Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's The Difference Between Iranian President Ahmadinejad And Rabbi Yosef?

Islamophobia is still on the rise in America.  The Zionist Jewish controlled MSM is still continuing to harp to the American public about the need to destroy Islam, and the need for a "holy" war against Muslims.   They are still harping the continuing lie that it was Muslims that attacked America on 9-11 to the public that is still largely not aware that these attacks were carried out by the Israeli Mossad with their agents in America!  I still cannot believe that the American public is gullible enough to fall for this pure propaganda!

Recently, we have seen a Rabbi in Israel, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, call for the EXTERMINATION of all Palestinians in the West Bank!  It is amazing that the Zionist Jewish controlled media in America has totally overlooked this blatant call for mass murder, while it continues to preach hatred of Muslims in an attempt to brainwash Americans into supporting new wars for Israel.   The hypocrisy of this is overwhelming indeed!

Now comes a great article from Alan Hart, from the website: www.alanhart.net, that asks the question: "What's The Difference Between President Ahmadinejad And Rabbi Yosef?".   I want to present that entire article right here for my own readers to view in its entirety:

What's the difference between President Ahmadinejad and Rabbi Yosef?
August 31, 2010

Short answer. Iran’s President Ahmadinejad did NOT call for Israeli Jews to be annihilated. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of Israel’s Shas party, HAS called, more than once, for the Palestinians (and, in fact, all Arabs) to be exterminated.

As reported by the mainstream Western media, Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be “wiped off the map”. What that meant, it was asserted, was the destruction, the driving into the sea, of Israel’s Jews.
What Ahmadinejad actually called for was the de-Zionization of Palestine. His actual words were to the effect that he wanted the Zionist state to disappear as the Soviet Union had done. In other words, there would be a place in a de-Zionized Palestine for all Jews who wanted to stay and live in peace with their fellow Arab citizens.
As has been widely and accurately reported, Rabbi Yosef called on 27 August for the Palestinian Authority, its President Mahmoud Abbas and “all these evil people” (the occupied and oppressed Palestinians) to “perish from this world.” How was this to happen? “God should strike them with a plague.”
And what if God doesn’t act in the way Rabbi Yosef wishes?
He gave his own answer to that in 2001 when his subject was the Arabs. He said: “It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You (the Israeli government and the IDF) must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable.”
But let us give credit where credit is due. Rabbi Yosef, unlike most others in Israel’s political, military and spiritual leadership, is being honest. I mean only that he dares to say in public what he really thinks.

NTS Notes:  We have always been subjugated to the corrupt spew from our controlled media that President Ahmadinejad called for "wiping Israel off the map".   This, readers, is an outright LIE that has been perpetrated to create the continuing image of Iran and its President as being the criminals.   President Ahmadinejad stated that he wanted to see the Zionist regime removed,  and NOT the state of Israel itself.  However, the Zionist Jews in control of the media simply twisted these words and spewed out to the public a complete lie that they still harp to this day.

When will people finally learn that the real criminals are the Zionists in Israel themselves?  How can the world not see that as being the real truth after reading the outrageous and mortifying statement by that Rabbi?   Is it not obvious that he was stating the truth by saying that the Zionists want to have the Palestinians eliminated all together, so that their land can be seized for the greater Zionist Jewish goal of a "Greater" Israel?

Again there has been absolutely no media coverage of that statement by Rabbi Yosef.  Again it falls on us, the bloggers, in getting the real truth out for everyone to see.   Please take this article, and pass the real truth around to others!

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Is THIS Why Americans Are Not Rising Up Against Their Corrupt Government?

I and others in this real truth movement are constantly amazed as to how it is that the American public has not to this day risen up against their own corrupt government and either removed the traitors and pro-Israeli shills in their Federal government, or at least demanded some type of radical change to kick start the United States back on the road to a true recovery!

For the answer to this important question, I want to turn to an article that was sent to me in a recent comment from a fellow truth seeker named "Delta Wolf".  It comes from the website: www.drleonardcoldwell.com, and it is entitled: "Why Americans Will Never Revolt Against Government", and it has some plausible reasons as to why the American public does not kick out their own corrupt government!  Here is that article:

Why Americans Will Never Revolt Against Government

You will not like these facts but if you have been frustrated as to why people don’t get mad as hell and revolt against government, I have written this to explain it. It is so obvious that I will be surprised to receive any intelligent disagreements. Hang on…
50% of adults work for government at a local, county, state or federal level, or for a corporation that has a contract with the federal government. None will bite the hand that feeds them.
10% are unemployed and will not bite the hand that feeds them.
15% are on welfare and will never ever bite the hand that feeds them.
20% are getting or within a few years be getting social security and will never bite the hand that feeds them.
That leaves 5% that are not being fed by government and are used to feed the other 95%. However, due to social norms and media spin along with the fear that it would only get worse if they do rise up against government, they too will never revolt against government. The only chance for these 5% to become unburdened, is for a worldwide economic collapse in which the other 95% die off and loose their ability to control a system that funds their free ride on the back of the few. So, ask yourself—- how bad do you want to be free Jack? I say, absolutely free.

