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Operaton Opera II: Israeli Attack On Iran

Israel and its puppets in the United States have been planning for years now for their next war against Iran. Right now, Israel has been busy preparing its long range strike force of bombers and fighters to fly from Israeli air bases to hit Iran's non-existent "nuclear bomb" facilities in Iran itself. As well it has been busy preparing its Dolphin class submarines to launch cruise missiles against these same non existent facilities in Iran from the Indian Ocean. Their American puppets have moves several nuclear carrier task forces in the Indian Ocean, as well as long range bombers into their Diego Garcia to "back up" this impending assault. All they need now is a (Mossad) false flag attack to get the attack going.

To show further details and insights into the impending "sneak attack" by Israel against Iran, I turn to the following article from www.batr.org/reactionary, entitled: "Operation Opera II: Israeli Attack On Iran". I found this article just today through www.iamthewitness.com, and I want to present this article here for my own readers to view:

Mossad Motto 'By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War'

Operation Opera II - Israeli Attack on Iran


The worse kept secret is the joint plans of Israel and their American stooges for a sneak attack on Iran. Succumbing to the militaristic legacy of imperial Japan, the joint chiefs of staff are ready to facilitate or even lead a stealth charge against purported WMD targets. So what is their rationale? Since the deadly weapon facilities could not be found in Iraq, maybe they will be found in Iran? If Iran was ready to develop nuclear weapons, how is that any different from Israel already deploying 200 plus warheads? Especially since the Zionist belligerent is poised to strike Iran in a repeat of their “Operation Opera” against the Iraqi Osirak reactor in 1981.

In the most delusional and warped minds of hardened Christian Zionist supporters of the ultimate terrorist state, Israel can do no wrong. How could such an act of undeclared war benefit the American nation? The neocon hijacking of an American First foreign policy is the demented legacy of the Bush presidencies. The Obama administration is no different. The War Party mindset remains the dominate force that defends the Zionist rogue regime that is bent upon an apocalyptic holocaust of their own making.

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach in Israel’s Insane War on Iran Must Be Prevented, argues for restraint.

“Clearly, Israel will not make good on its threats without a nod from Washington. And that is not there yet, at least not officially. After talks with Barak and Israel’s military chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi in Jerusalem, Sen. McCain indicated the time had not yet come. “I don’t believe we are at the point of making that kind of decision, nor is the Israeli government,” he said, “given the state that Iran is in now as far as the development of their nuclear weapons is concerned.” When asked by Fox News whether he had discussed the military option with Obama, Netanyahu danced around the issue, but reiterated his conviction that Iran must be made to fear such an option. And Obama? He coined a most curious formulation, Israel’s “unique security requirements,” and pledged “unwavering … commitment to Israel’s security.” When interviewed July 8 for the first time on Israeli television, Obama indicated the two governments would consult with one another, not act unilaterally. “I think the relationship between Israel and the U.S.,” he said, “is sufficiently strong that neither of us try to surprise each other.”

An impending forecast from an unlikely confederation, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), offers up this warning to President Obama.

"Israel’s leaders would calculate that once the battle is joined, it will be politically untenable for you to give anything less than unstinting support to Israel, no matter how the war started, and that U.S. troops and weaponry would flow freely. Wider war could eventually result in destruction of the state of Israel.

This can be stopped, but only if you move quickly to pre-empt an Israeli attack by publicly condemning such a move before it happens.

Netanyahu believes he holds the high cards, largely because of the strong support he enjoys in our Congress and our strongly pro-Israel media. He reads your reluctance even to mention in controversial bilateral issues publicly during his recent visit as affirmation that he is in the catbird seat in the relationship.

During election years in the U.S. (including mid-terms), Israeli leaders are particularly confident of the power they and the Likud Lobby enjoy on the American political scene."

The likelihood is that a pre-emptive airstrike will be precipitated by the Israeli demand that the full support and might of the U.S. military be committed to the campaign. VIPS concludes, “Sadly, our former colleagues tell us that politicization of intelligence analysis did not end with the departure of Bush and Cheney…and that the problem is acute even at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, which in the past has done some of the best professional, objective, tell-it-like-it-is analysis.” Such counsel goes unheeded within the foreign policy establishment, which is controlled by “Zealot Zionists”.

Even the notorious Trilateral Commission globalist, Zbigniew Brzezinskiacknowledges the destructive influence of the Israeli lobby. In Foreign Affairs, From Hope to Audacity he states, “Special interest lobbies have become overly influential in US politics. Thanks to their access to Congress, a variety of lobbies — some financially well endowed, some backed by foreign interests — have been promoting, to an unprecedented degree, legislative intervention in foreign-policy making.” While his designs on global dominance invite a world conflagration, his distrust of Zionist pre-eminence is accurate.

