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Newest Al-Qaeda (Mossad) "May Be" Israeli!

Readers, here is is in a nutshell: There is absolutely NO Al Qaeda because it is a fraud and an invention of the Mossad and the CIA for the purpose of having a "boogeyman" for the phony war on terror! More and more people are finally waking up to this fact after years and years of constant government, and MSM lies.

To further back up the claims and proofs that Al Qaeda is a massive fraud, comes the latest article from Gordon Duff, from Veterans Today at, entitled: "New Al Qaeda Leader May Be Israeli". Here is that article in its entirety:


Costumes and makeup by Bin Laden Studios, Tel Aviv

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Adnan Shukrijumah, 35 formerly of Brooklyn, New York and Miami Beach is more likely to carry the real name Levine or Goldstein. The “legend,” intelligence jargon for a false background constructed for an imaginary person, created for Shukrijumah is paper thin. An FBI Agent named Brian LeBlanc in an “exclusive interview” with the Associated Press warned the world of this new “bin Laden” clone.

Another term is “branding.” This is what was done with Osama bin Laden, a former CIA operative and minor player in Afghanistan during the 1980s. He was branded as a terrorist mastermind, blamed for 9/11 though there isn’t a single shred of proof of his involvement and has been chased around the world for the last nine years though he has been dead that long. Bin Laden died December 14, 2001. Adnan Shukrijumah, or whoever he really is, may well be the next “patsy” blamed for a “much too convenient” terror attack meant to send the United States to war with Iran, another war fought for Israeli business.

Now we are told that Adnan Shukrijumah of Miami Beach, probably enraged at the closing of Wolfie’s “Rascal House,” a really excellent deli, is the greatest threat America faces. An FBI agent has crowned him “king of Al Qaeda.”

One other problem is that Al Qaeda doesn’t exist, never has.

We simply made it up. There has never been such an organization, there has never been an organized world terrorist conspiracy of any kind. There have never been terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. Has anyone ever seen a photo of one? Of course not. In our nearly ten years scouring every square foot of Afghanistan, we have never found any of those “monkey bar” things we seeing the the films put on the internet. Journalists joke about these films along with the phony bin Laden videos. We call the Israeli group that puts them out “Bin Laden Studios.”

Arabs with box cutters had nothing to do with 9/11. This is a cover story. It was all made up. There is no proof of their involvement and, quite to the contrary, six of the supposed dead terrorists are alive and well and screaming for press interviews. 9/11 had nothing to do with terrorism, nothing to do with Arabs and everything to do with money. Follow the money.

Why is this game being played, attacks in London and Madrid, New York and Detroit now, why the games? The answer is simple. The Caspian basin has trillions of dollars in gas and oil, controlled by new and highly corrupt countries whose governments turned to Israel years ago for technical support. With Russia, the Gulf States and Nigeria controlling most of the world’s oil supply and money supplies almost exhausted, every loose cent that can be stolen already stashed away, looted by the banksters with the help of the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve, this is the last great prize.

Chasing trillions of dollars of hydrocarbons, the last great source of collateral in the world, has brought about more than just the creation of phony terrorist organizations, false flag terror attacks and two phony wars.

Yes, we mean up to twelve trillion dollars in gas and oil is sitting there to be stolen from weak and corrupt governments. For this kind of money, we can easily expect another 9/11 or perhaps something worse, something “nuclear.” The people making these decisions care nothing for human life, nothing for America and certainly, one thing I can assure you, not a single one of them is a Muslim.

The process of funding the corruption of these governments has taken billions of dollars. That money has come from the narcotics trade re-instituted by the Bush administration after the invasion of Afghanistan. What was no opium production at all is now, not just opium but heroin, with refining now done in Afghanistan and new poppy fields being planted every day with American guarding, not only the harvest but helping with the export as well. This is why America has used “contractors” to such an extent.

