Saturday, June 12, 2010

US No Longer Backing International Investigation Into Gaza Flotilla Massacre!

It has not been a shock to anyone such as myself that knows full well the power that the Zionist Jews have over the entire US Government. It has been almost two weeks now since the Israelis murdered upwards of 20 innocent civilians on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and still the US Government has not even given a mild condemnation of their Israeli masters in the unprovoked and heinous attack!

Now, comes new news, thanks to an article from, where it appears now that the US is no longer backing an international probe into the attack by Israeli Commandos on the high seas. Here is that article:

State Dept: US No Longer Backing International Probe of Aid Ship Attack

US Privately Agrees to Back Israeli Probe Exclusively

by Jason Ditz, June 11, 2010

The Obama Administration has formally abandoned its public calls for an international probe of the Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound aid ship, insisting that reports that they were still in favor of it were false.

11 days ago when the world was still reeling from the attack on the civilian aid ship, President Obama had made vague calls to reserve judgement until an international probe into the killings could take place. By this week, he was already making it clear that he was going to make sure that such a probe would not question the Israeli killings at all, but would instead focus on digging up dirt about the aid workers.

Even that led to Israeli condemnations, and privately the Obama Administration is said to have made deals to support only whatever internal probe Israel deigns to hold, though there remains internal opposition in Israel even to probing the killings themselves.

The “international probe,” just 11 days ago an excuse to avoid criticizing the killings in even the vaguest of terms, has at this point become inconvenient to the official Israeli narrative that the attack on the aid ship and the subsequent killings were actually a laudable act, and that the aid workers themselves, and the Turkish government which has complained so loudly about the killings, are the real villains. The narrative does not stand up to even basic scrutiny, of course, which is why even the neutered international probe, designed to demonize the aid workers and avoid even cursory examination of the attack itself, has become inconvenient.

NTS Notes: Honestly, did anyone expect anything different? The US Government are nothing but slaves to the Zionist Jews and the American public is being kept in the dark purposely by their controlled media into the truth behind the entire attack.

AND for the US Government to continue to say that the Israelis should conduct the investigation is like having Charles Manson investigate the Sharon Tate murders! It is an absolute outrage!

Again, America... Your government does not answer to you, but is firmly in control of the state of Israel. When will the American people finally wake the hell up and remove these people from their government?

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