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Declassified US Senate Investigation Files Reveal Clandestine Israeli Public Relations Campaign In America!

Israel controls the United States Government. That is a given. However many people are still unaware how much they control the US media as well. It is through their agents in America, and the Zionist Jews that actually own the media companies, that they are able to provide the average American citizen with an absolutely biased picture of the world, including making Israel in ALL cases look both as a victim, and a nation that is under constant threat from its neighbours! This type of brainwashing has been going on now for decades....

Now comes new revelations, courtesy of a new article from, that states that newly declassified US Senate Investigation files reveal something that most of us in the real truth movement have known for years, and that is the fact that Israeli agents in America have been hard at work clandestinely in a continuing Public Relations campaign to paint Israel in the US media only a positive light, and to try to garner continuing sympathy in the American public for the criminal Zionist Jewish cause! Here is that article:

Declassified Senate Investigation Files Reveal Clandestine Israeli PR Campaign in America

WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Declassified files from a Senate investigation into Israeli-funded covert public relations and lobbying activity in the United States were released by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on July 23rd, 2010. The subpoenaed documents reveal Israel's clandestine programs for "cultivation of editors," the "stimulation and placement of suitable articles in the major consumer magazines" as well as U.S. reporting about sensitive subjects such as the Dimona nuclear weapons facility.

Documents are now available for download from include:

Dimona (excerpt): "The nuclear reactor story inspired comment from many sources; editorial writers, columnists, science writers and cartoonists. Most of the press seemed finally to accept the thesis that the reactor was being built for peaceful purposes and not for bombs."

Content placement and promotion (excerpt): "The Atlantic Monthly in its October issue carried the outstanding Martha Gellhornpiece on the Arab refugees, which made quite an impact around the country. We arranged for the distribution of 10,000 reprints to public opinion molders in all categories… Interested friends are making arrangements with the Atlantic for another reprint of the Gellhorn article to be sent to all 53,000 persons whose names appear in Who's Who in America…Our Committee is now planning articles for the women's magazines for the trade and business publications."

Pressure campaigns (excerpt): "It can be said that the press of the nation…has by and large shown sympathy and understanding of Israel's position. There are, of course, exceptions, notably the Scripps-Howard chain where we still need to achieve a 'break-through,' the Pulliam chain (where some progress has been made) and some locally-owned papers."

Magazine Committee achievements (excerpt): "We cannot pinpoint all that has already been accomplished by this Committee except to say that it has been responsible for the writing and placement of articles on Israel in some of America's leading magazines...."

According to Grant F. Smith, director of IRmep, "It is frightening how easily some in the American news media surrendered to a foreign public relations campaign that spent the 2010 equivalent of $36 million over two years. Time has proven most of the planted content to be misleading, if not dangerous. These historical documents hold many important lessons for Americans who have long needed—but rarely received—straight reporting on key Middle East issues."

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation's record keeper. It retains 1%-3% of the most important documents of business conducted by the United States Federal government. The Israel Lobby Archive, is a unit of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington.

SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy

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NTS Notes: The effect of years of constant Zionist Jewish brainwashing on the American public has paid dividends for these criminals handsomely. Recent polls show that the majority of the American people still support Israel, and actually would support their evil intentions to attack Iran under the false propaganda that Iran possesses nuclear weapons! Even the recent crimes committed by these criminals has not tarnished their image in America, thanks to their total control of the media, and therefore the message presented to the public!

Again, it is up to bloggers and those who know the truth to spread the message and get people to actually wake up, turn off their BS media sources, and see Israel for the criminal state it really is. According to this newest report, we definitely do have our work cut out for us!

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