Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fake Gold Bars In Fort Knox! Note To Ron Paul: Good Luck Trying To Get Fort Knox Audited

There has been a recent push by Congressman Ron Paul to get the US Gold Bullion Reserves primarily based on the Federal Gold Repository at Fort Knox, Kentucky, audited to prove that there is actually gold sitting there. An audit would go far in proving that there is enough reserves of Gold if the US economy eventually collapses, and there suddenly becomes a push to have a new currency based on Gold.

However, is there actually Gold sitting in Fort Knox? Well, according to this article, actually posted in the website:, the Gold that is sitting there is FAKE, and as I have proven in previous articles, actually TUNGSTEN bars with a small coating of Gold to give the illusion of being solid gold bars! Here is that article for my readers to view, and my further comments afterwards:

Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox!

News Type: EventSeeded on Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:22 PM EST

A recent discovery -- in October of 2009 -- has been suppressed by the main stream media but has been circulating among the "big money" brokers and financial kingpins and is just now being revealed to the public. It involves the gold in Fort Knox -- the US Treasury gold -- that is the equity of our national wealth. In short, millions (with an "m") of gold bars are fake!

Officials were shocked to learn that the bars were fake. They contained cores of tungsten with only a outer coating of real gold. What's more, these gold bars, containing serial numbers for tracking, originated in the US and had been stored in Fort Knox for years. There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!

NTS Notes: Again, as I have said for a very long time, the criminal Zionist Jews will do everything possible to prevent any audit of the US Gold Reserves, primarily based at Fort Knox, due to the fact that ALL of the gold there, if there is any, is really faked bars consisting primarily of Tungsten ingots with a small overlay of Gold!

The real gold in the US reserves, and for that matter, the reserves of most Western nations, has been removed and is sitting in the Zionist Jewish Rothschild banks in Europe. To create the illusion that there is gold, the criminal US Government got in cahoots with these European criminals, and manufactured fake Tungsten/Gold bars, to replace the real Gold bars, due to the fact that Tungsten is almost the same specific gravity and physical weight as Gold!

Readers, the facts are clear and consistent. There is absolutely NO Gold reserves in the United States, or in Canada. If these criminals ever convince people of the need to have a Gold based currency, then we surrender what is left of our freedoms due to the fact that the criminal Zionist Jews have all of the Gold!

Therefore there will never be an audit of the Gold Reserves due to the fact that the criminals in the Federal Reserve are part of this game, and they will use all means possible to prevent the real truth from coming out by all means possible. They know that if the truth is ever known to the general public, there will definitely be hell to pay!

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