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Congratulations To Mike Rivero At Whatreallyhappened.com For Finally Cutting Ties With Alex Jones!

A very long time ago, I put up several articles pointing out to readers that Alex Jones is absolutely no real searcher for the truth, but rather a Zionist Jewish paid shill who constantly promotes the criminality of the state of Israel, and takes his listening audience down a dead end path with his BS about a "New World Order", the laughable "The Saudis control Hollywood", or the total lie of "Israel did not do 9-11". I have warned readers to stay clear of his information and his websites, because it is nothing more than blatant disinformation to keep people away from the truths in our world.

Now it seems that bullhorn Alex Jones has severed his ties to Mike Rivero at www.whatreallyhappened.com, and all I can say is that it is about time that Mike quit tying his work to that Israeli shill. Here is a great article from www.kennysideshow.blogspot.com that explains the ending of Mike's association with blowhard Alex Jones in detail:

Pro-Zionist Alex Jones Banishes Mike Rivero

Kenny's Sideshow
Sun, 01 Aug 2010 09:35 EDT

Alex Jones, guest contributor for Fox News's Kooky Konspiracy Korner
Jones and his handlers decide Michael Rivero must go. Not only from the Jones radio sideshow but from the GCN network as well. AJ waves his 'magic' zionist flag and makes things disappear.

Announcement from Mike ...

"I have just been informed by the Alex Jones show that they are canceling my monthly interviews commencing this coming Tuesday. Imagine my shock and disappointment. No, really, just imagine it!"

A little more info from Mike ...

"I have not made a big deal about the reasons for the move, but in a nutshell, GCN is a reflection of Alex Jones' views of the world, and more and more our points of view regarding Israel are diverging. I get a lot of email asking why I do not challenge Alex on his defense of Israel, or asking why every time I am on his show Alex feels obligated to have a pro-Israel representative on immediately afterwards to counter the points that I made.

I view the attack by Israel on a US flagged ship and Americans in international waters as an act of war and all who defend said attack as traitors to the USA. Alex holds a different view and I guess the breaking point was his rant in which he said that anyone who is a critic of Israel is a "weak-minded fool". That made it a personal attack, and I decided it was time to step out of Alex's shadow and go in a different direction."

Looks like a good thing to me. Keeping a good distance from AJ will be for the best in the long run. Maybe Mike will quit linking anything from the Jones world. Not to retaliate but just to be on the side of good taste.

I think most of us will have some disagreements with Rivero on certain issues, that's to be expected when folks are passionate about finding truth, but once again the bottom line is whether one has the courage to challenge Israel, their lobbyists and supporters in the media and both in and out of government Doing so can be dangerous to your health ... both economically and possibly otherwise.

From a comment at WRH ...

Reader: With all of the "anti-semitic" accusations being thrown around lately, it might be wise to try and define just what "semitism" really is so that we can be sure not to be "anti-semitic".

1. If "semitism" is stealing your neighbor's land, destroying his house and imprisoning and torturing his family, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

2. If "semitism" is committing terrible acts of violence and framing someone else for them, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

3. If "semitism" is compromising the USA government through blackmail and other threats, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

4. If "semitism" is imprisoning millions of improvised and brutalized people, cutting off all basic necessities for life, then yes, I am antisemitic.

5. If "semitism" is taking billions in aid from the USA and then murdering Americans with impunity, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

6. If "semitism" is ignoring all UN Resolutions critical of you and then using the same UN to raise trumped-up charges against an INNOCENT nation, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

7. If "semitism" is coercing the USA government and fooling the American people into attacking an INNOCENT nation, costing millions of innocent lives, including American soldiers, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

8. If "semitism" is attacking unarmed humanitarian ships in INTERNATIONAL waters, murdering at least nine people, including an American, shot FOUR times in the head, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

9. If "semitism" is thinking that you are a master and superior race that has to answer to NO one, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

10. If "semitism" is taking American tax dollars and then spitting in America's face, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

11. If "semitism" is suppressing any and all discussion of high crimes against humanity then yes, I am anti-semitic.

12. If "semitism" is constant lying and deception to achieve a goal that is illegal and immoral then yes, I am anti-semitic.

13. If "semitism" is arming yourself to the teeth, threatening other nations with attack AND attacking other nations because they are supposedly armed to the teeth and threatening you, then yes, I am anti-semitic.

14. If "semitism" is staging 911 with the help of traitorous Americans in high positions of power, murdering over 3,000 innocent Americans so that the USA will attack your "enemies" blamed for doing 911(and in the process blackmailing those same officials who helped you pull of 911!) then yes, I am anti-semitic.

15. If "semitism" is calling anyone critical of you or revealing of your actions "anti-semitic" then yes. I am anti-semitic.

Of course, these are not the real definitions of semitism, but "semitism" has become the cloak to shield crimes against humanity! But one thing is clear to me - those throwing this accusation around are the ones who are REALLY dragging REAL semtism though the mud! They are the real anti-semites!

also see this rant from a WRH member ... i am frigin pissed now really pissed


NTS Notes: Mike Rivero's site is a wealth of information in this fight against criminal Zionism, and I do agree with a most of his subjects with but a few exceptions. One subject that I am in total disagreement with him about is the entire Apollo Moon Landing Hoax. I have been putting out information from the beginning that it was a terrible propaganda stunt and a total hoax perpetrated on the American public, while Mike defends Project Apollo partially due to the fact that he was a former employee of NASA before he turned to Internet blogging.

Again, I congratulate Mike Rivero for finally ending his ties with Alex Jones. Now he can get back to concentrating on the exposure of the criminality on our planet, and in that respect his information is valuable in our fight for humanity.

More to come


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