Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Israel Is Preparing To Occupy Lebanon! (To Get The Litani River)

Israel has been suffering over the last few years from a severe fresh water shortage. Right now its cities, farms, and its settlements have NEVER practiced proper water conservation in a region that lacks rainfall and is mostly desert. Because of their water mismanagement, the Israelis have been recklessly drawing water out of the Jordan River to the point that the Jordan River is just a trickle feeding into the Dead Sea. It also has had to make water agreements with other nations, especially Turkey. However, due to their criminal massacre of Turkish humanitarian workers on the Gaza Flotilla on May 31st, the Turkish Government has canceled their water agreement with Israel. Now Israel is even more desperate for a clean source of fresh water than ever before.

Just over the Lebanese border with northern Israel lies the Litani River. This fresh water river has its source from the snows of the mountains of Lebanon and it flows into the Mediterranean Sea south of Tyre in Lebanon. Israel has coveted this river for quite some time now as a solution to its water shortages, and has deviously and diabolically worked at ways of trying to find excuses to invade southern Lebanon to grab this river for itself.

Well, it seems that Israel has its "excuses" and may shortly invade southern Lebanon after all. Here, according to this new report from www.presstv.ir, it seems that Israel wants to invade southern Lebanon to end the threat of "Hezbollah" once and for all. Here is that article:

'Israel preparing to occupy Lebanon'
Mon, 05 Jul 2010 13:40:30 GMT

Israel troops are conducting military drills to get prepared for being deployed in Lebanon, in a move Tel Aviv says is aimed at preventing "rocket attacks by Hezbollah," Israeli sources say.

Israel is conducting drills at its Elyakim training base, near Haifa, to simulate attacks on Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, Haaretz reported.

An Israeli colonel told Haaretz that the US military officers had advised Israel to deploy its soldiers in Lebanon during the 33-day war in 2006, hinting that Israel will do so in any offensive on Lebanon in the future.

The Elyakim base is covered with many simulated minefields and camouflaged bunkers. Israeli troops are exercising to pass those spots and find "rocket sites," the report added.

According to the plan, Israeli troops will then be transported to Golan Heights by helicopters to be trained conducting other operations.


NTS Notes: Israel invades Lebanon, grabs all of southern Lebanon as their "excuse" to end the phony Hezbollah "rocket attacks" and water shortage problem is solved! The Litani River's waters then would be diverted or piped directly to northern Israel and the Israelis have their new fresh water source. It does not matter that thousands of innocent Lebanese would be killed by the Israeli illegal invasion, but to the selfish and greedy Zionist Israelis they do not care about anyone else other than themselves!

Mark my words. Lebanon is on Israel's list of targets in the near future, and the phony Hezbollah "rocket attacks" will be their excuses necessary to convince the gullible world that an invasion is necessary.

One other note: The newly discovered Mediterranean gas fields that lie mostly in Lebanese territory are also coveted heavily by the Israelis, and now can be added to the list of excuses for an invasion.

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