NTS Notes:  Yes, many of these points are plausible. The problem is that as the American nation sinks into full economic collapse, the number of people unemployed will rise, while those who were employed by the Government will definitely fall.   As these numbers change and people see no solutions coming from the government in Washington, that 5% will definitely increase, and guaranteed that demands for real change will occur.   

The 5%  figure does seem small in a population of 300 million, and I cannot see a dying off of the other 95% before we see changes in America.  Realistically, people need to look at their history as to how the original American revolution was started and fought by less than 5% percent of the American colonialists.   So realistically there is still hope yet for the United States of America, and the world!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Islamophobia: Israel's Most Cherished Weapon Of Mass Destruction Destined To Destroy The West If Not Stopped!

Again, as in several previous articles, the sudden rise of hatred against Muslims and anyone of the Islamic faith, in America is totally unfounded and being done purposely by the Zionist Jews who control the media.  Right now, that BS media is putting up total lies about Muslims and Islam in all of their outlets as a method of brainwashing Americans into hating Muslims to the point that these gullible people will support a new war for Israel against its Muslim neighbours! 
The truth behind this propaganda war must be told!

Now to further expose the truth about the rising amount of "Islamophobia" that has gripped the United States, comes a great article by Mark Glenn at www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com, entitled: "Islamophobia, Israel's Most Cherished Weapon Of Mass Destruction Destined To Destroy The West If Not Stopped!"  Here is that article:

islamophobia–israel’s most cherished weapon of mass destruction destined to destroy the west if not stopped

