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The Global Warming Hoax: Warning Signs: Refusing To Report The Truth

The Global Warming scam has now been exposed for what it truly is... A scam on people that uses fear tactics to convince the public to blindly give up their earnings in the form of fraudulent "Green Taxes" so that the manipulators can get rich, and to help to bring in the long standing dream of the criminals on our planet of their "One World Government".

It is a shame that there is still a vast amount of people out there that are still in fear of the "Global Warming" hoax. This is due to the Zionist Jewish control over the Mainstream media and our governments, and the constant ramming into peoples' brains of blatant lies that we must save the planet from ourselves. This type of manipulation has to stop and it is up to us in the Internet community to get the truth out to everyone about how it is a massive fraud.

Now comes a new article from a website: Warning Signs, at that shows clear evidence as to how the public has been manipulated falsely into still believing in the Global Warming hoax, and how the media is again showing its refusal to tell the truth about this massive lie. I am presenting the entire article here for my own readers to view:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Refusing to Report the Truth

By Alan Caruba

I attended the first two International Climate Change Conferences when they were held in New York City, but a change of venue to the hometown of The Heartland Institute, Chicago, was enough to discourage someone like myself who no longer enjoys travel of any kind for any reason.

The most recent Heartland conference was held May 16-18 and drew over 800 people from nearly thirty nations. I “attended” electronically, watching the proceedings that were broadcast by Pajamas Media via the Internet.

My friend, Joseph Bast, is the founder The Heartland Institute and, in a recent issue of The Heartlander, he wrote a revealing and insightful article, “There’s Nothing Mainstream About Old Media”, that says much about the state of journalism in America today.

“Heartland’s first international conference on Climate Change generated 124 print articles with a total circulation of nine million readers. It was covered by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters, three of the four television networks, and dozens of publications outside the U.S.”

Though Bast did not say so, I can tell you that the bulk of the coverage was an effort to disparage the conference’s proceedings, devoted to debunking the global warming hoax.

The Fourth conference in May featured world-famous physicists from Russia and Israel, and the U.S..; two astronauts including one who walked on the moon…” Also addressing the attendees were the two men who exposed the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “hockey stick” fraud in which a deliberately fraudulent graph conveyed the notion of a rapidly warming planet.

The blogger who broke the Climategate story in November 2009 that revealed how IPCC “scientists” had deliberately distorted their “research” to further the global warming hoax was there along with eighty elected officials, and many others who have steadfastly questioned global warming claims, some for decades, until it finally began to die of its own dead weight.

Guess how many from the “mainstream media” covered the Fourth Conference? None!

This was and is literally a conspiracy of silence and, as Bast points out, “It is unethical for a reporter to refuse to report that so many prominent scientists and policy experts believe the fear of global warming is overblown. It is unethical to boycott an important event with major public policy importance.”

Keep in mind that the Obama administration’s desperate effort to push through Cap-and-Trade legislation, a huge tax on all energy use, is entirely based on global warming and the lie that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are “causing” it.

There have been many studies by journalism research centers that have long since established the liberal allegiance of the vast bulk of journalists working in the so-called mainstream media today, newspapers and news magazines, radio and television news outlets.

“This isn’t journalism,” wrote Bast. “It’s advocacy.” And it is advocacy of a global fraud called global warming. It is the deliberate deception of millions of Americans and others around the world to further the global warming fraud.

Noted climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, writing in, asked “How long before politicians realize the public are simply not on board the climate change alarmism? It can’t be much longer as economies fail, jobs disappear, markets weaken, and deficits and debts soar?”

The politicians in Congress and the mainstream journalists who report on the torrent of global warming lies from the Oval Office and the Environmental Protection Agency are likely to be the last to give up on their attempts to fleece the American public in the name of global warming, climate change, or “green jobs.”

The new media is, of course, the rise and growth of the Internet and its many websites and blogs that provide the truth about the global warming hoax and many other issues that are causing Americans and others around the world so much grief.

“Best of all, wrote Bast, “most of the new media is free of the suffocating conceit and arrogance of the liberal old media that makes most news stories unreliable and every editorial predictable.”

“If the price of the rise of new media is the death of the old,” wrote Bast, “then I say it is a bargain.”

© Alan Caruba, 2010

NTS Notes: It is truly amazing as to how our governments and the controlled media continues with the lies of Global Warming even right to the bitter end. The Soetoro regime in Washington, for example, is continuing its blatant Global Warming lies to get their insideous "Cap and Trade" legislation in place that will cost the American taxpayers dearly.

As stated in this article, the government will continue to bilk money out of the public right until the point that Global Warming is finally admitted to be a hoax. By that point, they will have new Taxes in place to bleed the public and people know that once a tax is in place, it is next to impossible to have it removed!

It is time to turn off the MSM once and for all. These liars must lose their audiences so to give them the message that people are sick of lies, and deserve nothing but the truth!

Global Warming is a fraud and a disgusting lie. Live with it, people!

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