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9:11: Fifty Questions, Fifty (US Government And MSM Approved) Answers!

I came across the following article from a fellow Truth Seeker; The Naked Truth In A Confused World @, and it takes a humourous poke at the "facts" of 9-11 that have been shoved into the minds of the American people by their own government and their controlled media. It is a wonderful article, and lays out all of the information about 9-11 in the form of fifty questions, and fifty (Government and Media approved) answers. I want to present that article right here for my own readers to view and to ponder:

9/11: 50 Questions/ 50 answers

1) How come dead or not dead Osama bin Laden has not been formally indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as responsible for 9/11? Is it because the US government ~ as acknowledged by the FBI itself ~ has not produced a single conclusive piece of evidence? Answer: He has not been indicted by the FBI, not because they did not have conclusive evidence against him but because they had conclusive evidence supporting him.

How could all the alleged 19 razor-blade box cutter-equipped Muslim perpetrators have been identified in less than 72 hours ~ without even a crime scene investigation? Answer: Because Americans are so efficient and so swift in their investigations. Bang, bang...They waist no time.

How come none of the 19's names appeared on the passenger lists released the same day by both United Airlines and American Airlines? Answer: Because they were written in secret invisible ink made of garlic, onion juice, blood of a wild dove, and the blood of a fresh water crab, all mixed together, and cooked on low fire while incantations were recited. It is a Babylonian recipe, the Jews knew of while the were in exile in Babel.

4) How come eight names on the "original" FBI list happened to be found alive and living in different countries? Answer: Because they can exist in two places at the same time. Haven’t you heard about the string theory and multiple dimensions?

Why would pious Jihadi Mohammed Atta leave a how-to-fly video manual, a uniform and his last will inside his bag knowing he was on a suicide mission? Answer: Because he is so honest. He was crying out that he did it so that innocent Israelis won’t be suspected. He happened to love Israel so much.

Why did Mohammed Atta study flight simulation at Opa Locka, a hub of no less than six US Navy training bases? Answer: I heard that he had a sister named “Opalocka”. That is why he was driven to be trained in such a hub.

How could Mohammed Atta's passport have been magically found buried among the Word Trade Center (WTC)'s debris when not a single flight recorder was found? Answer: You said it, Magically! Also because God loves America. Therefore he sent an angel to carry the passport and land it safely on the ground.

Who is in the possession of the "disappeared" eight indestructible black boxes on those four flights? Answer: We have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt is that the black boxes were sold to McDonald's, and the boxes have already been consumed by customers. The CIA reported that the their investigation budget was a bit short.

Considering multiple international red alerts about a possible terrorist attack inside the US ~ including former secretary of state Condolezza Rice's infamous August 6, 2001, memo ~ how come four hijacked planes deviating from their computerized flight paths and disappearing from radar are allowed to fly around US airspace for more than an hour and a half ~ not to mention disabling all the elaborate Pentagon's defense systems in the process? Answer: Easy! She is “Rice”, original name: Basmatiza Rice. And I believe her genuine memo was meant to be addressed to oriental people. They love her and had her as a main steamed item on their restaurant lists.

Why the secretary of the US Air Force James Roche did not try to intercept both planes hitting the WTC (only seven minutes away from McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey) as well as the Pentagon (only 10 minutes away from McGuire)? Roche had no less than 75 minutes to respond to the plane hitting the Pentagon. Answer: I heard that Rauche, sorry I mean Roche was at the time killing roaches in his bathroom.

Why did George W Bush continue to recite "My Pet Goat" in his Florida school and was not instantly absconded by the secret service? Answer: “My Pet Goat” is a sacred ancient text and Bush, being a pious man, would not dare interrupt the recitation of such a holy text.

How could Bush have seen the first plane crashing on WTC live ~ as he admitted? Did he have previous knowledge ~ or is he psychic? Answer: Definitely, he is not psychic. He is a prophet. He has blue blood running in his veins same like all Jewish people. And he receives revelation from higher sources as he mentioned on more than on occasion. Goyim like you and I have red blood. Blue is heavenly and red is barbaric.

Bush said that he and Andrew Card initially thought the first hit on the WTC was an accident with a small plane. How is that possible when the FAA as well as NORAD already knew this was about a hijacked plane? Answer: When asked this question in a press conference held in the house of his niece, Alice Of Wonder Land, Bush said that his psyche at that moment was low-jacked.

