Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now This Is Very Sick, And Very Disturbing, Volume XXXVII (The Continuing Expose On Jewish Organ Trafficking): Israeli Organ Trafficking Ring Busted!

For over the last year now, since the exposure of the Jewish human organ trafficking ring in New Jersey, USA, I have continued with the research and information coming forward that the Zionist Jews have continued the practice of harvesting human organs, either by volunteers, or by murder, around the globe. This immoral and inhuman practice has not stopped to this day!

Now comes another sad and sick chapter in this continuing inhuman practice by these criminals. According to the following article, through, it seems that an Israeli human trafficking ring has just been caught red handed, and exposed as operating in the Ukraine. Here is that article for my own readers to view:

Israeli organ-trafficking ring busted
Fri, 06 Aug 2010 13:57:44 GMT

Ukrainian police have smashed an Israeli-run organ-trafficking network illegally recruiting organ donors to send their body parts to Israel.

Ukrainian authorities said on Friday that twelve people, most of them Israelis, were arrested for taking part in a scheme to recruit organ donors from Ukraine and other former Soviet countries via internet and transplant the organs into Israelis who had ordered them in advance.

The network, which sought mostly kidneys, offered as much as USD 10,000 per body part and according to Ukraine's interior ministry most of the organ donors were impoverished young women.

The head of the ministry's department on human trafficking, Yuriy Kucher, said the transplant surgeries, which cost up to USD 200,000 an operation, were performed in Kiev, Azerbaijan and Ecuador.

Four surgeons are among the arrested. The Israeli head of the ring was arrested last month.

Initial investigations revealed that the ring's profits totaled an estimated USD 18 million a year. The illegal network was operating for three years.

Those arrested could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of human trafficking.

The latest Israeli-involved organ scandal comes nearly four months after another organ trafficking ring was discovered in Israel, which offered USD 100,000 for kidneys in its advertisements in local newspapers.

While the organization sold the kidneys for USD 140,000, some of the organ donors received no money after their kidneys were removed in countries, including Azerbaijan and the Philippines.

A retired Israeli army brigadier general and two lawyers were arrested in connection with this trafficking.


NTS Notes: From the moment that the original revelations came forward about this sick and ongoing practice by Zionist Jewish criminals, I have been asking everyone to push for an international investigation into this activity. To this day, there is still no call for such an investigation and full exposure by international organizations!

The sad and sick practice of illegally and immorally harvesting human organs will definitely continue unless people demand that their governments investigate and put a halt to this immoral act. Please pass the word around to others about this activity, and lets make sure that this criminal activity comes to an end!

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xtiml said...

I learned organs mustr be taken from a live body,heart still pumping,or they are anyone taking organs out is a goul.brain dead invented to enable such practice, therte is no brain dead one is either alive or dead. brain monitors and works all bodily functions in one way or another.mothers stories of their sons they ignorantly approved of sons organ donor is heartbreaking when they found ot the truth of the matter.