Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Video: Norman Finkelstein: "Israel Is A Lunatic State"

For the past while I have been monitoring the writings and comments made by Norman Finkelstein in this battle against Zionist Jewish criminality. There has been a rumour going around the blog pages that Dr. Finkelstein is working for the "bad guys" and is in on the truth movement to generate "disinformation". To this day, I have yet to see any clear evidence that indicates, or supports these assertions.

In fact, it is Norman Finkelstein that has come forward and done a great interview with Russia Today (RT), and in that interview he says the same thing that many of us are saying: Israel is a lunatic state! Here is a video of that interview:

NTS Notes: Norman Finkelstein has done a great service in helping to expose the crimes of Zionist Jews, considering that he is Jewish himself. People must remember that there are many great Jewish people throughout history that have come forward to warn the rest of us about the crimes committed by their fellow tribesmen. These are the people that we must support if we are ever able to win this battle against Zionist Jewish criminality.

Again, I and others will continue to check into Norman Finkelstein's work in fighting against criminals. Stay tuned....

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