What are the odds of transponders in four different planes be turned off almost simultaneously, in the same geographical area, very close to the nation's seat of power in Washington, and no one scrambles to contact the Pentagon or the media? Answer: Gosh! Haven’t you heard that they all were at the time scrambling eggs in the officer's kitchen? Please, give the guys a break!

Could defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld explain why initial media reports said that there were no fighter jets available at Andrews Air Force Base and then change the reports that there were, but not on high alert? Answer: Is this Rumsfeld's fault? Blame the media. He told the media that there were fight jets available, but the Arab-influenced media, for some reasons, added the “not”.

16) Why was the DC Air National Guard in Washington AWOL on 9/11? Answer: To Guard, but guard what? Sorry I am not at liberty to say.

Why did combat jet fighters of the 305th Air Wing, McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey not intercept the second hijacked plane hitting the WTC, when they could have done it within seven minutes? Answer: Because they believe in Jewish Cabala mysticism. They had to wait for 18 minutes as 8 + 1 = 9 and 9 is a holy number in the Cabala, as I mentioned above.

Why did none of the combat jet fighters of the 459th Aircraft Squadron at Andrews Air Force Base intercept the plane that hit the Pentagon, only 16 kilometers away? And since we're at it, why the Pentagon did not release the full video of the hit? Answer: Because they are well-mannered people. Intercept, interject, are words not on their etiquette list. And while we are at it, the Pentagon did not release the full video of the hit because at the time they were still wondering how to rate the full version: PG, X, etc. They care so much for the American people.

A number of very experienced airline pilots ~ including US ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a former fighter jet pilot ~ revealed that, well, only crack pilots could have performed such complex maneuvers on the hijacked jets, while others insisted they could only have been accomplished by remote control. Is it remotely believable that the hijackers were up to the task? Answer: They must have been on crack. Damn! Those black drug dealers in New York.

How come a substantial number of witnesses did swear seeing and hearing multiple explosions in both towers of the WTC? Answer: Because they were suffering from popcorn-popping syndrome.

How come a substantial number of reputed architects and engineers are adamant that the official narrative simply does not explain the largest structural collapse in recorded history (the Twin Towers) as well as the collapse of WTC building 7, which was not even hit by a jet? Answer: Who cares about those maniacs and their professional reports? They are definitely biased.

According to Frank de Martini, WTC's construction manager, "We designed the building to resist the impact of one or more jetliners." The second plane nearly missed tower 1; most of the fuel burned in an explosion outside the tower. Yet this tower collapsed first, long before tower 2 that was "perforated" by the first hit. Jet fuel burned up fast ~ and by far did not reach the 2000-degree heat necessary to hurt the six tubular steel columns in the center of the tower ~ designed specifically to keep the towers from collapsing even if hit by a Boeing 707. A Boeing 707 used to carry more fuel than the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 that actually hit the towers. Answer: Because Frank de Martini is an atheist son of a gun who doesn’t believe in miracles. A miracle is a happening that goes against the laws of nature. That is exactly what happened.

Why did Mayor Rudolph Giuliani instantly authorized the shipment of WTC rubble to China and India for recycling? Answer: Oh, he is a good guy. May be because he is having a kick-back out of shipping the rubbles. Or, could it be because China and India are far, far away and the rubbles was meant to be deposited there so that nobody can tanker with the evidence.

Why was metallic debris found no less than 13 kilometers from the crash site of the plane that went down in Pennsylvania? Was the plane in fact shot down - under vice president Dick Cheney's orders? Answer: Mistakes happen and police does this all the time. They swap things by mistake. Aren’t we human beings? Nonetheless, to err is to learn.

The Pipeline-istan question. What did US ambassador Wendy Chamberlain talk about over the phone on October 10, 2001, with the oil minister of Pakistan? Was it to tell him that the 1990s-planned UnoCal gas pipeline project, TAP (Turkmenistan/Afghanistan/ Pakistan), abandoned because of Taliban demands on transit fees, was now back in business? (Two months later, an agreement to build the pipeline was signed between the leaders of the three countries). Answer: Gosh, people sometimes get so paranoid. He was telling him “My Pet Goat Story”, trying to convert him to his fairyland church religion.

What is former UnoCal lobbyist and former Bush pet Afghan Zalmay Khalilzad up to in Afghanistan? Answer: For a very valid reason. I am sorry; I can’t say anymore…Top secret involving American security. If you visit our Think-Tank, we may tell you for a generous fees.

