Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Global Warming Farce: "ManBearPig" Al Gore Concedes On Climate This Year

Global Warming is a massive lie and a massive hoax to get new Green Taxes imposed on taxpayers everywhere, and so that the Zionist Jewish elitists can bring in their one world government. But attempts to get legislation to impose more taxes on people have failed in most countries, and the simple fact is that people are waking up to the reality that the planet is actually getting cooler and not warmer over time. This is due to natural oscillations in the energy output of the Sun and absolutely nothing to do with man made pollutants.

Now according to this article, from, it seems that the main criminal behind the entire Global Warming farce, Al Gore himself, is conceding on getting any movement on climate change legislation passed this year. Here is that article, with my comments to follow:

Gore concedes on climate this year

August 10, 2010

By Steve Milloy
GreenHellBlog, August 10, 2010

Speaking about the likelihood of climate bill being passed by Congress in 2010, Al Gore told a conference call of supporters tonight that, “this battle has not been successful and is pretty much over for this year.” Gore bitterly denounced the Senate and federal government stating several times, “The U.S. Senate has failed us” and “The federal government has failed us.” Gore even seemed to blame President Obama by emphasizing that “the government as a whole has failed us… although the House did its job. [emphasis added]”

Gored urged his listeners to take the “realistic view that they had failed badly.” Gore said that “Comprehensive legislation is not likely to be debated” and that a “lame duck debate” is a “very slim possibility indeed.” (N.B. We thought, because Gore told us, that “the debate” was over.)

Gore said “the government was not working “as our founders intended it to” and laid more blame at the feet of fossil fuel interests who conducted a “cynical coordinated campaign” with “unprecedented funding” and “who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars just on lobbying.” He criticized “polluters” for “dumping global warming pollution into the atmosphere like it was an open sewer.”

Gore blamed the skeptics for “attacking science and scientists.” “They [the skeptics] did damage and cast doubt,” Gore said.

Asked why the alarmists were ineffective in addressing Climategate, Gore bitterly blamed a “biased right-wing media… bolstered by professional deniers.” Gore claimed the Wall Street Journal published 30 editorial and news articles about Climategate and “not a single one presented [his] side of the science.”

Speaking about the post-2010 prospects for a climate bill, Gore tried to boost morale by stating that “the battle is not over” and that “we [alarmists] have no choice but to win the battle.” Gore said that “reality is [the alarmists] ally” and then, among other things, blamed recent flooding in Nashville and the Russian heatwave/forest fires on global warming.

He concluded by observing that “it is darkest before dawn” and “we have not yet begun to fight.”

In a warm-up discussion before Gore addressed the call, National Wildlife Federation chief Larry Schweiger referred to the skeptics as “enemies” and that he hoped the alarmists would “outlive the bastards.”

NTS Notes: Yes, ManBearPig himself is "conceding" on his dream of Global Warming legislation for this year, but guaranteed this criminal will be back early next year trying to scare people again into believing in the Global Warming hoax.

People need to realize that this criminal is in this entire fiasco for the money. He would have made BILLIONS of dollars if the US Government had been gullible enough to pass the Cap and Trade Legislations that he pushed heavily along with the Soetoro Administration. But again, they will try again early next year, and we must be ready again to stop them in their tracks!

There is absolutely no Man Made Global Warming. This planet is fully dependent on the energy output of our Yellow Dwarf Star, the Sun, and right now the energy output is down and may continue to fall for years.

If you need further proof that Global Warming is a farce, just read the news about how the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing record cold this year, even in usually subtropical areas! It is no wonder that with their record cold winter, even Australia has turned away from the Global Warming rhetoric. It seems that Common Sense sometimes does prevail afterall!

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