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More Re-Writing Of History: The Real Story Behind The Flight Of Rudolf Hess

Many people are probably looking at the headline to this article and wondering who the heck is Rudolf Hess? Well, it is a known fact that the so called "history" books that we are subjected to today try desperately to keep clear of this most important individual from World War II, and with good reasons...

Rudolf Hess was the third most powerful man in Germany at the beginning of World War II. He was basically Hitler's number 2 man, and he was totally loyal to the Fuhrer and wanted as much as Adolf Hitler actually wanted, which was peace with Great Britain. Our "history" books talk about him boarding a Messerschmidt ME110 on the night of May 10th, 1941, and flying without orders (again according to our "history" books) to Scotland, where he ditched the plane in a bog. Upon his capture, he claimed that he was wanting to see the Duke Of Hamilton, with plans for immediate peace between Germany and Great Britain. Instead, he was captured by British authorities, and kept in prison for the duration of the war. Upon his trial in Nuremberg, he was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in Spandau, where he would not be allowed visitors, and in which he eventually died in 1987. "Official" records say his death was apparent suicide (?)

Now I want to present an alternative version of the Rudolf Hess story for my own readers to ponder. This information comes courtesy of a fellow truth seeker, Philip Marlowe, who writes an excellent blog under Here is the Philip Marlowe article, entitled: "A Real Life "Man In The Iron Mask" Story:

A Real-Life “Man in the Iron Mask” Story

A rare photo of the man called “Rudolf Hess” taken surreptitiously at Spandau prison.

SOME OF YOU may have heard of this guy’s name and asked: “Who the hell was Rudolf Hess and what’s it all got to do with me?” Plenty, Bub. The story of Hess is strong evidence of all the “conspiracy” business going on in today’s world. Once you study the facts of what happened to this one man, you can’t help but knowing powerful hidden forces were behind WWII, and these forces are still at work today and still hidden from the rest of us chumps.

It should be totally obvious by now, that these very same people are behind the false-flag travesty of 9/11, the never-ending Mideast wars of today and the NWO destruction of the Western world!

Hess was Hitler’s number two man (more for sentimental reasons than anything else). And he was indeed totally loyal to Der Führer man. But on May 10, 1941, during the early days of the war, Hess took off with a ”stolen” Messerschmidt ME 110 and flew it to Britain. After an amazing feat of nighttime navigation and escaping a British Spitfire, he bailed out near Glascow, Scotland, just a couple of miles from where he intended (Hess was an excellent pilot from the days of WWI).

Unfortunately, for all the rest of us little people over the next few years, Hess broke his ankle parachuting and was nabbed by the wrong people before he could carry out the final leg of his mission (unlike the movies, sometimes the bad guys do win in the end). That one little ankle fracture may have cost millions of lives over the next few years!

Hess was bundled off to the Tower of London, probably thrown into a dank dungeon and later moved to other secret intelligence prisons. While kept incommunicado, he was continuously subjected to interrogation and mind-bending psyops for the duration of the war. God knows the dark evils this peace-seeking man was forced to endure.

One of his interrogators was a Tavistock Institute psychiatrist, a sinister brainwashing creep named John Rawlings Rees. Not surprisingly, the Orwellian Tavistock is still in business today – handling population manipulation tactics at the behest of the filthy rich NWO Globalists. Tavistock has the nerve to call themselves a “charity.”

Hitler was forced to publicly disavow Hess, saying he went nuts over astrology, stole the plane and pulled off the entire flight on his own, without any help, foreknowledge or permission of leadership (Hitler most likely wanted to give some cover to his powerless British contacts). For good reason, many people doubted the official cover story then, as well as now.

And it’s also a little too obvious and noticeable how the Allied media accepted — no questions asked — Hitler’s pat explanation. On just about everything else, they paint Hitler as nothing but a conspiring madman. You can notice how excessive the ”Hess was only acting on his own because he went crazy” business even today, if you read between the lines a little.

After the war, Hess is hauled before the Nuremberg “War Crimes” Tribunal and sentenced to life, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with any so-called “War Crimes.” They literally wanted this guy stuffed in a hole and the key thrown away. Many people, such as the great American general George C. Patton, became highly suspicious and angry about the “Semitic” form of justice at Nuremberg.

In Spandau prison, Hess is carefully guarded by soldiers from the allied powers and no interviews or pictures are ever allowed (several photos were secretly taken by guards). While all the other Nazi inmates are eventually released, Hess is kept locked up by himself until one month before Spandau is scheduled to be demolished, and then conveniently ”suicided.”

For a long time I wondered just why the hell was this guy treated like this. It didn’t make any sense whatsoever, in view of his very limited role in the war. Why didn’t they let this one old man out of jail? And why did they bother to keep him muzzled for the rest of his life? Curious.

