Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Results Are In: 86% Of NTS Readers Do NOT Support The Criminal State Of Israel! (Take That, Gallup!)

For a change of topic, I have decided for this article to focus on the results of the Poll that I have conducted for the last week asking for simple: "Yes, or No Way!" answers to the following question: Do You Support Israel? The result with 83 readers answering the poll was 86% of respondents said absolutely NO WAY!

The results of my own polling directly contradicts the recent Gallup Poll conducted in the United States which said that some 67% of Americans supported Israel. I said in a previous article that I do believe that the people who conducted the so called Gallup Polling falsified the results to make sure that the results were totally biased and in full support of the criminal state of Israel. I now firmly stand by my conviction due to my own independent poll result.

The polls that I conduct periodically in this blog are always free and totally unbiased. I have always left them open for anyone to answer, and it is even open to the Sayanim/Hasbarat agents of Israel (My biggest fan club, obviously) , that constantly come into this blog and leave atrocious comments in some of my articles, to vote in these polls as well. I have been filtering out their asinine comments in my articles due to their utter rudeness and constant name calling, but I have never stopped them from voting in any of my polls!

I always conduct my polls with full honesty, and will never change or manipulate the results... And the results are in.... 86% of my readers definitely do not support the criminal state of Israel. Therefore....Take that, Sayanim/Hasbarat agents of Israel....The truth about how much support Israel really has is there for everyone to see!

Again, so much for the so called "Gallup" poll!

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