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Assembling The Evidence For High Likelihood Of Coming Third World War

The evil state of Israel and their controlled puppets in the United States are definitely heading towards a showdown with the innocent country of Iran. Right now, there are pieces of legislation that are ready to be shoved through the US Congress and Senate that will essentially give the criminal state of Israel the green light and the go ahead for its attack on Iran! It does still amaze me that the American public is still doing nothing to stop this madness....

Just today, I came across a very interesting article through the Ugly Truth website, at, written by David Edward Standridge, entitled: "Assembling The Evidence For High Likelihood Of Coming Third World War" and I was amazed at some of the material posted. I have decided to put the entire article here for my own readers to view:

David Edward Standridge, 30 July, 2010

In no particular order, these are the salient points that are converging, rapidly, screaming out our inexorable collision with National disaster:

–Very high levels of saber-rattling by lots of influential people, both in the US and abroad, both “allies” and “enemies” in recent weeks, moreso than usual.

–Huge build-up of Naval forces, US and Israeli, munitions, in Gulf AO.

–Key positions in US military, all branches, held by Israeli dual citizens

–Israeli control of communications in US, most other vital infrastructure; –”Mysterious” series of mass pollution disasters in Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River and Great Lakes region—(NOTE–Israeli companies “guard” or control many of the United States’ fresh water supplies, as well as many other critical strategic infrastructure components. Frighteningly, they even are in charge of security for our nuclear arsenal! Remember the “missing” nuke a couple of years ago-still unaccounted for?)

–American dollar, the entire US economy, on the verge of collapse;

–Chinese high-ranking finance official publicly declaring the US is “insolvent” (NOTE–as oil is mostly priced in dollars, war in Persian Gulf would raise the dollar, as price of oil would skyrocket. Would also destroy threat of Iranian Oil Bourse)

–American Majority nearly in open revolt over relentless Socialist policies of Obama Administration and Congress, i.e., Tea Parties, anti-illegal invasion movement, the militia movement growing larger than ever in the past two years alone. The Majority is finally standing up, and they are mad as hell.

–A revolution is, for the first time since 1861, a very real possibility.

–High potential for violent confrontation, racial tensions. Black/White and White/Mexican antagonism being stoked by government and media to the boiling point…record arms and ammo sales since Obama inaugurated-possible Mossad assassination or birth certificate scandal becoming mainstream. Gun-owning Majority Americans MUST be decimated for realization of the “Jewish Utopia”…and they are already behind schedule, largely due to internet.

–Wikileaks black-op by Mossad/CIA to push for Lieberman bill to “regulate” internet-gatekeeping, at best, kill-switch at worst…MUST be accomplished before the conflagration begins.

–US combat troops may be cut-off and annihilated overseas, leaving skeleton crew for CONUS.

–Huge civilian “shortage” of critical battlefield medications, many for nuke treatment, also some for euthanasia; vast numbers of cheap coffins in holding areas all over US.

–Easy to blame Obama for open border policy if “backpack” WMD hits US city/i.e., stampede the herd into Holy War against Islam, possibly impeachment, revolution, CWII.

–Many Israeli embassies read “hot” for nuke material, blackmailing government. Also, with 9-11.

–Agitating North Korea in blatant attempt to stir-up hostilities, full-scale war. Could be used as excuse to destroy our main creditor, China, and wipe out the debt to them.


Israel adheres to the Talmudic doctrine that THEY are the “chosen”, and all others must submit to their rule, period, no matter the scope of destruction, death and suffering (even of their own, “lesser brethren”).It is well known to many that Israel is quite willing to embroil the major powers in a suicidal war, leaving them to pick up the pieces, and assert themselves as the sole superpower in the world. They, the “Learned Elders” have always throughout their history, sought nothing less than total domination of the entire WORLD, and everyone in it. Remember, the blue stripes on the Israeli flag represent the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, again even though their entire raison d’etre is global conquest, Eretz Israel is simply their “heartland”, with the Temple “rebuilt” at Jerusalem, at the site of The Dome Of The Rock.

A likely scenario, considering the above evidence, is that the US will have one or more cities attacked–probably with nukes or some other WMD.

It will, necessarily, be a mass-casualty event, dwarfing the “shock and awe” of 9-11.

Iran, N Korea, possibly Russia, China, someone will be blamed (they may even resuscitate Osama Bin Laden for the event, as Wikileaks says, “yeah, he’s been hangin’ out in Pakistan all this time(!)”) but it is, of course, the Mossad and their US collaborators who are the ones who will carry out this mass slaughter of Americans.

It is very alarming that the Jewish controlled media could steer us into conflict with Russia and/or China (wipe out our unpayable debt obligation), as well as Iran, or whomever else the Jews command us to “sic”. After all, despite even the power of the internet, Americans were brought onboard to invade Iraq, FOR NO REASON. The media is, today, MUCH less influential than then, therefore the necessity of clamping down on the internet.

Massive retaliation by US/Israeli forces…The next, most opportune time for any air assault is 10 August-a new moon. It should be considered, also, that the US/Israel may simply strike Iran around that date, whether we have been attacked yet or not-but, the System is, definitely, preparing for mass-casualty events and radiological casualties, perhaps as “retaliation by turrsts”-right-o.

Something is just around the bend, America, something that will utterly change our world forever!

Just my analysis of geopolitical events and the stories being pushed by the MSM, and studying our national political situation; could be wrong, of course-AND I HOPE SO! If not, though, it can’t hurt to do what we should be doing, anyway : physically, mentally, and spiritually PREPARE!

David Edward Standridge, 30 July, 2010

NTS Notes: Most of the scenarios written in this article are very factual, and may actually happen sometime very soon. The likelihood of a nuclear strike on the United States is very real, as I revealed some time ago in my own articles about the missing South African built nuclear warheads that are still unaccounted for to this day! It would not take much for the criminal Mossad and their CIA minions to take one of these nukes and have it go off in an American city shortly and blame it on the Arabs to rally the dumbed down US public to support a new war against Iran.

It is up to us, the bloggers, and the readers of these blogs to get the truth out before the evil Israelis and their compliant US puppets pull off a new false flag attack and have it blamed on Iran. Please get the message out that if such an attack does take place, the blame must fall on the real perpetrators of the crime themselves, the state of Israel and their Mossad operatives!

More to come


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