Yes, it certainly paints a frightening picture for sure. The inhabitants of the most powerful countries in the world–militarily and economically speaking–transformed into sub-humanoids, bled completely dry of all the characteristics distinguishing them as members of a higher, more intelligent species and who now roam the earth in search of healthy, uninfected people so they can eat them…
No, I am not talking about the storyline from the movie I Am Legend starring Will Smith (a screen shot of which is featured above) where mankind has been decimated by a genetically-engineered virus that has mutated what’s left of human beings into irrational, incoherent, savages devoid of reason and morals…
Rather, what we’re referring to here is that OTHER man-made virus epidemically sweeping through the West and America like wildfire that has mutated entire swaths of otherwise normal humans into irrational, incoherent, savages who are devoid of reason and morals.
As frightening as this sounds, (and believe me, it should scare the b-Jesus out of everyone) the fact is this is not some Hollywood fantasy like the blockbuster movie Independence Day, where the world stands at the brink of complete annihilation and is saved LITERALLY AT THE LAST FREAKING SECOND by a nice, nerdy Jewish boy with a Messiah complex named David.
No, in this case, the Krippen Virus–as it was called in I Am Legend– threatening destruction of all life on earth is today known as Islamophobia, and along with its attending “war to end all wars”, stands the very good likelihood of turning an otherwise Garden of Eden into Paradise lost.
And despite the fact all this is not some silver screen fantasy, this is not to say however that Hollywood–no, let’s re-phrase that–JEWISH CONTROL of both Hollywood and the mainstream media in the US–has not played the lead role in this action drama by cultivating and propagating this epidemic, because it most certainly has. Indeed, if there is a Dr. Alice Krippen (the scientist credited with creating the virus that destroyed the entire human race in I Am Legend) in all this, it is those bespecled, white-coated Jewish interests working in PR laboratories in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York and D.C. controlling what we see, hear, read and think.
Those who doubt such an epidemic exists simply have not been paying attention as of late. Now, thanks to bullhorns and blowhards both in the mainstream AND alternative media, it–the virus–is everywhere, in our air, water, under our fingernails and even in our toothpaste. Whether it is propagandists and Zionist assets from the mainstream-media such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, et al or whether it is those in the patriot/alternative media such as Devvy Kidd, Frosty Wooldridge and others (who foolishly think that by spewing lies about Islam they will endear themselves to Jewish interests and avoid the menacing glare of powerful Zionist groups such as the ADL and SPLC) it is monsoon season as far as anti-Islamic hysteria goes, and with no change of weather in sight for the foreseeable future.
As if the two wars the West is fighting for these Jewish interests weren’t bad enough (and we could certainly characterize 2 million dead innocent civilians and an economy on life support as “bad enough” wouldn’t you agree?) now an already uncomfortably-hot situation has been ratcheted up–not just a few degrees, but indeed enough to flash-fry an 80-lb turkey in about ten seconds. What used to be sporadic incidents such as severed pigs’ heads being left at the front doors of Muslim homes in America or bricks being thrown through the windows of Islamic centers and mosques has now graduated to throat slashings, as recently took place this last week in NYC.
Imagine for a moment if you will fellow earthlings…A father of 4 small children, (no doubt quite hungry, given the fact it is Ramadan and he is fasting) doing his job, following all the laws as laid down by his city, county, state and federal governments, when all the sudden some piece of white trash gets into his car, asks him if he is a Muslim and slashes his throat in some attempted form of weird, Kosher-approved ritual slaughter, as our Muslim father of 4 pleads with his would-be murderer, saying “Please don’t kill me. I’m a very hard worker. I work very hard”.
Let us not either make the mistake of thinking the subsequent criminality and violence springing up on a daily basis now by these Gawd-fearin’/Red-bluddid ‘mericans against Muslims is not the result of the tsunami of lying, anti-Islamic rhetoric being organized by Jewish interests and propagated through both the mainstream and alternative media. The two are as inextricably linked with each other as cross burnings and the Klan and anyone who says different is a liar, a fool or both. This epidemic of Islamophobia (just like the Krippen Virus in I Am Legend) is every bit as much an Israeli operation in psychological warfare as are all the other infamous false-flag terrorist operations cooked up in Mossad headquarters in Herzilya, including but not limited to the Lavon Affair, Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY, the dead Kennedys, the 1983 attack on the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, the planned assassination of George Herbert Walker Bush in 1990 and, last but not least, 9/11.
But, as bad as it is, ladies and gentlemen, it actually gets much, much worse when you understand the ‘logic’ of those who have brought this thing about, and something that those in the West who are beating their breasts the hardest against Islam should take into consideration before proceeding an inch further.
In the first case, what we must recognize is that all this hysteria is a preparatory step to something going BOOM! in America that will then be blamed on Iran (and others) in justifying going deeper into war at a time the US doesn’t have the resources to buy the tissue paper necessary to blow her nose. The aforementioned agents out there whipping up this fever in America against Islam–Geller, Spencer, Gaffney et al, should be seen for exactly what they are–saboteurs who are planting time-bombs that will result in massive loss of life in America and beyond. The Jewish interests overseeing all this are waiting for the right moment when America’s body temperature reaches a certain point that makes the next false flag attack believable, and as soon as that takes place, we will see something take place that will make 9/11 look tame by comparison.
Secondly, what we have to keep in mind is that the destruction of Islam is not the primary objective here. Like a guy asking a girl out for dinner, it is just a precursor to the main event he hopes will be taking place later. It–the Zionist-engineered clash of civilizations between the Islamic and Christian worlds–is merely a stepping stone to something else, something rooted in deep, never-forgotten vendettas and accounting matters that require settling.
The first thing to keep in mind when understanding where these Jewish interests are going with all this Armageddon business is that they do not have a 2,000 year old grudge with Islam. In fact (the 20th century being the exception) Jews chart their “Golden Age” and the period of their greatest prosperity under Muslim rule in places like Spain and Baghdad.
The West however is another matter altogether. As far as Jewry is concerned, there are old scores to be settled, most notably a particular landmark event taking place in 70 A.D., something they don’t consider to be just a minor accounting matter, but rather one requiring the proverbial pound of flesh.
Everything taking place today viz a viz Israel and the Jewish people is about turning back the clock and undoing history. While the rest of the world has moved forward, they are a people who have remained frozen in time, back when a jealous, vindictive God supposedly promised them the world and everything with it. As such, they are holding on to a lottery ticket they say has all the winning numbers on it, even though it is for a lottery that does not exist, and they are out to collect every cent of what they say is theirs.
Now, how did it come to be that they lost out in this lottery? It all goes back to their country being destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Romans, forcing them to scatter and flee and to live as “guests” in gentile nations for 2,000 years where they suffered rejection and, as we are not allowed to forget, “anti-Semitism” and “persecution“.
And who are the Romans today? Why, wouldn’t ya know, WE ARE–the West, meaning Europe and America. “The sins of the father“…–remember that old line from the Old Testament, where the children pay the price for the evil deeds of the parents generation after generation? As they–the Jews–see it, our great, great grandfathers destroyed their country, reduced these self-perceived kings and princes to beggars and gypsies and robbed them of their lottery winnings and now WE, the great great-grandchildren, must pay the price, first by destroying Israel’s existential threats, and then secondly by going down in flames economically, socially and politically as a result of fighting these wars against over a billion people.
Don’t believe it? Well then, ask yourself–which countries are fighting this war against a billion Muslims? The Chinese? No. The Russians? No. The Indians? No.
It is America, England, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, etc, all countries who today are the great, great grandkids of yesterday’s Romans who destroyed Jerusalem.
And this, friends, Romans, countrymen, is the reason the West today finds herself infected with the Zionist version of the Krippen Virus, the only antidote to which is the truth and the courage to speak it throughout that great leper colony known as Western civilization.
Let us hope there is enough serum to go around before the madmen who have spread this weapon of mass destruction drag mankind past that point of no return as described in one horror story known as the Apocalypse, for if not, as we were told, “no flesh will survive”.
© 2010 Mark Glenn

NTS Notes:  Yes, it is like a viral plague that is gripping America and it is spreading.  The Zionist Jews are using this as a last gasp "all or nothing" attempt to get American support for their sick war on its neighbours before people become aware of how false it truly is.

Again, it must be pointed out to people that the Muslims did NOT do 9-11, but Israel did!  People must also be aware that the Islamic faith absolutely holds Jesus Christ and all Christian values in very high regard, but evil Talmudic Judaism pictures Jesus Christ as an evil sorcerer and his mother Mary as nothing more than a WHORE!.   These are absolute facts that people are kept in the dark by the evil Zionist Jewish controlled MSM!

