Monday, August 16, 2010

Mark Glenn And Phil Tourney Of The Ugly Truth Website And Podcast Receive Death Threats From Mossad "Wannabe"!

For those of us in the blogosphere that have dedicated our blogs and articles to the search for real truth and exposing the criminals responsible for the crimes against humanity, it can be a dangerous business to be involved in. Usually, all we receive are comments filled with bad language, and the periodic stupidity from the Sayanim/Hasbarat agents of Israel, and it never goes further than that.

However, now according to this article from the Pragmatic Witness, at, it seems that Mark Glenn, who writes an excellent blog at, and also puts up Podcasts with some excellent guests, including the one with Dr. Alan Sabrosky that fingered Israel as the culprits behind the 9-11 attacks, has just received some death threats while he was sitting in a lounge in Southern California! Here is the article explaining the sordid details:

Alternative journalist Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth website and former co-host of Mark’sThe Ugly Truth podcast Phil Tourney a USS Liberty survivor were both recently threatened by a self-proclaimed Mossad agent.

According to Phil he and his wife were at a lounge somewhere in southern California when he was approached by an Israeli proclaiming to be Mossad. The Israeli said that his government was very dissatisfied by the recent publishing of Phil and Mark’s joint venture in writing the book, “What I Saw That Day.”

The Israeli also indicated that Phil had 30 to 60 days to live while waiving a very large watch in front of his face.

Mark contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report the threats but an agent indicated that the FBI could be of no assistance.

Both Mark and Phil were interviewed on Mike Rivero’s show and on Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett. Here are the links -

What Really Happened

Truth Jihad

NTS Notes: We in the real truth movement have now obviously gotten the full attention of the criminal Israelis and their Mossad agents in America. I am astounded that the Government and the FBI was of no assistance in this very serious incident, but we can expect nothing from these shills because the US Government is fully under the control of the criminal state of Israel.

I hope that this does not deter Mark Glenn from continuing with his fine exposes and interviews over at "The Ugly Truth". I myself will never sway from telling the truth, and I hope that Mark does the same. This incident clearly shows that we are getting the message out to the public, and obviously the criminals are now realizing that we are a threat to them.

I will keep my own readers posted on any further actions in this incident. Stay tuned....

More to come


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