Monday, June 7, 2010

The Truth About Israel's Last War On Gaza

It seems that there is a ray of hope yet for the imprisoned people of Gaza. As of today,the Egyptian government has decided to keep the border crossing from Egypt into the Gaza Strip open permanently! I would say this is Egypt's way of taking a stand against Israel for its horrific massacre of Humanitarian aid workers on the high seas. Good for Egypt!

Now that the massacre has occurred, the world is finally paying attention to what is happening in the concentration camp known as the Gaza Strip. The focus is on getting much needed humanitarian supplies to the starving people in that prison camp as quickly as possible. It does seem that Israel's brutal attempts at "eliminating" the people of the strip has failed, for now....

For this article, I want to place in a great video by rys2sense, that focuses in on the truth behind the brutal war that Israel carried out against the innocent people of Gaza during their "Operation Cast Lead" which was carried out from December 2008, until the end of January 2009. In that so called "war" Israel murdered 1400 innocent civilians, and left much of the Gaza Strip in total ruination. The primary goal of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that had upwards of 20 humanitarian workers murdered by the Israelis on the morning of May 31st, 2010 was to bring in much needed food supplies and building supplies to rebuild the damage that occurred during that so called "war".

Here is the rys2sense video:

NTS Notes: The truth is there for everyone to see. Israel used both Phosphorus and Depleted Uranium on the people of Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, and destroyed much of Gaza's infrastructure. They have lied to the world continuously saying that "Hamas" was to blame for the deaths of innocent civilians in the strip. Audacity indeed!

What people must understand is that the Israeli goal has always been to starve the people of Gaza into submission, and to either force the populace to accept Israeli rule, which would mean permanent subjugation in their "Jewish Only" racist nation, or to have them leave the strip itself and thus allowing Israel to take over the territory for itself.

The world must be awoken to the fact that Israel wants ALL of Palestine, and their long term goals are to eliminate both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as Palestinian territory, and to incorporate all of these territories into their greater Israel. They do not care for the people of these regions, and the Zionist Jews will either force their evacuation, or their extermination!

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