Friday, July 16, 2010

Gilad Atzmon Discusses Tolerance, History, And Revisionism, On Aspen Grassroots TV (6 Part Video)

Living in Canada, I am restricted from ever putting up articles or talking openly about certain parts of history that are considered as "taboo". There is no subject more taboo in this Zionist Jewish controlled country than the so called "Holocaust" of World War II. Even today, any open debate or open research into that subject conducted by any Canadians will spell them a lengthy prison sentence on the premise of the BS charge of "Holocaust denial". It does raise the continuing question of what exactly are the evil criminals that brought in the laws that ban research into that subject afraid of? What would be revealed by a truly independent, and unbiased, research into that part of history? It does bring up the constant premise of "Truth never needs laws to support itself, only lies do!".

But as usual, I have to keep my views on that "historical record" out of my own articles, or the Canadian thought police would come to my door, have me arrested, and then have me be put up in front of a Canadian kangaroo court and charged falsely with the idiotic charge of "holocaust denial". Therefore, I will keep any real personal research material and facts into that subject out of my articles.

I came across a very interesting article by Gilad Atzmon, that was actually put up in his site at the beginning of this week at, under a 6 part video. In this video, that I am presenting all 6 parts here for my own readers to view and ponder, Gilad talks openly about the desperate need to have historical revisionism allowed to keep the truths about history coming forward to the people to see. It is a very important video, and I hope that you will watch all 6 parts here:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Part VI:

NTS Notes: It is amazing that Gilad Atzmon kept his cool throughout this entire video under the constant pro-Israeli bombardment by the obvious pro-Israel shill, Michael Conniff. It is so obvious from watching this video, that the Zionist Jews were aware of this interview, and had their shill ready to confront Gilad on this very important subject. From watching this video series, anyone can see that the criminals failed to stifle or to defeat Gilad, and he came out of this interview as the clear winner in this debate!

Historical Revisionism IS indeed desperately needed now more than ever before. If we do not learn from history, then definitely we are doomed to repeat it. Also the lies of history must be exposed for what they are, and real history must be taught and presented for everyone to see. If historical records have to be changed, then let them be changed! Truth must always win out for this world to survive and for us to defeat the criminals who want to subjugate us.

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