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Syria, And Iran, Support Lebanon Against Israel

In my continuing series about the Israeli wanting to attack Lebanon, entitled: "Israel wants the Litani River desperately", I have pointed out how the criminal state of Israel has been pushing for any type of provocation so that it can invade southern Lebanon to secure the Litani River for its fresh water needs. It seems that Israel's desperation has almost reached the critical point, especially when I pointed out in the last article that their latest provocation, where they dangled an Israeli soldier over the Lebanese border, almost resulted in a military invasion of Lebanon itself. The question does become: At what point will there actually be a shooting war between Lebanon and Israel caused by Israeli aggression?

Well, it seems that according to this article from Khaleej Times, at www., future provocation against Lebanon almost certainly will result in a regional war involving not only Lebanon, but Syria and Iran as well! Here is that article:

Syria, Iran support Lebanon against Israel


11 August 2010

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki underlined their joint support for Lebanon in the face of Israeli ‘aggression,’ state news agency SANA said.

The two met at Lattakia on Syria’s northern coast and discussed the situation in Lebanon ‘following the Israeli aggression against Lebanese sovereignty,’ it said.

They affirmed ‘their support for Lebanon in the face of such aggression,’ SANA said of an August 3 clash on the Lebanon-Israel border between the two countries’ troops.

Two Lebanese soldiers, a Lebanese journalist and an Israeli officer were killed in the fighting. Lebanon’s Syria- and Iran-backed Shia Hezbollah movement was not involved in the clash.

Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, has since said Teheran was ready to help the Lebanese army in a meeting with army chief General Jean Kahwaji, according to Iran’s official IRNA agency.

And on July 30, Assad made an unprecedented joint visit to Beirut with Saudi King Abdullah in a bid to defuse tensions after Hezbollah said members of the movement could be indicted for Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq Hariri’s 2005 murder.

In April, the United States accused both Syria and Iran of supplying Hezbollah with sophisticated missiles which could be used against Israel.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to visit Lebanon after the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which has just begun, Mottaki said on Sunday.

The last visit by an Iranian president to Lebanon was by reformist Mohammad Khatami in May 2003, while Lebanese President Michel Sleiman visited Teheran in November 2008.

Mottaki and Assad also discussed the need to form a government of national unity in Iraq as soon as possible, ‘dangerous Israeli violations’ in occupied Palestinian territory and Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip, SANA said.

In Damascus, Mottaki also met Khaled Meshaal, the exiled political chief of the Islamist Hamas group that rules in Gaza.

Assad also said he hoped to see ‘progress over the Iranian nuclear issue,’ reiterating his rejection of UN and other sanctions against Teheran over its controversial nuclear programme.

Iran is ready to discuss its nuclear programme with the United States, Ali Akbar Velayati, an adviser to the Islamic republic’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in Syria on Monday.

NTS Notes: It seems that the last provocation by the criminal Israelis to try to trigger a war against Lebanon went too far, and may have backfired in their faces. Now they will face the combination of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, if they attempt any new invasion of Lebanon.

I dare ask the question though: Is this maybe what Israel has wanted all along? Israel has been pushing for any excuses to not only invade Lebanon, but to attack and destroy Iran and/or Syria as well for a long time. And that leads to the following scenario: By triggering a war against Lebanon, and therefore starting a war against Iran and Syria in the process, the Israelis will get their long cherished attack on Iran going. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that they will not be able to defeat the combined might of Syria, Iran, and Lebanon, and therefore they will automatically get their US puppets to do the actual fighting and dying, and in the process destroy these nations for them! Then they will invade a totally defenseless Lebanon without much resistance, and secure their precious water source without a fight! Is this their sick goal after all? I wonder....

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