Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Important Video: Israel To Drag US Into War With Iran!

Former CIA Columnist, Ray McGovern, and several colleagues sent an important memo to US President Barry Soetoro recently warning him about exactly how the criminal state of Israel was going to attack the innocent nation of Iran shortly, and how it was going to drag the United States into the regional conflict because it will be unable to "finish the job" itself. It definitely seems that another win-less war for the United States is shortly around the corner, and this one will be much more serious than the conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

To show exactly how dire the situation in the Middle East has become, Ray McGovern was interviewed recently by Russia Today News where he discussed exactly how Israel was going to drag the US into its latest war of bloodshed against Iran. I have the video of that interview, and I am putting it up here for my readers to view:

NTS Notes: This is an important video, and I do strongly request that everyone take the time to pass it around to others.

As stated in this video, this month seems to be the optimum time for the Israelis to get their new war of aggression started.
However, We still have time to either stop, or at least warn people about the truth behind this newest war for Israel, but only if people have the courage to get the message out, or to take a stand now.

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