Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Israel Wants The Litani River Desperately: New Evidence Shows Recent Lebanese Border Clash Was An Israeli Provocation For Invasion Of Lebanon!

Israel is suffering from a fresh water shortage that was created by their own wasteful ways. The Zionist Jewish state has refused to practice proper water conservation methods in a region that is primarily desert with little or no rainfall. For years they have been draining the waters of the Jordan River, and even stealing the water from the Palestinian territories for their own wasteful ways. But now the fresh water shortage has become critical, and they have been forced to look for another fresh water source. This is where the Litani River that flows through southern Lebanon comes into play....

Israel has coveted the Litani River for decades now for solving their fresh water shortage. The problem has always been that the Litani River does not touch Israeli territory, and therefore the only way to get the river would be to invade southern Lebanon, seize the territory, and then pipe the water down to Israel itself. That was why they invaded Lebanon in 2006, and why they have been itching for another excuse to invade now and seize the river.

It seems that again I have been proven right about the latest clash with Lebanon being nothing more than a blatant Israeli provocation so that they could justify invading Lebanon for the Litani River. I want to present this article that comes from the Israeli press itself, through that states that the Israelis planned a military operation following the latest border incident where some Israeli soldiers were clearly cutting down trees in Lebanese territory, and the Lebanese rightfully opened fire on these invaders of their territory. Here is that article:

Report: Israel planned military op following border incident

Published: 08.11.10, 09:46 / Israel News

Israel planned on launching a large-scale military operation in response to the border incident between the Israel Defense Forces and the Lebanese Army which killed Lieutenant-Colonel Dov Harari, the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported.

According to the report, Defense Minister Ehud Barak informed French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner about the plan, which was eventually withdrawn following pressure by US, French, Egyptian and other Arab state officials. (Roee Nahmias)

NTS Notes: The evidence now shows that the state of Israel wanted to provoke Lebanon so that they could have another war of conquest. This is sick indeed. They would cause a border incident so that they could invade and grab what they selfishly desire. They do not care that the invasion of Lebanon would have cost thousands of innocent lives, because they do not give a damn about anyone other than themselves.

It is not Lebanon's fault that the Israelis have wastefully and selfishly not practiced proper water conservation. It seems that the solution as always to this problem for Israel is to invade and cure the problem by destroying their own neighbours. When the hell will the world finally wake up to the truth about this madness?

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