One other note, and this is one from my own perspective.  I put this comment in that Mark Glenn article at www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com, and I do believe that it holds much factual evidence of what possibly could be in store for the United States in the near future.  Here is my comment:

August 30, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Great Article, Mark…
I have a very scary scenario that probably will happen that will have the 300+ million Americans fighting the next war for Isra-HELL…And it goes like this:
Most people are still not aware that in the 1970′s-1980′s, Israel worked with Apartheid South Africa on the development of nuclear weapons. This cooperation bore fruit by the test firing of one nuclear device off of Prince Edward Island in the South Indian Ocean in late 1979. That test firing was discovered by an American VELA Spy satellite, and has been the object of cover up since, because it would show definitive proof of Israel not only possessing nuclear weapons, but the audacity of the Zionist state to export its technology to other nations….
Further, by the late 1980′s the South Africans had built 10 nuclear devices, each with an estimated yield of 18.2 Kts….. By 1990, with the collapse of the Apartheid regime coming on rapidly, the South African government made a deal with Great Britain so that Great Britain would take over control of these 10 nuclear devices. The devices were to be delivered secretly through Dubai and then transported to Great Britain for dismantling. This went smoothly, BUT when the containers that were moved out of Dubai were examined, the British found only SEVEN South African nuclear weapons! Three nukes went missing….
Now I cannot go into great detail, but it seems that the MOSSAD was able to steal these three nukes, and sold one to North Korea that was fired off in 2009 (The analysis of that NK blast showed a yield of exactly 18.2 Kt, and the signature of the waste material showed it had originated from South Africa!)….Which means that TWO nukes were now under the control of the real terrorists on the planet, which is the Israeli Mossad!
When one looks at the US/UK invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the embedded nuclear technicians that were sent in to uncover Saddam Hussein’s “nuclear threat”, I want to give a quick note of speculation that the criminal state of Israel used the lie that Saddam Hussein had stolen these nukes as a major excuse in getting the US/UK to invade Iraq! Think about it…. GWB was harping that Saddam Hussein was building “nukes” as one of his weapons of mass destruction (remember the Nigerian “Yellow Cake”?). What better motive than to leave one of these nukes behind in Iraq to be “discovered” and therefore the US would have had a major propaganda victory by the “I told you so” idea… But something went amiss or the Mossad did not want to leave part or the entire nuke for the Americans and the British to “discover” in Iraq. Obviously the Americans/British were sent off on a wild goose chase, but the Israelis got Iraq destroyed as a consequence…
Now comes a very scary scenario….The Mossad still has these two SA built nukes, and the prospects of having one or both of these devices going off in America is very REAL and would be their optimum goal in getting the 300+ million Americans fighting against Islam. Think about it, people…. The Mossad pulled off 9-11, so why not just fire off one of these 18.2 KT devices in a mid sized American city and have their compliant and most evil MSM harp that it was “Islamic Terrorists” that set off the device?
So there you have it…. And watch for it… Because if there is a nuclear strike in America, it will not be the so called “evil Muslims”, but the MOST evil and diabolical Israel that will have done that attack!

My supposition for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 is just that, a supposition.  However, I stand behind my belief that the Israeli Mossad has TWO South African Nukes in its evil possession, and these may be used on an American city soon.   People must be made aware of their existence, and what may happen....  

More to come


Israel Wants The Litani River Desperately: Israel Threatens War With Lebanon (Again!)

I want to make it perfectly clear for all of my readers, and especially those who are new to this blog.  Israel is in dire straits due to a severe fresh water shortage.  The Zionist state has never practiced proper water conservation techniques in a land that is mainly desert.  There is little or no rainfall in Palestine at most times of the year, and the Zionists have wasted their precious water resources by allowing its citizens to maintain their homes with such luxuries as, believe it or not, swimming pools!   They have been forced to obtain their water by draining the aquifers of the occupied Palestinian West Bank and the Golan Heights, and have even diverted the waters of the Jordan River to the point that it is nothing more than a trickle when it enters the Dead Sea.  

The Zionist in Israel have now been desperately looking for a new source of fresh water, and this is where the Litani River comes into play.... The Litani River gets its source from the melting snows of the mountains of Lebanon, and it flows south and then west into the Mediterranean Sea just below the Lebanese city of Tyre.   This fresh water river has been coveted by the evil Israelis for decades as a method of solving their severe water drought, but the problem is that the Litani River does not flow through Israeli territory, and its closest approach to the state of Israel is about 15 km north of the Israeli border.

There has been recent provocations launched by the Zionist Jews to try to provoke a new war against Lebanon just so that they can invade southern Lebanon and secure the Litani River for themselves.   The recent incident where an Israeli soldier was purposely dangling over the separation fence between Israel and Lebanon into Lebanese territory (in spite of what the controlled media says, it was Lebanese territory), was an obvious act of provocation, but the Lebanese did the right thing and did not take the bait.  Israel is even using the BS media propaganda that they need to invade southern Lebanon to stop the phony and non-existent Hezbollah "rockets" as another ploy to get their invasion going.   They definitely will not stop until they get their excuses to have southern Lebanon invaded so that they can grab the Litani River for themselves!

