Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Israel's Whipping Boy, Barry Soetoro, Says That Bond Between US And Israel Is "Unbreakable"!

The evil criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington DC this week to give his marching orders to his puppets in the US Government when it comes to the upcoming war against Iran. It is amazing and absolutely pathetic that the US Government bends over for this mass murderer of innocent people, and follows his every command. This again shows how the US Government is totally under control of Zionist Jewish interests.

Now comes a report from the Toronto Globe and Mail at www.globeandmail.com, where the US sock-puppet President, Barry Soetoro, comes out and says that the bond between the US and Israel is "unbreakable"! It is truly amazing how this clown constantly puts out statements showing his undying support for the criminal Zionist Jewish state, while his own country is crumbling before our very eyes! Here is that article:

Bond between U.S., Israel ‘unbreakable,’ Obama says

President believes Israel wants peace and is serious about resuming talks

Darlene Superville WashingtonThe Associated Press
Tuesday, Jul. 06, 2010 10:08PM EDT

U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to warm rocky relations on Tuesday, declaring that any talk of a rift is unfounded. Mr. Obama said the U.S.-Israeli bond is “unbreakable."

The President had praise for his guest following the pair's meeting at the White House, hailing Israel's recent decision to greatly ease its three-year blockade of the Gaza Strip as “real progress." And he said he believes Mr. Netanyahu “wants peace" with the Palestinians and is serious about resuming the face-to-face Mideast peace talks that broke off in December, 2008.

For the Israeli leader's part, Mr. Netanyahu pledged that “we're committed" to peace with the Palestinians. He said reports of the demise of the U.S.-Israel relationship are “flat wrong."

Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Obama talked as protesters gathered across the street in Lafayette Park and chanted “No More Aid, End the Blockade," referring to Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.

After heavy international pressure, including from Mr. Obama and other top U.S. officials, Israel's decision to ease its Gaza blockade will let in most consumer goods. The ban on exports from Gaza and limits on shipments of construction material remain.

It was the leaders' fifth meeting, and a makeup for a scheduled June 1 session at the White House that Mr. Netanyahu cancelled to deal with fallout from Israel's deadly May 31 military raid on a flotilla trying to break the Gaza embargo.

The atmosphere — expressed in the rhetoric and in the schedule — was far different than at their chilly last meeting here. At that time, Mr. Obama, upset over Israeli policies in disputed East Jerusalem, had Mr. Netanyahu to the White House in the evening — and out of sight of all media coverage.

This time, the leaders appeared together before reporters in the Oval Office and then went into a lengthy working lunch.

A key topic was resuming the U.S.-mediated indirect peace talks. Mr. Netanyahu has repeatedly said he is ready to meet face to face with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, but has given few indications about what concessions he is willing to make.

Specifically, he has rejected demands from Mr. Obama and the Palestinians for a full settlement freeze in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and a promise to resume negotiations from where they broke off under his more dovish predecessor, Ehud Olmert. The Palestinians claim the areas for a future independent state.

Mr. Netanyahu has imposed only a partial settlement freeze, and that is set to expire in September. The Israeli leader is under pressure from hard-liners in his coalition government to resume full-fledged construction once the freeze ends.

Mr. Obama did not answer when asked if he wanted Mr. Netanyahu to extend the freeze. Instead, he praised Israel for showing “restraint" on settlements, saying it has created more opportunity for direct talks. The President said he hoped those face-to-face talks between Israelis and Palestinians could resume before the September freeze expiration.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Netanyahu also talked about efforts to end Iran's nuclear weapons pursuit, including sanctions that Mr. Obama signed into law last week. That legislation followed a fourth round of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran.

Mr. Netanyahu said the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran is the most prominent danger to peace, and called on other nations to follow the U.S. example and adopt their own unilateral sanctions on Tehran.

NTS Notes: I still cannot believe the phony rhetoric in this article by the Globe and Mail. The evil Netanyahu says that Israel is committed to "peace" with the Palestinians, meanwhile like the hypocrite and liar that he truly is, he recently ordered the mass building of new illegal settlements in Palestinian territory!

We also see from this article, Soetoro bowing again to his Zionist Jewish masters by praising this criminal for showing "restraint" on building of settlements and claiming that Israel wants "peace" and is "committed" to talks? I really cannot believe that this President has the gall to actually make such a laugher and most ridiculous statement!

It truly is time for the American people to take these criminals out of office and restore the US to a country that truly has a government for the people and by the people. If that ever happens, I really want to see if the so called bond between the US and the criminal state of Israel is really "unbreakable"!

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