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The War In Afghanistan Is Lost: US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, Says 2011 US Drawdown Will Be "Limited"!

The war in Afghanistan is a lost cause, and we the people should be pushing hard to get our Zionist controlled governments to withdraw our troops and bring them home quickly. As I have stated many times, fighting a war for the evil Rothschild Opium drug empire and their profits is not a just cause, and puts NATO and the United States on the evil and wrong side in this unjust war.

Now it seems that many countries other than the United States are finally getting the message, and are in the process of withdrawing their own troops. The Netherlands, for example, has just finished taking their troops out of the fight, and other NATO members are soon to follow. The US led coalition is definitely in the process of falling apart, and rightfully so.

But it seems now, according to this article from Uruknet news at, authored by Dan De Luce, the US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, is saying now that the 2011 US troop "drawdown" will be limited in scope! What this means is that the US is obeying their Zionist Jewish Rothschild masters and will keep their troops in Afghanistan for many years to make sure that the Opium continues to flow out of that nation! Here is that article:

US 2011 Afghan drawdown will be 'limited': Gates

Dan De Luce

August 2, 2010

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Amid growing clamor against the war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has cautioned that large numbers of US troops will remain even after a "limited" July 2011 drawdown.

Despite mounting casualties and public doubts, Gates said Sunday the US-led force was making headway and Taliban insurgents would not be able to wait out American forces because a major troop withdrawal was not on the horizon.

"I think we need to reemphasize the message that we are not leaving Afghanistan in July of 2011," said Gates, referring to a deadline set by President Barack Obama for the start of a withdrawal.

"My personal opinion is that drawdowns early on will be of fairly limited numbers," he told ABC's "This Week."

Asked if the Taliban could simply "run out the clock" until the mid-2011 target, Gates said that he would "welcome that, because we will be there in the 19th month, and we will be there with a lot of troops."

The war has become increasingly unpopular with the American public and among Democratic lawmakers, amid a rising US death toll and a lack of confidence in Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The United States also faces questions about whether it can win back Afghans from a resurgent Taliban without remaking Afghanistan in the sort of nation-building exercise it has pledged not to undertake.

Defending the US war effort, Obama told CBS's "Early Show" that Washington's goals were "fairly modest" and that the United States had no plans to turn Afghanistan into a Western-style democracy.

"What we're looking to do is difficult, very difficult, but it's a fairly modest goal, which is, don't allow terrorists to operate from this region," he said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

"That can be accomplished," he added. "We can stabilize Afghanistan sufficiently and we can get enough cooperation from Pakistan that we are not magnifying the threat against the homeland."

The US-led invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks ousted from power the Taliban regime and scattered Osama Bin Laden and members of his Al-Qaeda network.

But in almost nine years since, a Taliban insurgency has become increasingly emboldened despite the presence now of almost 150,000 NATO and US troops.

Complicating the situation is a lack of faith in Karzai, who returned to power after elections generally regarded as fraudulent, and faces accusations of corruption and even ties to the drug trade.

The international coalition is also seeing signs of wear -- and shrinkage.

Dutch troops ended their mission in Afghanistan Sunday in the first significant drawdown of troops from the Afghan war.

The Netherlands' deployment began in 2006 and has cost the lives of 24 soldiers.

Switzerland is the only country to have withdrawn its forces until now, bringing its two soldiers home from Afghanistan in March 2008, NATO said.

Canada is withdrawing its entire force of 2,800 troops in Afghanistan next year, while Britain and the United States have signalled that some troops will also leave in 2011 with an overall aim to end combat operations in 2014.

Obama has staked his term in office on success in the war and campaigned on a platform of devoting greater attention to the conflict.

But as the deadline he set for beginning troop withdrawals approaches, there has been little tangible progress, and key Democratic allies have said they expect US troops to begin coming home soon.

Senator John Kerry, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said the administration needed to explain that the fight was key to US national security.

"They should be talking about... the way in which they have actually put al-Qaeda under pressure," he said on CNN's "GPS" program. "To walk away from that or to diminish that I think... history would be pretty harsh in its judgment."

Gates's comments Sunday echoed remarks by Vice President Joe Biden who has said that as few as 2,000 troops might withdraw from Afghanistan by July 2011.

But the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Sunday that Americans wanted to see a more significant troop withdrawal.

"Well, I hope it is more than that," Pelosi told ABC, referring to the 2,000 figure offered by Biden. "I know it's not going to be turn out the lights and let's all go home on one day."

A total of 413 foreign troops have died in the Afghan war so far this year, according to an AFP tally based on that kept by the website.

Two more foreign soldiers were killed in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, NATO said.

NTS Notes: It is amazing how Robert Gates carefully words his comments to make it look like the US troops are needed to stay in Afghanistan for the near future. This criminal and most evil war by the United States has already cost their taxpayers in the neighborhood of close to 1 Trillion dollars, and has cost thousands of American lives!

It seems the criminals in the US Government are continuing to try to justify the need to continue to fight in this lost conflict in spite of growing American opposition to the war. This war has definitely become another American Vietnam, and the results will be exactly the same as that conflict: America losing the war, and having its troops come home broken or in body bags!

As I have stated before: When the hell will the American public say they have had enough of their own Government and force them to withdraw the troops immediately? That time is definitely long overdue....

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