Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zionist Jewish Domination Of America: The Obama Regime Blocks Any Condemnation Of Their Masters In Israel At The UN Security Council

When the hell will Americans finally get the message that their country is not their own, and they will have no choice but to fight to free their country from Zionist Jewish enslavement?

It seems that the US Government has followed their Zionist Jewish masters' commands, and according to this article courtesy of www.alethonews.wordpress.com, the US representatives to the UN Security Council has now blocked any resolutions condemning Israel for its murder of innocent people during its heinous attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla yesterday! Here is that article:

Obama Regime Blocks Condemnation of Israeli Crimes at UNSC Meeting

In defiance of international law the United States refuses to condemn Israel’s murder of peace activists in international waters.

Hamsayeh.Net – June 01, 2010

An emergency meeting of United Nation Security Council ended with United States once again blocking international efforts to condemn an Israeli attack on the peace flotilla on Monday morning.

A strong formal statement by Turkey demanding condemnation of Israel, a U.N. investigation, prosecution of those responsible for murder of peace activists, payment of compensation to the victims and an end to the Gaza blockade was vetoed by the US.

The Obama administration which according to some observers is under Zionist control tried to whitewash Israel’s crime on Monday. Many large corporations, media and financial centers in the United States function directly under a large network of Zionist elitites, which in turn handpick the North American country’s so-called democratically elected president every four years.

Following Monday’s attacks many countries condemned Israel’s crime against the international community. In Caracas Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Israel’s action ‘an act of war’ on innocent civilians carrying relief supplies to Gaza Strip. ‘Venezuela will continue to denounce the terrorist and criminal nature of Israel’s government, even as it reiterates, today more than ever, its unbreakable commitment to the fight of the Palestinian people for freedom, national sovereignty, and dignity,’ Chavez said in a statement on Monday.

Likewise, Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned the Israeli attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla as a gross breach of international law. ‘Russia’s Foreign Ministry expresses ‘condemnation and profound concern’ over the incident,’ read a statement. Russian Foreign Ministry demanded an immediate end to illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza Strip.

NTS Notes: Barry Soetoro has his orders from his masters. The US Government, like the good slaves they truly are, are bowing to their Zionist Jewish masters' wishes and there will be no condemnation or any action taken against Israel from the United States. This is beyond appalling!

Again, America... How does it feel to be a slave nation of Israel?

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