Now comes a new report from Stephen Lendman, from the website: www.a-w-i-p.com, entitled "Israel Threatens War With Lebanon", where it seems that Israel's desperation for a new source of fresh water has pushed them to threaten a new war with Lebanon, which may come sooner than people may expect!  Here is that article:

Israel Threatens War with Lebanon

"Besides bordering on Israel, Lebanon's resources make it vulnerable, namely its water and natural gas reserves, one reason for the 2006 war, South Lebanon to the Litani River especially important. Also the Wazzini springs feeding into the Hasbani River tributary of the Jordan River. It flows into Israel two miles downstream from the Wazzini, then into the Sea of Galilee that's Israel's largest fresh water source."
Palestine is belligerently occupied. Threats continue against Iran and Syria as well as Lebanon, specifically Hezbollah, elected partner in the nation's unity government, bogusly designated a US State Department Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), what Israel also calls it, repeating veiled and overt warnings, suggesting violence or an impending attack.
Why not, after so many earlier in 1978, 1982, 1993, 1996, and 2006. Also numerous incidents besides:
 refusing to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 425 by occupying South Lebanon belligerently and illegally for 18 years until mostly, but not entirely, withdrawing in May 2000 - still holding Sheba Farms, the 14-square mile water-rich land near Syria's Golan, also illegally occupied since 1967; in addition, Ghajar, the Lebanese village bordering Golan;
 during its occupation, using a proxy Christian South Lebanon Army as enforcer, UNIFIL Blue Helmets giving them and the IDF free reign instead of maintaining peace, how UN forces always operate, as paramilitaries against people they're supposed to protect; and
 for over 40 years, repeatedly violating Lebanon's territory, often daily, including 12 Israeli jet overflights on August 19.
Hezbollah - Israel's Pretext for Incursions, Violence and War
Hezbollah was born out of Israel's 1982 Lebanon invasion, its horrific war slaughtering around 18,000 people, mostly civilians, including in the Sabra and Shatila camps, what journalist Robert Fisk called "one of the most shocking war crimes of the 20th century."
In 1999, it was put on the FTO list, removed after condemning the 9/11 attack, then added back by Dick Cheney after bogusly linking it with Al Qaeda.
Throughout his tenure, George Bush (and other administration officials) called Hezbollah, Iran and Syria "the root cause" of Middle East terrorism, despite Israel being the only threat, a notorious regional menace.
In mid-July 2010, Rep. Sue Myrick (R. NC) was over the top accusing the organization of being a threat on the US-Mexican border, saying:
"Our intelligence sources have really clarified that they are in Mexico, that there is an operation that is quite large in place there, and it's very frightening to me because this is national security. We know some of them have gotten across the border in the past....They are starting to target the United States and that's my concern."
She also linked Hezbollah with Mexican drug cartels, DEA assistant intelligence administrator Anthony Placido saying "There are numerous reports of cocaine proceeds entering the coffers of Islamic radical groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas" - reports as credible as Saddam's WMDs.
Hezbollah, in fact, is politically legitimate, former Lebanon President Emile Lahood calling it "an integral part of the Lebanese government....(also) part of our military (and) social order," what former Prime Minister Rafik Harriri confirmed. It's also a social, charitable, educational, and medical organization, involved in establishing over 50 hospitals, over 100 schools, many libraries, and providing other essential social services, why it has broad support, especially among Shiites, comprising over 35% of Lebanon's population.
In addition, its military wing is for defense, not belligerency, but it's prepared to respond effectively when attacked, what Israel learned painfully in the 2006 war, outfoxed and humiliated despite a vastly superior force. It's a lesson the IDF never forgot and wants to avenge, as well as conceal its own terrorist history, by far the region's most extensive with tentacles reaching globally.
An early 2007 American University of Beirut study documented 6,672 Israeli terrorist acts against Lebanon and Palestine alone from 1967 - 2007 (plus thousands more since then), unrewarded by inclusion on America's FTO list, Israeli influence getting others on it, including Hezbollah and Hamas, Palestine's legitimate government.
Without evidence, Hezbollah's rap sheet includes the 1983 US Lebanon Embassy and Marine barracks bombings, highjackings, hostage taking, rocket attacks against Israel, suicide bombings, and more, charges the organization vehemently denies, saying it responds only in self-defense against militants, not civilians, its leader Hassan Nasrallah stating:
"Hezbollah remains on the US and Israel 'terrorism' list for purely political reasons and to punish the organization for its resistance to Israeli aggressions against Lebanon and (America's) plans for the region."
Expecting its members to be charged with assassinating former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005, he accused Israel of the crime, presenting visual and audio material as evidence. They included Israeli surveillance footage (intercepted in real time) of routes he used to be able to target his motorcade, Nasrallah saying:
"We have definite information on the aerial movements of the Israeli enemy the day Hariri was murdered. Hours before....an Israeli drone was surveying the Sidon-Beirut-Junieh coastline as warplanes were flying over Beirut. This video can be acquired by any investigative commission to ensure it is correct. We are sure of this evidence, or else we would not risk showing it."
He also said an Israeli spy "confess(ed) in front of a camera that he had repeatedly tried to falsely convince Hariri that (Hezbollah) intended to assassinate him." Though not a smoking gun, this information warrants serious investigation, especially given Israel's history of similar acts, inside and outside the region.
According to Lebanese University Professor Hasan Jouni, an international criminal law expert, Nasrallah's evidence was exceptional, saying:
"Logically and legally, in this stage, any new finding should be investigated by the general prosecutor. Sayyed Nasrallah submitted tangible evidence of the Israeli potential role in Hariri's assassination." It appears incriminating. "Furthermore, the previous investigations which were circulated here and there should be revised."
