Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The War In Afghanistan: The Afghan War Is LOST, And US Government Has To Face That Reality!

I have been saying it for well over 2 years now since I started this blog and it definitely must be repeated again to new readers.... The war in Afghanistan is a lost cause due to the fact that the United States and its allies are on the wrong and most evil side in this war. Fighting a war for Opium and Heroin to make the criminal Rothschilds rich from drug profits is definitely not on the side of good and is not a worthy cause for anyone. That reality has been sinking in to many of the combat veterans that have been in this war and coming home knowing the real truth behind the lies they are told.

Now comes a new video that has just come out and it comes courtesy of Russia Today, where Brian Becker of the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition comes out and clearly states that this war is a lost cause. Here is that video:

NTS Notes: Several factors must be stated about this video. First, the Taliban are not "insurgents" as many continue to state in the media, but the vast majority are Afghan citizens that are fighting to free their own country from the invaders who are the real insurgents, the US and NATO forces themselves. Second is that no where in this interview does the real issue of the Opium poppy field drug production and shipments arise as the true reason for why the troops are there in the first place.

This video does show how the American support is falling apart, definitely. General McChrystal in his Rolling Stone Magazine interview does tell the truth about how the American government is absolutely clueless about the actual war going on. But that is expected because the Soetoro administration just like the Bush one before him had his orders from his Zionist Jewish masters primarily the Rothschilds to send the troops in to get the Opium poppy fields back into full production. The very interesting revelations that the US has to pay the "insurgents" to allow them safe passage around the country is definitely an eye opener and shows clearly that the troops are at the complete mercy of the Taliban themselves!

This war is definitely bleeding the US taxpayers to death. There is no just cause to continue the fiasco in Afghanistan and a full withdrawal is absolutely the only answer left. I doubt if the US Government will allow any withdrawal though, because its Rothschild masters do not want their drug profits to end. Therefore more and more innocent lives will continue to be spilled for a totally unjust cause.

The war in Afghanistan has been lost for some time now. It is definitely time to end this charade and bring the troops home. The Afghan people deserve the rights to decide their own future without the constant murderous greed of foreign influences. It is time for the people to take a stand against such evil and force their governments to listen to the will of the people and stop being slaves to evil interests.

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

It ain't over till America says it is over! Meaning, of course, Israel says it is. And as for loss of life on either side, they are all goyim so who cares? Besides it brings down the population right?

What they need to do, and cannot at this point, is oust the President band his drug dealing brother but, then they would lose all that opium income. They have no one to replace the Prez anyhow. It will be interesting to see what happens with this change in military leadership.

So, does not matter who you are or how high up you are, criticize policy on this and you are out. I came across headlines saying Putin is about ready to invade to boot out the Americans because of all the opium ending up in Russian veins and the lack of interest or will to halt it. Russia was pleased when the Talibs halted production but that is when America returned to the fray with extra power.

Hey... did you hear on CBC? Tonight .. no names mentioned... apparently there has been an inquiry into the integrity of our politicians and they found a good number of them who "put the interests of Canadians behind the agenda of other countries".

Four from BC, 2 from Ontario if I remember, and others. now I wonder what country that might be? Do you think it might be Bangladesh or Sierra Leone?

ISRAEL! omgosh who'da thunk it!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Politicians lacking integrity? Wow... I would have never guess it, Noor....

I am so sickened by the antics of the criminals. And to boot there is a deluge of evidence that shows that the so called G20/G8 summit violent protests were conducted by undercover police! THAT shows how far this once great nation has slid down the slippery slope to tyranny!