Sunday, August 29, 2010

The REAL Perpetrators Of 9-11: The US Military KNOWS Israel Did 9-11!

We are presently watching a rising hatred of Muslims in the United States of America.  I and others have been putting up articles of real information that shows clearly that this hatred is totally unfounded and absolutely wrong.    Americans are being led down this path of hatred purposely by the Zionist Jews in America that want the Americans whipped into such a high state of absolute hatred for Islam that the gullible Americans will blindly support Israel's newest lust for war against its Muslim neighbouring states!   That is the real reason for this hatred.

Many Americans are believing the BS that Muslims are evil due to the Zionist Jewish controlled media continuing to perpetrate the lie that the attacks of 9-11 were done by "19 A-rabs using box cutters" to seize the planes and fly them into the buildings.  Logical and rational people are finally waking up to the real truth that the attacks were not done by Arabs as the sick media says, but by Israel with its Mossad and Sayanim operatives in the United States!

Again, to reawaken the American public and the people around the world to the perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks being Israel and their agents in America itself,  I turn again to a video that was released back in March, shortly after Dr. Alan Sabrosky went on air with Mark Glenn at, and stated clearly that it was Israel that did 9-11!

Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I am again asking my readers, and especially those in the United States, to again take this real information and pass it around to those who are being suckered in by the rising Islamophobia just to give them a reality check.  The rising hatred of Muslims is totally unfounded, and the real hatred should be pointed at the real perpetrators of the greatest crime on American soil; The Israelis and their agents who killed thousands of innocent Americans on 9-11!

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