Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is THIS Why Americans Are Not Rising Up Against Their Corrupt Government?

I and others in this real truth movement are constantly amazed as to how it is that the American public has not to this day risen up against their own corrupt government and either removed the traitors and pro-Israeli shills in their Federal government, or at least demanded some type of radical change to kick start the United States back on the road to a true recovery!

For the answer to this important question, I want to turn to an article that was sent to me in a recent comment from a fellow truth seeker named "Delta Wolf".  It comes from the website: www.drleonardcoldwell.com, and it is entitled: "Why Americans Will Never Revolt Against Government", and it has some plausible reasons as to why the American public does not kick out their own corrupt government!  Here is that article:

Why Americans Will Never Revolt Against Government

You will not like these facts but if you have been frustrated as to why people don’t get mad as hell and revolt against government, I have written this to explain it. It is so obvious that I will be surprised to receive any intelligent disagreements. Hang on…
50% of adults work for government at a local, county, state or federal level, or for a corporation that has a contract with the federal government. None will bite the hand that feeds them.
10% are unemployed and will not bite the hand that feeds them.
15% are on welfare and will never ever bite the hand that feeds them.
20% are getting or within a few years be getting social security and will never bite the hand that feeds them.
That leaves 5% that are not being fed by government and are used to feed the other 95%. However, due to social norms and media spin along with the fear that it would only get worse if they do rise up against government, they too will never revolt against government. The only chance for these 5% to become unburdened, is for a worldwide economic collapse in which the other 95% die off and loose their ability to control a system that funds their free ride on the back of the few. So, ask yourself—- how bad do you want to be free Jack? I say, absolutely free.

NTS Notes:  Yes, many of these points are plausible. The problem is that as the American nation sinks into full economic collapse, the number of people unemployed will rise, while those who were employed by the Government will definitely fall.   As these numbers change and people see no solutions coming from the government in Washington, that 5% will definitely increase, and guaranteed that demands for real change will occur.   

The 5%  figure does seem small in a population of 300 million, and I cannot see a dying off of the other 95% before we see changes in America.  Realistically, people need to look at their history as to how the original American revolution was started and fought by less than 5% percent of the American colonialists.   So realistically there is still hope yet for the United States of America, and the world!

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Anonymous said...

The 5% your speaking of are either self employed or struggling at odd jobs,service jobs, or just existing on any free lunch that they can find. I don't think that there is even a glimmer of hope for America. It's been raped so bad that it's all worn out. Wake up people, if your congressman or senator is not working for yoy, then vote the bum out of office before he makes his millions in the lobbyist kick backs!