Antoine Airout, North Lebanon Bar Association head, agreed, saying: "Sayyed Hasrallah's revelations are very serious and objective," especially given Israel's long-term interest in destroying Lebanon to seize portions for itself. Hariri's assassination furthered that goal.
In late July, Nasrallah further disclosed the arrest of nearly 100 Israeli spies who'd infiltrated Lebanon's military and security sectors, including Ret. Army Brig. General Fayez Karam, once head of its antiterrorism/counterespionage units.
In his recent article titled, "Israel Takes Control of Lebanon," investigative journalist Wayne Madsen covered the same issue, saying:
He's "learned from (his) Lebanese intelligence sources that the Lebanese government is coming to realize that Israeli intelligence penetration of all political groups in the country is worse than originally believed."
"The Israeli espionage network also extends to Syria. Lebanese sources report that former Syrian Vice President Abdel Halim Khaddam, who accused Syrian President Bashar al Assad of ordering (Hariri's) assassination, is tactically backed by Israel and the United States." He heads the National Salvation Front (NSF) effort to oust Assad, getting Israeli, American, French and German help to do it.
For decades, the US/Israeli partnership ruthlessly pursued its joint regional imperial project, including assassinations, state terrorism and wars. Murdering Hariri indeed furthered their goal, and if an August 28 Press TV report is right, more is planned, the Iranian English language network saying:
"Israel is reportedly preparing to strike arms depots and weapons manufacturing plants in Syria, claiming they belong to....Hezbollah....Tel Aviv (having) escalated its military presence in" Golan and Lebanon's Shebba Farms, according Haaretz, "citing a report in the (August 28) edition of the Kuwaiti daily Al Rai. (It) quoted European sources as saying that recent Israeli reconnaissance flights (over) Lebanese and Syrian airspace, are indications that Israel is ready to start a war in the area (against) targets....far inside Syrian territory...."
Targeting Lebanon - Stoking Tensions, Threatening More War
In early 2010, Israel's Defence Minister Ehud Barak warned Hezbollah to
"avoid entering conflict with us, (adding that) We need to constantly prepare for a change in the status quo, though we don't know when it will occur. We don't want for it to happen, and it might not, but we will not be afraid to react if we have to fight back."
Thinly veiled fighting words with July 23 elaboration, provocatively telling the Washington Post that Israel will hold the Lebanese government responsible for Hezbollah's actions, saying "we will see it as legitimate to hit any target that belongs to the Lebanese state, not just to the Hezbollah" - the same 2006 blitzkrieg strategy causing vast destruction, billions in damage, killing over 1,000, injuring thousands more, and displacing one-fourth of Lebanon's four million population, the vast majority being civilians, including 300,000 children, Israel's "Dahiya Doctrine" strategy.
Named after the Beirut suburb destroyed in 2006, it's how past and future wars will be fought, including Cast Lead, applying disproportionate force against civilians and non-military infrastructure, carried out with overwhelming intimidating force in violation of fundamental international law, prohibiting collective punishment and attacks against non-combatants, Israel's preferred targets.
On a mid-April US visit, Jordan's King Abdullah II expressed concern, telling a "Congressional Friends of Jordan Caucus" that he fears "imminent" conflict again with Hezbollah in Lebanon.
At the same time, AFP reported that Washington "voiced alarm" about Syria's "possible sale of Scud missiles to Hezbollah militants, warning it would put Lebanon at 'significant risk.' " On April 13, Israeli President Shimon Peres accused Syria of doing it, saying it "claims it wants peace while at the same time it delivers Scuds to Hezbollah whose only goal is to threaten the state of Israel" - false and Peres knows it.
In response, an unnamed US official said a sale was suspected but not verified. Syria flatly denies it, and unmentioned was American aid to Israel, more than to all other nations combined, including annual billions of dollars in military aid, additional amounts when requested, plus the latest weapons and technology, enough to destabilize the entire region and beyond, given Israel's capacity and inclination to wage war aggressively and illegally.
It's bloodstained history confirms what US major media reports suppress - that no outside threat or attack on its territory occurred since the October 1973 Yom Kippur war, nearly 37 years ago after which Israel repeatedly attacked Lebanon and Occupied Palestine. It also menaces the entire Middle East, its goal being to divide, conquer and control it, a future article dealing solely with that topic.
At the end of the 2006 Lebanon war, UN Security Council Resolution 1701 called for a full cessation of hostilities on both sides, specifically that Hezbollah cease "all attacks" and disarm, Israel given freedom to respond to perceived threats. In other words, it can claim bogus ones justify war, Hezbollah denied comparable discretion.
Since passage, Hezbollah refused to disarm, but committed no aggressive acts. For its part, Israel breaches the resolution daily, including regular airspace, territorial, and sea encroachments. In early 2010, Michael Williams, UN special envoy to Lebanon said:
"To the best of my knowledge, there is probably no other country in the world which is subject to such an intrusive regime of aerial surveillance," other intrusions and spying. In fact, none besides America, Israel's paymaster/partner and early mentor, both countries the world's most bellicose and aggressive, what Hezbollah understands and will respond.
Lebanon's government also, saying it supports its right to defend sovereign state territory, Foreign Minister Ali al-Shami calling Israel a "permanent menace" with good reason.
Further, Syria said it will act if Lebanon is attacked, adding it considers a threat to Beirut's security one to its own. Hamas' Ali Baraka also avowed to back Hezbollah if attacked, stoking more tension, what Israel's expert at exploiting, manufacturing threats when none exist.
On August 2, the George Soros-funded International Crisis Group published a report titled "Drums of War: Israel and the 'Axis of Resistance,' " saying:
More war, if it comes, will be "far more devastating and broader in scope," the regional dynamics dangerously explosive, so any "miscalculations" may launch it, including against Syria.

