Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back From A Well Deserved Vacation!

I am back!!!! From what I have seen in some of the emails and comments that I have received, I have been missed....

A few things that I noticed while in Southern California...

The visible signs that the American economy is in failure are very prevalent everywhere that I went. When I was in the Anaheim area back in 2006, I noticed very few homeless people, or anyone asking for handouts. This time around they seem to be in abundance. I was approached many times in the shopping mall parking areas asking for money from a wide variety of individuals. It was indeed sad to see so many people out of work and/or living on the streets....

The media in the Los Angeles area during our stay was a constant flow of information and garbage about Hollywood "stars". The first media that I watched during my hotel stay was a constant flow of information about washed up actress Lindsey Lohan going to jail. You could not turn on any Talmudvision for the first while without a report about either Lohan, or some other washed up actor. It was indeed pathetic!

The first sign that I noticed about how bad the state of California was in a state of bankruptcy, and in desperate need for cash was when we went to Huntington Beach, and the state of California had set up booths to collect $15 per vehicle just for the pleasure of using the beach! I cannot recall in the past ever having to pay a fee for the right to use the beaches of California! But that was not all... When we finally got our hotel bill, there was a "tourism tax" surcharge added. So much for Governor Arnold Swarzenegger wanting people to visit California... It has become "Come to California and get fleeced in taxes!"

Someone asked me via email to give my impressions of the TSA and the Airport security measures for entering and leaving the United States. Believe it or not, we were not hasseled at all at the US Customs or the Canadian Customs for anything. It actually went very smoothly, with absolutely no troubles. The questions were basic with just a purpose of our trip, and if we were carrying any fruits or vegetables, or an enormous amount of cash. A quick check of our passports, a stamp, and we were on our way. The TSA even handled my netbook and our carry on luggage without any troubles.

On the fourth day of my vacation, I was sitting by the edge of a pool and was in a very interesting conversation with a California school teacher that was on vacation with her family. She was very open about how much California had changed in terms of the education standards, sizes of her classes, the insurance rates that she paid, and the troubles with California's education system overall. We also discussed how much the American economy was in disarray, and she was amazed at my knowledge about economics and the monetary system. I informed her and brought her up to speed about the criminality of a debt based monetary system, and exactly who was responsible for the fall of America. I gave her a list of about 12 internet sites for her to look at that would get her up to speed about the truth about our world, and who was in control. She really appreciated my candor and thanked me for the information. Another convert to the truth!

Overall, it was a good vacation and a time to recharge the batteries. Much has happened since my absence. I have noticed the amount of internet sites that had been shut down in the rush by the criminals to prevent the truth from being known to the public. It seems that Wordpress has been hit the hardest, with several sites, such as Incogman's Wordpress website being shut down (He has since opened up a new site at Luckily I have not been hit (yet!)

Well, its back to work and back to business. My newest articles will be up shortly, and thanks again for hanging in there during my absence....

More to come


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