How come former Pakistani foreign minister Niaz Niak said in mid-July 2001 that the US had already decided to strike against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban by October? The topic was discussed secretly at the July Group of Eight summit in Genoa, Italy, according to Pakistani diplomats. Answer: Do you believe a guy with such a name “Niaz Niak” with two N's? People, have some taste!

28) How come US ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine told FBI agent John O'Neill in July 2001 to stop investigating Al-Qaeda's financial operations ~ with O'Neill instantly moved to a security job at the WTC, where he died on 9/11? Answer: Sorry, absolutely I can’t comment on that question. Looking out my office window, I can see a suspicious van parking on the other side of the street.

Considering the very intimate relationship between the Taliban and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and the ISI and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is Bin Laden alive, dead or still a valuable asset of the ISI, the CIA or both? Answer: All of the above. But come to think of it, it can be none of the above. But our conclusion remains the same.

Was Bin Laden admitted at the American hospital in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on July 4, 2001, after flying from Quetta, Pakistan, and staying for treatment until July 11? Answer: From a reliable source; a completely deaf and dumb nurse (friend of mine) who worked at that particular hospital, told me over the phone when I asked her the same question that Bin Laden was…………..There you go, you had your answer.

Did the Bin Laden group build the caves of Tora Bora in close cooperation with the CIA during the 1980s' anti-Soviet jihad? Answer: What the heck! This is an irrelevant question. Stop blaming the CIA. They’re decent people…never been tied to any crime…never been biased or falsified any intelligence reports.

How come General Tommy Franks knew for sure that Bin Laden was hiding in Tora Bora in late November 2001? Answer: Well, “Frankly” speaking, Tommy Franks is an avid lover of Afghan food. He and Bin laden used to have dinner together in the famous “Tora Bora" Restaurant.

Why did president Bill Clinton abort a hit on Bin Laden in October 1999? Why did then-Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf abort a covert ops in the same date? And why did Musharraf do the same thing again in August 2001? Answer: In that particular year, Clinton was suffering from a Lewinsky headache, the one that attacks sex-aholic people. As for Musharraf, he was busy nursing Clinton.

Why did George W Bush dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force nine months before 9/11? Answer: It is his cabala way of thinking. It has something to do with the highly-esteemed science of numerology: 9 + (1 +1 = 11). 11 is a number representing the two columns embracing Solomon's temple. Also the second 1 emphasizes the first 1 which in itself emphasizes monotheism in the Jewish religion. Further more when you add (1 + 1), the result is 2, representing, according to the Cabala rules, the two factions: sons of darkness and sons of light, who are mentioned in the “Dead Sea” scrolls.

How come the (fake) Bin Laden home video ~ in which he "confesses" to being the perpetrator of 9/11 ~ released by the US on December 13, 2001, was found only two weeks after it was produced (on November 9); was it really found in Jalalabad (considering Northern Alliance and US troops had not even arrived there at the time); by whom; and how come the Pentagon was forced to release a new translation after the first (botched) one? Answer: If you doubt that video, then you must have lost your marbles. The fat guy with a broad nose and rather squared face (see picture below) is actually the real Bin Laden. At the time, Bin Laden was suffering from bodily fluid retention due to his kdneys malfunction. That is why his face looked puffed.

Why was ISI chief Lieutenant General Mahmud Ahmad abruptly "retired" on October 8, 2001, the day the US started bombing Afghanistan? Answer: Co-incidence. He decided to retire to stay home and spend his time on reflecting on the “Tale of two Cities”…I mean “The tale of USA and Israel".

What was Ahmad up to in Washington exactly on the week of 9/11 (he arrived on September 4)? On the morning of 9/11, Ahmad was having breakfast on Capitol Hill with Bob Graham and Porter Goss, both later part of the 9/11 Commission, which simply refused to investigate two of its members. Ahmad had breakfast with Richard Armitage of the State Department on September 12 and 13 (when Pakistan negotiated its "cooperation" with the "war on terror") and met all the CIA and Pentagon top brass. On September 13, Musharraf announced he would send Ahmad to Afghanistan to demand to the Taliban the extradition of Bin Laden. Answer: Question is too crowded. However, in a nutshell, they were all gathered for a simple reason which is to play poker.

Who inside the ISI transferred US$100,000 to Mohammed Atta in the summer of 2001 ~ under orders of Ahmad himself, as Indian intelligence insists? Was it really ISI asset Omar Sheikh, Bin Laden's information technology specialist who later organized the slaying of American journalist Daniel Pearl in Karachi? So was the ISI directly linked to 9/11? Answer: A legendary bird known as the “Phoenix” was dispatched with that amount of money in a bag tied to one of its legs. As far as the Indian intelligence is involved, they are telling the truth. Why not, specially when it is proven that they harbor no animosity towards Pakistan.

