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From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXLIII: City Gets Citation For NOT Fluoridating Its Water Supply! (Totally Insane!)

One major subject that I cover in this blog is health issues, and the dangerous chemicals that we are exposed to daily. One of those dangerous chemicals is fluoridated water. I have constantly said, and it has been backed up by hard evidence, that water fluoridation has been done on purpose for dumbing down the public. It has the neurotoxic effect of causing a placidity in people, and that lack of resistance can be used by criminals to prevent people from rising up while these criminal elements continue to erode our freedoms in their quest for our enslavement. Many communities around the world have finally realized that water fluoridation is POISONOUS, and many have either refused, or halted any attempts in having their communities' water supplies fluoridated!

Now comes the newest chapter in my Files Of Absurdity, and it want to thank an emailer for sending me this information. It seems that according to this article from the city of Watsonville, California, through their local news source:, the city of Watsonville has received a citation from the state of California for NOT fluoridating their water supply! I kid you not, and here is that article for my own readers to view:

City receives citation for not fluoridating water
Posted: Saturday, Aug 21st, 2010

The City of Watsonville has been cited by the California Department of Public Health for failure to comply with an order by the state to fluoridate the water supply.

The citation was received by the city Thursday and demands written assurance from the city by Aug. 29 that it will comply, and plan and schedule for fluoridation submitted by Sept. 19.

City Attorney Al Smith said the citation appeared “out of the clear blue.”

“We have been in communication with the Department of Health Services,” he said. “I was surprised ... but it is what it is.”

Fluoridation has been an issue ever since the City Council first passed a resolution accepting a grant to fluoridate. In February 2002, Flouridation 2010 Workgroup offered the city $946,000 to fluoridate, but in November of that year, Watsonville residents concerned about the safety of fluoridation passed Measure S, banning all substances from the water not specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which includes fluoride.

But a state law requires cities to fluoridate if given the funding to do so, and Watsonville lost its battle in court to honor the voters’ wishes. However, that case was decided years ago, and the city and the California Dental Association Foundation have been wrangling over a contract ever since as the city tries to make certain the project will cost it nothing. Of specific concern are lawsuits associated with the project.

For the complete article see the 08-21-2010 issue.

NTS Notes: Look, if I was the town council in the California community of Watsonville, I would say screw the funding, and give the money obtained for this "fluoridation" back. They would be better off by not poisoning and dumbing down their citizens in the long run.

Facts are facts: Fluoride is a chemical by-product of the Aluminum industry and it is extremely toxic. I still cannot believe the madness out there as people actually allow their communities to add this highly poisonous and neurotoxic chemical to their drinking water! Have the people actually gone insane?

A community is now being fined for NOT fluoridating their water, and thus the state of California is demanding that they start exposing their citizens to this dangerous neurotoxin. It does boggle the mind as to how ignorant and stupid our governments have become.....

Another chapter in my Files Of Absurdity indeed. I sure hope that there are at least some readers in California that will kindly pass the truth about fluoride to these numbskulls that want to fine Watsonville for NOT fluoridating their water supply. This madness must be stopped!

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