It isn’t only Afghanistan, we are planting poppies in Iraq as well. In case, ok, let’s face it, when America loses the war in Afghanistan, it is likely the Taliban will destroy opium production again. The only thing keeping Afghanistan afloat is drug money, American payoffs to the Taliban to let our supplies into the country, estimated at nearly $800,000,000 a year paid to the enemy by America’s military, keeps them awash in cash. Taliban leaders have to travel to Pakistan. It is the only way they can fly to Dubai to bank their American cash. They share hotels there with the druglords tied to our “friends,” all involved in the same sick game.

In the end, gas and oil will be piped through Afghanistan from the narco-republics of the Caspian. These negotiations have been going on since the 1990s. Our invasion of Afghanistan was only part of it, part of the negotiations. The Taliban was looking for too big a cut of the profits. We thought we could brush them aside and take over. 9/11 and the carefully planned and staged disinformation campaign attempting to tie it to Afghanistan was nothing personal, it was business. People die in business every day. Ask any banker.

This is the reason an FBI agent’s uncontrolled blithering to an AP reporter is now in hundreds of newspapers as the branding of a new leader of a non-existent terrorist organization. It is also the reason we are likely to see a new terrorist attack in the United States after Labor Day. Attacks are time for news cycles. Check on that. We can expect one in September and another one around Christmas with one more on the run up to Easter.

What could we find out about Shukrijumah? Air Force pilots who have flown him and his family, yes, you have it right, United States Air Force, claim the photos and likenesses are totally phony. These pictures are someone else entirely. This isn’t the first time this has happened as the strange transformations of Osama bin Laden showed us. My how much bin Laden changed after his death.

It took minutes to get multiple confirmations on this. Everything about our “terrorist” and his family is being misrepresented. These aren’t even the same people. This is too easy.

If a several questions didn’t just come to mind after reading this, you aren’t getting enough sleep.

There are no people hiding in Afghanistan planning these attacks. There are no terrorist leaders. No, Mullah Omar, the imaginary leader of the Taliban is not planning a major offensive against American troops or attacks on anyone. Even if he does have one of those encrypted Israeli satellite phones that the rest of the insurgents are using to defeat American signals intelligence operations, he is unlikely to be doing anything other than waiting.

America, along with the “Karzai Incorpated” drug cartel has created a monstrous situation in Afghanistan. General Petraeus inherited a nightmare, 9 years of wrong direction, wrong country, wrong everything. Yes, there is corruption, evil. Yes, America is being victimized by violent men, planning the downfall of the United States.

We call them “congress.”

When something blows up, be it a dirty bomb in Cleveland, not too close to Shaker Heights, or a school in Little Rock, a “branded” terrorist leader, one with a storybook background, Saudi born, evil extremist Muslim dad, will be dragged out. As with most of our phony terrorists, he will be a ghost, a Mossad agent like the dozens, maybe hundreds of violent Muslim terrorists they dress up and parade out when needed.

Simply put, there is no Islamic terrorist movement of any kind other than the groups promoting a just and peaceful settlement in Gaza, groups that strike back against Israeli violence, really Israeli terrorism. They have no reason to attack the United States. Millions in the United States support them.

The cover for 9/11, the idea that Americans were “defiling” the religious shrines of Saudi Arabia is equally insane. Nobody in their right mind believes that. Extremists exist. They ran the United States. If you want to ask someone about 9/11, someone who could tell you why, tell you how, go to Dallas. Ask George “W” Bush about 9/11. He knows.

NTS Notes: It seems that the criminals are pushing this new boogeyman leader because they are well aware that the public has awakened to the fact that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for almost 9 years now. With the fact that their bread and butter has been exposed, they have to keep their phony Al Qaeda alive by promoting its latest "leader"!

Al Qaeda is a Mossad-CIA front for the phony war on terror, and it is imperative that everyone be brought up to speed on this truth. Guaranteed they will use this new and very phony leader when they launch their newest false flag attack on the United States to get their new war on Iran going. The public must be on alert to the truth if and when that happens.

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