Friday, August 6, 2010

Important Video: Iran Propaganda Debunked In Less Than 6 Minutes!

The drumbeats of war with Iran are becoming louder and louder by the day. It seems that the US Government is hell bent on following its Zionist Jewish masters' orders, and may soon attack Iran after the Israeli Mossad pull off a brand new false flag attack somewhere in the continental United States itself. It is very important that people everywhere get the real truth about Iran before it is too late...

Now to back up all of the proof that Iran is NOT the threat that the Zionist Jewish controlled MSM across America continues to try to shove into the brains of most Americans, comes a brand new video, called: "Iran Propaganda Debunked In Less Than 6 Minutes" that I am placing here for my own readers to view. Please watch this video, especially if you are still somehow convinced that Iran is the threat that the criminals who want war make it out to be:

NTS Notes: As stated in this important video, the Iranians have followed all of the guidelines for the peaceful development of nuclear POWER to the letter. They are in no way developing any type of bombs as the corrupt MSM continues to preach, and that truth must get out to everyone.

On the other hand sits the criminal rogue state of Israel, which has never signed on to the Non proliferation treaty, does NOT allow inspections to its clandestine nuclear program facilities at Dimona, and presently possesses in the neighbourhood of some 350 Nuclear weapons with a vast variety of delivery systems. It also has said that it would destroy much of the Middle East and Europe with its nuclear arsenal if it was ever threatened with its destruction!

Israel is an insane nation that wants total control over the Middle East, and the only threat left to its hegemony over the region is, you guessed it, Iran! THAT is the primary reason why the criminal Zionist Jews want a new war of bloodshed against the innocent people of Iran, and that truth must get out to everyone!

So again, take this video and get it out to everyone that you know, and please help in getting the real truth out before the criminals are able to get their war against Iran going. We can still make a difference if people are given the truth....

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