Saturday, August 21, 2010

Demolishing Anti-Iran Propaganda

For a very long time, I and others in the real truth movement have been trying to relay the message to our readers that Iran is absolutely no threat to anyone. Israel itself wants a war with Iran just so that it can destroy the last remaining major threat to them in their sick goal of a Greater Israel, and total hegemony in the Middle East. That sadly is fact!

To further back up the facts that Iran is not a threat to anyone, I want to present the following video for everyone to see:

NTS Notes: The warmongers in the United States have had their Zionist Jewish controlled media fill the American airwaves with absolute BS about Iran in their vain attempts to convince the American public that a war is necessary. But clearly a new war against Iran will have devastating consequences.

People must be brought up to speed that the real threat is Israel, and that these Zionist Jewish criminals are wanting the United States to attack Iran for them! Have the people in America not learned the lessons from Gulf War II in 2003, when these same Zionist Jews convinced the American public that Iraq was a threat when it turned out to absolutely not be the case? Why is the American public so brainwashed that they will be fooled again?

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Anonymous said...

Iran is doing just fine. They have over 500 thousand people employed in their auto industry alone. They have plenty of oil and natural gas. Israel just wants another Boogeyman to take Saddam's place. And the stupid warmongers in D.C. will probably answer their master's call in Tel Aviv. Note that before these cowards invade, they need to send in the British SAS assassins before they drop their bombs. But I don't think it will happen. Iran is no rag tag outfit like Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a President with enough balls to cut all military and economic aid to Israel. We should be on good terms with Iran. Israel was never a friend, they just feed off of America like the parasite that they are!

Anonymous said...

Iran, probably the only country left with high standards. 1. Homosexuality is not tolerated. 2. porno is outlawed. Death sentence for drug dealers. America would be a better place if it adopted those rules!