly receiving all of these fine labels, and somehow I feel honoured because it shows that these criminal Zionist supporters are running out of excuses for the crimes of their evil state of Israel.   If this is the best they can do, then we are winning this fight!

If there are any follow ups to this amazingly nonsensical article, I will be posting it here.  Lets see what I will be labeled with next?

I actually feel sorry for this writer.   This article shows desperation at its best and worst!

More to come



John Friend said...

Great come back. That guy's article was truly pathetic.

DeltaWolf said...

The more a man is vilified by the Zionist media and their slaves, the more is that man effective at exposing Zionism for what it really is.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks JF and DW for the comments....

I would really like to hear from the rest of my readers on this article. Please have no fear in giving me your thoughts about this "mah29001" guy and his very fine statements!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I really don't give a damn if a person is white, black, yellow, striped, pink, polka-dot, etc. All are welcome here as long as they are against criminals!

whitewraithe said...

Absolutely, great rebuttal! This is what the Zionist Jew cannot understand about homogenized America, that a decent citizen is not a racist or an extremist - we are just against criminals who are doing their dead level best to exterminate us all.

And like you NTS I also use the wise words of Jews who have exposed their own brethren in this criminal conspiracy on my blog, as well. Journalists, historians and academics like Henry Makow, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, and Michael Hoffman, Jeffrey Blankfort and Philip Weiss to name a few.

If every race in America could put their personal grievances on the back burner for a short time and unite we could defeat these devils in our midst and morons like mah29001 would be rendered mute for all time. Americans have the most unique opportunity as a varied nation of races to oppose evil and criminality but we can only do it as United Americans.

Again, bravo, for your fine performance in the face of the enemy.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks for the support, Wraithe... Your site is one of the best that I have found for some great additional information!

And a quick note to "Musique"... I have accidentally erased your comment BUT I found it in my back up files... Here is Musique's comment:

When everything fails ..they usually scream "anti shrimpite! white supremacist! & islamist!" etc. but in reality the ugly monsters are really 'em.

Totally tired of their typical drama "we are the constant victim" drama. Grow fu*king backbones ... wait, I better take that back 'cause that will increase organ stealing since they've mastered the art of stealing so well.

You can tell him that a non white person posted this on your site, watch his matzo balls deflate! :))