Despite a deceptive quiet, "Beneath the surface, tensions are mounting with no obvious safety valve." Hezbollah's readiness and "escalating Israeli threats (could) trigger the very outcome" so far avoided.

With "no effective forum for communication, (there's) ample room for misunderstanding and misperception. Meanwhile, (Israel has waged) an underground war of espionage and assassinations....now a substitute for more open confrontation."

"There is scant reason for optimism on the peace front," not helped by America talking only with one side (Israel), "keeping another at arm's length (Syria), ignoring a third (Hezbollah) and confronting the fourth (Iran)."
As a result, "the world should cross its fingers that fear of a catastrophic conflict will continue to be reason enough for the parties not to provoke one."
Not explained is that Israel and America alone pose threats, the same ones for over 40 years, what all regional states know and fear, hoping they won't end up like Iraq - destroyed by imperial lawlessness, the fake August 19 "combat" troop pullout just PR cover for permanent occupation, or as one Iraqi official said: "This is about America's midterm elections," Washington's presence is here to stay, even Newsweek calling it a "nonevent," saying:
"The departure of the last 'combat troops' from Iraq (more a strategic retreat than victory lap) is hardly the end of American combat there. (What about the other) 50,000....staying behind? They didn't exactly send their (formidable weapons arsenal) out with that Stryker brigade. And they're not going to transform themselves into the Peace Corp overnight," or, in fact, ever.
The region's strategic importance assures permanent war, America's presence, and continued danger for everyone there - cursed, not benefitting from oil.
A Final Comment
Besides bordering on Israel, Lebanon's resources make it vulnerable, namely its water and natural gas reserves, one reason for the 2006 war, South Lebanon to the Litani River especially important. Also the Wazzini springs feeding into the Hasbani River tributary of the Jordan River. It flows into Israel two miles downstream from the Wazzini, then into the Sea of Galilee that's Israel's largest fresh water source.
Israel covets the 20-mile stretch from its border to the Litani to use Lebanese water for its own needs, a considerable supply if controlled, besides what's gotten from Golan, seized from Syria in 1967 and still held.
The Tamar and Leviathan offshore natural gas fields are also key, located off Israel's north coast and Southern Lebanon. Tamar contains an estimated 8.5 trillion cubic feet supply, Leviathan another 16 trillion, and on August 29, Israel National News.com said it may hold four billion or more barrels of oil, making it a richer than ever prize.
The London-based Lebanese newspaper As-Safir said if Israel attempts to siphon gas from Lebanese waters, conflict could result. The paper's Israel affairs analyst, Hilmi Mousa, said Leviathan "lies mostly off Lebanese shores and in international waters between the sea border of Palestine (and Cyprus waters). However, Israel received a guarantee from Britain, which has no rights in Palestine, to search for oil in the area near the Lebanese shores. The map of deposits, as published in the Israeli economic papers, shows the scope of the deviation into Lebanon's international waters," ones Lebanon surely will protect.
Yet Mousa headlined, "Israel preparing to steal gas fields in Lebanon's waters," saying doing so "will quickly turn into a new conflict (in which) Lebanon....will defend its rights in the water." Other sites include Rut and Alon, also off Lebanese shores or in areas far from Israel. The situation bears watching given the possibility that Israel may attack Lebanon and Hezbollah, needing or inventing a pretext to do it, an old trick it may use again, Lebanon perhaps the next target.

NTS Notes:  The issue of the Mediterranean gas fields is a side issue to Israel's true goal, which is obviously the fresh water source of the Litani River.  People must remember that in a desert, water is more valuable than oil or gas!   And again the issue of Hezbollah being a threat to Israel is totally bogus, and just another of a long list of hyped up excuses for Israel to invade southern Lebanon.  

At least some of the true intentions of the invasion of southern Lebanon are outlined in the final comment of this fine article, which I am glad that readers can see for themselves...

War with Lebanon may be coming very soon, and people must be aware of the true intentions and true reasons for Israel to invade southern Lebanon.   Again, a new act of provocation on the part of these Zionist criminals may be coming soon for them to get the invasion going! 

More to come


Sunday, August 29, 2010

The REAL Perpetrators Of 9-11: The US Military KNOWS Israel Did 9-11!

We are presently watching a rising hatred of Muslims in the United States of America.  I and others have been putting up articles of real information that shows clearly that this hatred is totally unfounded and absolutely wrong.    Americans are being led down this path of hatred purposely by the Zionist Jews in America that want the Americans whipped into such a high state of absolute hatred for Islam that the gullible Americans will blindly support Israel's newest lust for war against its Muslim neighbouring states!   That is the real reason for this hatred.

