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REAL Climate News: Quiet Sun Warns Of Deadly Cold And Snow Ahead!

I and others in the blogosphere have been giving the same message to our readers for years... Man made Global Warming is a massive hoax and a dangerous fraud. The perpetrators of that crime are in it for their own personal GREED and for us to suffer from more taxation and the possibility of one World Government with the criminals in control.

Readers, it is simple: Our climate is totally dependent on the natural oscillations of solar radiation output from our Yellow Dwarf star, the Sun, and right now that output is down considerably and may continue to fall for years to come. In fact, from information that I want to present here, from the website:, it appears that real Scientists are definitely believing that we could be in for some major COLD climate in our near future! Here is that article, entitled: "Quiet Sun Warns Of Deadly Cold And Snow Ahead":

Quiet sun warns of deadly cold and snow ahead

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The sun has always and will always control the climate. The global warming alarmists dont want you to know that but science keeps re-iterating that it is true. Over at C3 headlines they post a story – Latest Peer-Research: Solar/Cosmic Rays Combo Is Driving Climate Change, Not Human CO2 Emissions. They comment

Scientists are discovering that the level of solar activity determines how many cosmic rays strike our atmosphere, which then determines the extent of cloud coverage. Less clouds allow more sunlight to reach the surface, and more clouds reflect increased sunlight back to space“.

What this means is during solar minimum (as we are experiencing) there are a lot more cosmic rays which means a lot more clouds (Svenmarks theory) which means less heat hitting the earth and the earth cooling. To do into more detail;

As Ulric Lyons said over at WUWT and posted at Tallbloke“Let´s be aware that CR are mainly (90%) composed of PROTONS, and these are not a shower of little pebbles, as the current “flitstones” universe believers may suppose, but HYDROGEN NUCLEII, so having the ability of reacting with ozone and oxygen to form WATER”.

In other words during solar minimum with high levels of cosmic rays the clouds are formed by the interaction of hydrogen nucleii with ozone and oxygen to produce the clouds. This means we have a climate that is getting colder and wetter which means – a LOT more snow. The danger of this is highlighted by Robert Felix over at and Ice Age Nowin his book ‘Not by fire but by ice’ is that snow whilst beautiful is a deadly killer with snowstorms paralyzing mobility, burying food and freezing mammals to death.

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MSM quietly stops censoring sun ;

NTS Notes: I have read up on the link between Cosmic Rays and cloud formations for years. If this proves to be true, then we are in for some very cold winters ahead! Here in Canada, watching the higher than normal rainfall this year, I am beginning to believe that this information is far more truthful than the BS we see from the Global Warming enthusiasts, definitely!

Are we in for colder weather? Since the solar output is definitely in decline due to a natural solar cycle, and from seeing some real reports about how cold it has been in the Southern Hemisphere, I definitely believe that we are in for some bad winters ahead. Stay tuned...

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