Did the FBI investigate the two shady characters who met Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi in Harry's Bar at the Helmsley Hotel in New York City on September 8, 2001? Answer: Oh, ya… they did not because of lack of financial resources as I mentioned above.

What did director of Asian affairs at the State Department Christina Rocca and the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef discuss in their meeting in Islamabad in August 2001? Answer: They discussed the possibility of getting Bush to marry an Arabian Princess. He loves the Saudis very much, and rest assured, not for their oil. Bush hates sea food, therefore he has no use for oil.

Did Washington know in advance that an "al-Qaeda" connection would kill Afghan nationalist commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, aka "The Lion of the Panjshir", only two days before 9/11? Massoud was fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda ~ helped by Russia and Iran. According to the Northern Alliance, Massoud was killed by an ISI-Taliban-Al Qaeda axis. If still alive, he would never have allowed the US to rig a loya jirga (grand council) in Afghanistan and install a puppet, former CIA asset Hamid Karzai, as leader of the country. Answer: Rumors, rumors, rumors. I challenge you to resurrect the dead and ask Massoud.

Why did it take no less than four months before the name of Ramzi Binalshibh surfaced in the 9/11 context, considering the Yemeni was a roommate of Mohammed Atta in his apartment cell in Hamburg? Answer: Atta and the Yemeni guy were just sharing the rent. They were students and students are known to be poor, no matter how much money their parents send them.

Is pathetic shoe-bomber Richard Reid an ISI asset? Answer: God knows, and Bush does. Doesn't he receive revelations from higher sources?!!

Did then-Russian president Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence tell the CIA in 2001 that 25 terrorist pilots had been training for suicide missions? Answer: The American and the Russian hate the guts of each other, or so it is said.

When did the head of German intelligence, August Hanning, tell the CIA that terrorists were "planning to hijack commercial aircraft?" Answer: So now every body knew except the Americans (Husband is the last one to know!). Give me a break!

When did Egyptian President Mubarak tell the CIA about an attack on the US with an "airplane stuffed with explosives?" Answer: Immediately after Osiris was killed by his brother Seth. Smart Mubarak put 2 and 2 together in the same fashion Isis put slaughtered Osiris parts together.

47) W
hen did Israel's Mossad director Efraim Halevy tell the CIA about a possible attack on the US by "200 terrorists?" Answer: They have been saying that for a long time, but their words always fell on deaf ears. Now…you see…they were right all the time…Oh, those smart Jewish people!

48) Were the Taliban aware of the warning by a Bush administration official as early as February 2001 ~ "Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs?" Answer: Yes, and they did not accept the carpet of gold as Muslims are not allowed to hoard gold. Jews are.

Has Northrop-Grumman used Global Hawk technology - which allows to remotely control unmanned planes ~ in the war in Afghanistan since October 2001? Did it install Global Hawk in a commercial plane? Is Global Hawk available at all for commercial planes? Answer: Na, this is an alien technology still under negotiation with extraterrestrial from a nebula in Andromeda.

Would Cheney stand up and volunteer the detailed time line of what he was really up to during the whole day on 9/11? Answer: Cheney is a gallant, honest man. One day he will. He is just busy the writing a book on how his beloved daughter luckily became a lesbian and how can such a change become beneficial to the young generation in America. So please, give him a break and young Americans benefit from his daughter's lesbianism.

Any further questions should be sent to: Ask-And-Thou-Shalt-Be-Answered@Everywhere.Biz

NTS Notes: I had a good laugh after reading this article, and I hope that everyone else has had one too. But believe it or not, the sad fact and simple fact is that the US Government and the Zionist controlled media continues to spew their lies about the 9-11 attacks. The government and the controlled media still absolutely refuses to finger the Zionist Jews, and the nation of Israel, that were the real perpetrators in the murder of over 3000 innocent Americans on that fateful morning of September 11th, 2001.

To this day, the majority of these funny answers to the 50 questions presented in this article are still along the lines of what most Americans believe as THE TRUTH about 9-11! It is so horrendous to think that the American public can be this gullible, but facts are facts!

Someday soon the American public will finally wake up and realize that they have been lied to by their own government and media about 9-11, and that day will definitely come not soon enough!

Israel along with their Mossad agents in America, did 9-11! The American people need this truth desperately.

More to come


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