Many Americans are believing the BS that Muslims are evil due to the Zionist Jewish controlled media continuing to perpetrate the lie that the attacks of 9-11 were done by "19 A-rabs using box cutters" to seize the planes and fly them into the buildings.  Logical and rational people are finally waking up to the real truth that the attacks were not done by Arabs as the sick media says, but by Israel with its Mossad and Sayanim operatives in the United States!

Again, to reawaken the American public and the people around the world to the perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks being Israel and their agents in America itself,  I turn again to a video that was released back in March, shortly after Dr. Alan Sabrosky went on air with Mark Glenn at www.theuglytruth.wordpress.com/podcast, and stated clearly that it was Israel that did 9-11!

Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I am again asking my readers, and especially those in the United States, to again take this real information and pass it around to those who are being suckered in by the rising Islamophobia just to give them a reality check.  The rising hatred of Muslims is totally unfounded, and the real hatred should be pointed at the real perpetrators of the greatest crime on American soil; The Israelis and their agents who killed thousands of innocent Americans on 9-11!

More to come


Health Warning: Finland Suspends H1N1 Vaccines After Children Suffer Narcolepsy From Vaccinations!

The message that ALL so called flu "vaccines" are dangerous to human health has been one of my main focuses in this blog.   We have already seen that the H1N1 scare was a fraud perpetrated by the Pharmaceutical Industry and the World Health Organization for the sole purpose of profit.  These criminals did not give a damn that their poisonous vaccines were crippling people around the world, because GREED was the order of the day!

But still some nations have not learned the lesson from the Swine Flu H1N1 hoax, because there is a new article that has just been put out by www.naturalnews.com, that Finland has just suspended H1N1 vaccinations after reports of horrendous side effects in children subjected to this poisonous vaccine!  Here is the Natural News article:

Finland suspends H1N1 vaccines after children suffer narcolepsy from vaccinations

Saturday, August 28, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)

(NaturalNews) Shortly after Australia banned flu vaccines in children due to an alarming increase in vomiting, fevers and seizures caused by the vaccines (http://www.naturalnews.com/029586_A...), Finland has now suspended H1N1 vaccines due to increased reports of narcolepsy in children and teens. Narcolepsy is a nervous system disorder characterized by extreme fatigue and daytime sleepiness. It indicates a serious malfunction of the brain and nervous system.

Finland is now reporting that narcolepsy is appearing in children immediately following vaccination with H1N1 vaccines. So far, six children are confirmed of suffering the neurological side effect and nine more are in the process of being confirmed, reports The Epoch Times(http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/con...).

The Finland National Institute for Health (THL) said in a press release that the cause of the narcolepsy may be the vaccine, and they are investigating further.

Sweden's Medical Products Agency, meanwhile, launched a similar investigation on August 19 to try to determine the cause of post-vaccination narcolepsy also found in children there. The vaccines appear to be causing a pattern of neurological disorders affecting children and teens across the planet.

The harm caused by flu vaccines

H1N1 swine flu vaccines and seasonal flu vaccines have been linked to seizures and other neurological disorders, and they have resulted in some children and teens being paralyzed or even killed. At the same time, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that seasonal flu vaccines are even safe or effective -- they've never been subjected to double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, which are considered the "gold standard" of scientific investigation.

There's no real evidence that seasonal flu vaccines work at all, in fact. Most of the people who get sick every winter, it turns out, are the very people who got vaccinated. That's because vaccines actually weaken the immune system and cause increased risk of futureinfections. A study published in the journal PLoS revealed that seasonal flu vaccinationactually increases the risk of H1N1 swine flu infections ("Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Increase the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus?" Viboud C, Simonsen L (2010) PLoS Med 7(4): e1000259).

Also see: http://www.naturalnews.com/028538_s...

Rather than protecting the public, seasonal flu vaccines and H1N1 swine flu vaccines actually leave them more vulnerable to future infections. That simple fact, combined with the increasing reports of neurological side effects being linked to vaccines, should raise serious questions about the reasoning behind any mass-vaccination program.

When it comes to vaccines, children seem to suffer more than adults. It is the children who are winding up in hospitals, convulsing with seizures or suffering narcolepsy. The saddest part of this is that these children could be very effectively protected from seasonal flu withvitamin D, but the medical industry isn't recommending vitamin D for children.

Vaccines remain the prescription for everyone; even as children around the world are suffering the consequences.

Additional sources for this story include:
The Epoch Times:


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NTS Notes:  When will people learn?   I have been constantly requesting in my articles that my readers absolutely do NOT take these poisons into their bodies, and I have requested that readers also pass this message around to others to make sure that no more people suffer the ill effects of these poisons.  It seems that the message, as shown by what has just happened in Finland, is not getting around.....

Please make sure that you do not get suckered into taking the criminals' so called "seasonal" flu shot.  These vaccines are absolutely dangerous to your health, and have horrendous side effects beyond what has just happened to children in Finland.

Again, if you are worried about catching the Flu in this upcoming season, just up your daily supplement of Vitamin D, and do not believe what the criminally controlled MSM says about the necessity of any flu shot!

More to come