I once came across this little obscure book at the library (I hesitate to say the name since the ADL would probably put out a Jew All-Points-Bulletin and have it removed from the stacks) containing an interview with a top ranking member of the German Airforce (the Luftwaffe). Basically, he detailed all the secret preparations done to the plane for Hess (extra large gas tanks, etc.) and maps provided so Hess could avoid anti-aircraft batteries of both the British and Germans. All of this was done under secret orders from Hitler.

This same Luftwaffe guy said Uncle Adolf corresponded with various high and mighty people in Britain and all over the planet. He was also an extremely well-read man.

This unknown interview rang true to my ears, contrary to the official Jew line that we have long been accustomed to in history books. Our world’s reality is so badly skewed by Jewry, that it’s difficult for the ordinary Joe to make heads or tails. Just like what the lousy Jews want!

Anyway, Rudolf Hess was dispatched to Britain by Hitler, so he could make pre-arranged contact with the Duke of Hamilton and non-Zionist peace party factions to put a stop to the war. By that time, many anti-War and anti-Zionist British subjects were already thrown into jail and/or silenced (don’t hold your breath for any Hollywood tear-jerker movies, like they do all the time about the blacklisted Jew Commies of the 1950′s).

Hess told one of his guards that he had been guaranteed protection in advance by King George VI. Apparently, members of the monarchy and government also knew of his trip beforehand. It is certain that the wrong people got wind of the plan and were prepared to pick-up Hess the night he landed hard on that Scottish moor.

Hitler wanted to offer generous terms, so much so that if the British public had been made aware, they would have clamored to pursue peace talks with Germany. Maybe the over 55 million people (including 416,000 Americans) would not have died.

Historical/Political researcher and author, Allesandro De Felice explains Hitler’s proposals:

“…Hitler offered total cessation of the war in the West. Germany would evacuate all of France except Alsace and Lorraine, which would remain German. It would evacuate Holland and Belgium, retaining Luxembourg. It would evacuate Norway and Denmark. In short, Hitler offered to withdraw from Western Europe, except for the two French provinces and Luxembourg [Luxembourg was never a French province, but an independent state of ethnically German origin], in return for which Great Britain would agree to assume an attitude of benevolent neutrality towards Germany as it unfolded its plans in Eastern Europe. In addition, the Führer was ready to withdraw from Yugoslavia and Greece. German troops would be evacuated from the Mediterranean generally and Hitler would use his good offices to arrange a settlement of the Mediterranean conflict between Britain and Italy.”

It’s an historical fact that Hitler did not at all want war with Britain in the first place (he considered the British people as fellow Whites). And contrary to the Jew version of history, Adolf wasn’t trying to take over the planet as they want us to believe (to this day, they even use WWII propaganda visuals to brainwash gullible Whites).

Big Jewry wanted to put a stop to Hitler’s Germany, since they successfully threw off the chains of the usurous International Banking cabal. That was one thing these Globalist, Talmudic Jews could not let go on and have anyone else get big ideas. Right along with that, they planned on sacrificing any poor Eastern European Jews on the alter of the resulting war (where they could easily and wildly inflate the number of dead later) — all so they could use the whole Jew victimhood shtick to establish that trouble-making bastard country called Israel.

This very same backroom, evil plotting of Big Zionist Jewry back during and before WWII, is still going on to this very day.

By 1936, the pugnacious Winston Churchill had fallen on hard times financially and so allowed himself to be bought-off by International Jewry (see video below). As prime minister during WWII, Churchill had forbidden his diplomatic corp from forwarding any back channel German peace proposals (the war-mongering Jews wanted Hitler and as many Germans possible dead).

The war fix was in, so Hitler decided to send Hess on his dangerous mission to “end-run” the International Jew Banking clique who owned Churchill, bypassing the embedded Zionist Jew operatives infesting the British intelligence services and government.

Have you ever seen one thing in the media other than the accepted Jew version of events? They can’t allow Americans to think of Hitler in any way other than a genociding madman.

Allesandro De Felice also brings up strong evidence that the Hess in prison may not have been the same Hess sent out on his mission by Hitler. Did the Zionist-owned intelligence services manage to find a look-alike in the almost five years before Nuremberg? Very possibly. Such a tactic would have ensured the truth remained hidden. Remember, dead men tell no tales.

They may have killed Hess in the Tower of London (what better place for political murder?) and then dredged-up some dufus doppelganger; with whom they had plenty of time to break his mind with Tavistock drug conditioning and whatever plastic surgery needed to complete the makeover.

