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From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXLII: Walgreens Is Offering Flu Shot Gift Cards (This Is Absolutely NO Joke!)

The Swine Flu Pandemic has been fully exposed as a massive hoax and lie. Big Pharma and the manufacturers of the poisonous "vaccines" have been exposed as criminals who were out to promote this "Pandemic" through the World Health Organization, so that they could get filthy rich. They did not give a damn that their vaccines promoted dangerous side effects that will still be felt by those who like sheep lined up and took their vaccine shots as ordered by the controlled media. Greed was the order of the day, definitely.

Sadly, here comes another one for my Files Of Absurdity, but this one borders on insanity. It seems that according to this new report from, the Pharmacy giant in America, Walgreens, is promoting a new gift card which entitles the bearer to one flu shot! I at first could not believe this was real, but here is that article in all of its sordid details:

Walgreens announces flu shot gift card; give the "gift" of a vaccine (opinion)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of
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(NaturalNews) Summer isn't even over yet and the big push for the mass vaccination of the entire population is already under way. The CDC started the push by recently urging vaccine shots for everyone -- including infants, pregnant women and immune-compromised people. Adding to the vaccination hoopla, Walgreens has announced something quite bizarre: A flu shot gift card.

Available for $29.99 at your nearest Walgreens retailer, this gift card is, as Walgreens explains on their website, "a way to help more Americans stay well throughout the upcoming flu season by giving the gift of a
flu shot."

See a full-size picture of this
flu shot gift cardright here:

Of course, if you gave your friends the gift of
vitamin D supplements, they wouldn't need a flu shot or a jab in the arm with a sharp needle. Vitamin D has been proven again and again to work better than vaccines at preventing influenza (, yet it remains all but ignored by the conventional medical establishment which just happens to be dominated by the financial interests of vaccine manufacturers (pharma companies).

Swine flu again?

As Walgreens admits on its own website (, this year's seasonal flu shot only protects against last year's viruses. In particular, this year's flu shot contains DNA fragments from H1N1 swine flu -- yep, the very same virus that fizzled out last year after the WHO hilariously declared a stage six global pandemic. This whole charade turned out to be engineered by WHO advisors who had financial ties to the vaccine companies (

Now they're trying to jab you again with the same viral fragments. But this year they're playing mind games with the public by packaging these
flu shots as "gifts." Walgreens must think this is clever, but it's actually a bit of a farce.

Usually a gift is something you actually want; something that's uplifting or
health enhancing in some way. Vaccines, on the other hand, have been widely linked to convulsions and neurological disorders. Just recently, Australia actually banned its seasonal flu vaccine for children after dozens of children went into convulsions from receiving the flu shot.

Why do flu shots cause convulsions? Because
flu shots contain neurological inflammation agents designed to elicit an immune response for building antibodies. The problem is that these chemicals can also cause neurological damage leading to symptoms you just can't ignore... such as convulsions. Some teens have even been paralyzed by flu shots. Western doctors routinely ignore this evidence and simply declare vaccines to be "safe for everyone!" even when they clearly aren't.

So anyone who buys a flu shot gift card and hands it to a child or teenager might actually be
giving the gift of convulsions. Happy Birthday, Bobby! Here, have some convulsions and go get yourself jabbed in the arm with a sharp needle...

Sending the wrong message

In my opinion, buying a Walgreens flu shot gift card sends a powerful, two-part message. First, it announces that you're a complete idiot when it comes to health, and you're a total sucker for the corporate-controlled interventionist health care system that excels at convincing you to buy dangerous drugs you don't even need.

Secondly, it says that you probably hate the person you're giving it to. What kind of person buys a vaccine shot as a gift anyway? Does it include a Hallmark card that says "Every time I think of you, I wince in pain and can't stop convulsing. Enjoy this vaccine so that you can have the same experience."

Or another card, "I couldn't decide what to get you for
Christmas, so I thought I'd get you vaccinated instead. Merry Christmas!"

Can you imagine some little kid receiving this gift from his
parents? He was hoping for an X-Box or a dirt bike, but instead he gets an envelope with a red card in it. "What's this?" he asks his parents. "Oh, Bobby, it's a VACCINE gift card! To protect your health!" Bobby replies, "How does it work?" And his parents answer, "Well, using this vaccine gift card, you can get jabbed in the arm with chemicals and live viruses, and it won't even cost you a penny!"

"I feel really loved," answers Bobby. "No one has ever given me the gift of a vaccine shot! When can we go to Walgreens and cash in?"

What's next? Chemo Cards!

I got to thinking about this: If flu shot gift cards are so popular, why not just expand this into all the toxic chemicals of modern medicine? Perhaps hospitals should roll outChemotherapy Gift Cards so you can "give the gift of chemo!"

Is your loved one just a little too healthy? Does their
brain work too well? Is their liverannoyingly operating at one hundred percent? Give the gift of chemotherapy and you'll destroy their kidney, liver and brain function (after which they'll gladly accept your flu shot vaccine gift cards next year).

The chemo card can act like a coffee punch card, too: After ten rounds of chemotherapy, the eleventh is on the house! (If you're still alive, anyway...)

While this idea may seem outlandish today, it's actually not that far-fetched. Flu shot gift cards are already packaging western chemical
medicines as "gifts." And we just reported a story about how pharma drug pushers want fast food restaurants to hand out statin drugs for free to customers ( It seems that the idea of repackaging interventionist chemical medicines as gifts is pervasive.

It's too bad we can't figure out a way to
give the gift of common sense to people. If they had any common sense about health and nutrition, they wouldn't need flu shot gift cards in the first place.

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NTS Notes: Ahhh.. The gift that keeps on giving.... Get a Flu Shot Gift Card from Walgreens, and cash it in to take the dangerous and poisonous seasonal flu vaccine. Side effects will be with you for years!

Absolutely sickening and absurd indeed. I hope that at least one of my readers takes this information, and contacts Walgreens to ask them what the hell are they thinking?

A gift card for a flu shot... What will they think of next? Maybe as what this article states, a Cancer Chemotherapy gift card is around the corner....

More to come


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