Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Israeli LIE Exposed: UNIFIL Finds NO Evidence Of Hizbollah Weapons Cache In Southern Lebanon

Israel is a desperate state. It is presently suffering from a severe water shortage due to its own fault of not practicing proper water conservation methods in a region that has low amounts of rainfall, and is primarily a desert! Israel has been recklessly abusing the amounts of fresh water available in the region, and they are now suffering the consequences of not having enough fresh water for its needs. Rather than admit to the shortages and actually try to do proper conservation techniques, they have been stealing the water from the West Bank area, and have diverted the waters of the Jordan River to the point that the Jordan is nothing but a trickle by the time it enters the Dead Sea. Basically the Zionist Jews in Israel are running out of fresh water rapidly!

Just over the northern border of Israel, in Lebanon, flows the Litani River. This river gets its source from the melting snows of the Lebanon mountains, and it flows through southern Lebanon into the Mediterranean Sea south of the Lebanese city of Tyre. The Israelis have coveted this river for decades as a means of securing fresh water for its own needs. They actually launched the Lebanon war in 2006 to try to seize all of southern Lebanon to the Litani River, but were thwarted by the fighting of Hezbollah and the Lebanese from achieving their evil goal. Since that time, Israel has been filling the media with outright lies about Hezbollah possessing "rockets" and other weapons, as a means of trying to get world support for an invasion so that they can grab the Litani River!

Now it appears that another Israeli lie for them to invade southern Lebanon has failed. According to this report from www., the UN forces in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) have found absolutely NO evidence of the Israeli claims that "Hezbollah" possesses massive weapons cache in the region to be eventually used against Israel. Here is that article:

Williams: UNIFIL Found No Evidence to Support Israeli Claims about Hizbullah Depots

U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said UNIFIL has found no evidence to support Israeli allegations about Hizbullah weapons cache south of the Litani River.
"UNIFIL has found nothing to support these Israeli claims," Williams said in an interview published Thursday by Al-Akhbar daily.

He denied that the use of cameras in the South was the reason for tension, stressing that several issues contributed to the explosive situation, including the military presence among the population.

Williams had said that trouble between U.N. peacekeepers and villagers in southern Lebanon was over.

Residents in south Lebanon had earlier this month disarmed a French patrol and wounded a French soldier.

The incident followed a series of confrontations over protests that UNIFIL had stepped up its patrols and was failing to coordinate with the Lebanese army in the border area.

"I can confirm that the situation in the south is now much better, that I believe that calm and stability have been returned," Williams told reporters after briefing the U.N. Security Council.

The U.N. envoy said he and UNIFIL Commander Maj. Gen. Alberto Asarta had met Lebanese military officials and political leaders, including Hizbullah.

"In the course of those meetings, we heard that they would do everything possible to prevent a recurrence of those incidents,"

Williams said. Williams said negotiations with Israel over the occupied village of Ghajar were "taking too long."

"We discussed in (the Security) Council new ways that we might approach that and I hope we can do so in the coming weeks," he said.

NTS Notes: I have been following this issue for several years, and am absolutely not fooled by the Israeli lies about "Hezbollah" and the "dangers" to them from southern Lebanon. I can tell all of my readers right here and right now that what ever the Israelis say about the "threat" from Lebanon is nothing but pure lies! Israel has been trying to find excuses to invade southern Lebanon to the point now that they are outright lying, pure and simple! Their claims about Hezbollah being a threat in southern Lebanon are ridiculous and pure propaganda.

They want to invade Lebanon for the water, and they will continue to put up lies through their controlled media as their excuses for that invasion. It is definitely up to the bloggers to keep their lies in check, and to make sure that they are unable to achieve their evil goal.

It is not the fault of the Lebanese that Israel wastes its precious water resources. It seems that the obvious solution is for Israel to stop its wasteful ways, and actually try conservation techniques. But it seems that their evil government has no notion of trying water conservation but instead has decided to invade and grab what it needs instead. It does not matter to these criminals that thousands will die for them to achieve their evil goals.

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