A doctor later examining the supposed Hess at Spandau could not find evidence of Hess’ well-known WWI gunshot injury. Even jolly old Herman Goering (Reichsmarshall of the Luftwaffe) doubted the man beside him at Nuremberg was even Hess. He even failed to recognize close friends from the past and for decades, Hess refused visits from his own family! Just who the hell was this guy?

In 1987, while in the Spandau prison courtyard (where he kept himself a little garden shack), this real or fake Hess is supposed to have committed suicide by somehow twisting a power cord around his neck and hanging or strangling himself on the ground in the horizontal position — kind of hard to believe for a doddering old man of 93.

According to some, MI-6 dispatched two British SAS agents to garrote the old Nazi so they wouldn’t have to find him a new home after Spandau was closed and demolished, or take the chance of him being released to his still loyal family (who hired a forensic pathologist that found evidence of foul play on his dead body). Some American Negro sergeant is also said to have witnessed the murder.

One might think this story of Rudolf Hess would be an interesting topic for Hollywood (yeah, yeah, I know), or the History Channel to do a documentary. But no, the whole subject must be carefully ignored since media Jews know it’s best not to open up this can of worms. You see, little Jews everywhere know that once the American people learn something about “A,” they may well logically go on to “B” and then to “C.”

Individual Jewry is smart enough to know what’s dangerous to them in the long run.

The same kind of motive propels little Jews to ridicule anything on historical subjects like this one and so much else going on today. They just don’t want us Goyim to get wise to the Jew deal, and take the chance we might start goose-stepping around in big black boots!

Rudolf Hess was truly one of history’s biggest unsung action heroes. The only reason virtually all of us have not heard his story is because of all the Jew chicanery to keep White people stupid. At this very moment, they are now trying to sneak in ways of shutting down truth on the Internet, somehow without alerting those of us who haven’t made the Jew connection yet.

If you’re an honest and forthright American citizen, you need to know the truth about these people. They will not tell you of such things on the History Channel or even on FOX’s Glenn Beck’s show (it is a show), since Jewry has such a strangle-hold on corporate mainstream media. One way you can see this in action is by taking just the barest, accepted facts of the Hess story and considering why the hell you have never seen anything on it (it’s always been pretty much a no-no subject).

Our White race and our nations are being screwed-over big time by these people; our wealth is stolen daily and our children are continually killed in never-ending Globalist plotting and wars instigated by evil Big Jewry.

Don’t you think it’s about GD time for you to grow a little backbone, open your mouth and start speaking out to friends and family? You don’t have to go on any dangerous flying missions like Hess did, but if everybody spoke openly — we just might be able to put a stop to these bastards, pronto!

– Phillip Marlowe

Q & A Session with David Irving on Winston Churchill

Cincinnati Lecture – Summer of 1995

“…I’ve seen stories that Jenny Jerome the mother of Churchill was Jewish, and this has been reported in a Jerusalem newspaper I think a few months ago. I’m obviously looking into that, that she had Jewish blood in her maternal line. Very interesting indeed. I don’t think Churchill was cognizant of that fact, he never mentioned it, but what is interesting are his links to the Jewish community which I’ll go into in a little bit of detail here because they’ve not been gone into by any of the other Churchill biographers for obvious reasons, in particular the main authorized Churchill biographer Martin Gilbert hasn’t gone into it because for the simple reason that he is one himself, and he doesn’t want to harp on that fact.

But the two basic areas of interest to look at in Churchill’s career are the period of the so called wilderness when he resigned from Stanly Baldwin’s cabinet as a minister and for the next ten years until 1939 when he was out of office.

So all he had was his salary as a member of Parliament and his rather pitiful earnings as a journalist and yet somehow he managed to support an enormous country estate which cost a very large sum of money to support with all the gardeners, nurseries, nannies, cooks, and the housekeepers and all the rest of it. He had a private staff of sometimes 20 or 30 people, all supported on his salary as a member of Parliament, which was at that time around $2,000 (US) per year.

How did he do it?

Well the answer is that from 1936 onwards he was financed by a little secret pressure group called The Focus [which was led by Zionist Sir Robert Waley Cohen]…”

NTS Notes: I have studied for years all of the so called "history" of World War II, and it has amazed me for years as to how the Rudolf Hess story had so many holes in it. There was always more questions than answers when it came to the so called "official" story, and it appeared to me that someone was LYING to prevent the truth from coming out. This article definitely puts some of the missing pieces of the puzzle together nicely.

Lets not take what we have been subjected to in our education on History at face value. With the availability of the Internet for true scholars to research and re-examine historical "facts", we can now get the real truth out for everyone to see. The Rudolf Hess story definitely is one case that re-examination and re-evaluation is needed.

It has always been said that if we do not learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it! The lies of World War II, and the real truths about that conflict, must be exposed for everyone to see....

More to come


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