So why allow dragging America into another war for a greater Israel? The thoughtfulPaul Craig Roberts once again has it correct:

“The answer is that the Israel Lobby, the US military-security complex, and the “Christian” Zionists have succeeded in demonizing Iran. Every real expert knows that an Iranian nuclear weapon would have no function other than deterring an attack on Iran. Ever since the US lost its monopoly on nuclear weapons, after using them offensively and pointlessly against a defeated Japan, nuclear weapons have served no purpose other than deterrence.

The US has no conflicting economic interests with Iran. Iran is simply a supplier of oil, an important one. A US attack on Iran, such as the one advocated by Kuperman, would most likely shut down oil flows to the West through the Strait of Hormuz. This might benefit refiners, who sell gasoline to the West and could charge enormous prices, but no one else would benefit.

Adding to the war cry are congregations of fake Christians. A great number of them, organized by someone’s money under the banner, “Christian Leaders for a Nuclear-free Iran,” has written to Congress demanding sanctions against Iran that amount to an act of war.”


This mad American foreign policy, dominated by dual loyalties, is a destructive force bent on an imperial and perverse allegiance under the Star of David. BATR resident Iranian expertRev. Mark Dankof demonstrates a rational and balanced perspective. Written during the first Bush administration, Mr. Dankof’s words ring just as true, today.

“The United States cannot reasonably insist upon Iranian submission to IAEA inspection and potential dismantlement of militarily-related nuclear programs without insisting upon the application of the same standard to the government of Israel, its Dimona nuclear-weapons production plant, and its Institute of Biological Sciences and Research in Tel Aviv, among other operations and sites in that country that meet neither IAEA standards nor those of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPF). The notion that Tehran has no right or legitimate claim to Weapons of Mass Destruction while the regime of international war criminal Ariel Sharon does, is morally and politically unsustainable.”

When the Wall Street Journal reports, “Some Israeli officials worry a unilateral strike would cause a break with Washington that would threaten Israeli national interests even more than a nuclear-armed Iran”, loyal and true American conservatives have reason to rejoice. Pressure to stop the lunacy of another aggressive war from within Israel from Jews of moral character is a welcome development. But is that the real motive of these Israeli officials or do they just sense that Bebe Netanyahu is a mad bomber that is more dangerous than a boastful Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Who is more likely to use nuclear weapons? Since the American empire has already answered that question and Israel has threatened the entire region and parts of Europe with atomic annihilation, what right do they have to claim the high moral ground?

There is no existential threat to America from Iran. In addition, there is no beneficial interest or intrinsic security for the United States in fighting Israeli wars. The true moral imperative is to cut ties with Zionism and condemn the sociopathic arrogance that adheres to the superiority of the tribe over the rest of humanity. Khazarsprofessing Talmudic duplicity are the cause of the pending Middle East Armageddon.

Robert Parry sums up the actual motivation that subverts a constructive American foreign policy. “The neocon/Likud hope would be that these military attacks would embolden Iran’s internal opposition to rise up and overthrow the Islamic system that has governed Iran since 1979, in other words, “regime change.” Much like the neocon/Likud thinking about Iraq, however, these grandiose plans often end up with unpredictable and bloody outcomes”.

Another “Operation Opera” will bring a widespread conflict that invites Russian and Chinese inclusion. Even Fidel Castro warned of an impending nuclear holocaust, “If Obama approves an attack on Iran, he added, he will trigger a war that will spread through the Middle East and Asia and cause ``the instantaneous death of hundreds of millions people, among them an incalculable number of people in his own country.''

Patriotic Americans must break with Israel and become vocal in their denunciation of Zionist designs to subjugate the region under a deceptive banner. Israel is not a trusted ally of the United States. Warmongering is tantamount to national suicide. The public needs to act before the bombs drop. No one can say that they had no idea what was about to happen. The fat lady is rehearsing her voice. Before she starts singing with sharpened spears, shout out your dissent.

SARTRE – August 8, 2010

NTS Notes: Israel may be planning to attack Iran on its own, but it definitely does not have the firepower to "finish the job". In that sense it will definitely require its American slave puppets to be involved almost from the beginning to have Iran destroyed as a "threat". This is where the false flag attack comes in...

It is still not widely known that since around 1990, 2 South African nuclear weapons have been missing, and are most probably right now in the possession of the Israeli criminal Mossad. It makes sense that the evil Israelis would be preparing right now to have one or both of these stolen nukes detonate somewhere in the continental United States, blame it on the Arabs, and have the Americans blindly support the Israelis for this newest assault.

Again, I ask readers to spread the real truth around, and if the Israelis actually do set off their nuke in America, that the public knows exactly WHO to blame for such an horrendous assault. Lets hope that if the message is loud and clear,and that through public knowledge and awareness, that they will not be able to pull off this murderous false flag attack.

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